Oct 112015

One of the things that is funny about life, when you’re younger you look to those older than you and they either fall into one of two categories.

A) Not too old.

B) Old as fuck.

By default, those in the B category are generally ignored, regardless of what they bring to the table, what they have to say.

Not fair, no, but I’m being honest with what I’ve seen/heard from various people.

When I was 18-19-20, hell… all the way up to 25 area I guess. I knew everything. I had this false level of confidence and I was positive I had all the answers.  I would get advice from family, people older than me and often, I disregarded it. I would be told this or that but no.. I had to learn the hard way 9/10 times.

As I got older, I learned that no, I didn’t have the answers. I was surprised to learn nobody really did.

Fast forward to the past five years or so…

It seems almost every time I deal with someone that falls between the ages of 18-26 they fall into one of two categories.

Disclaimer: I completely realize this is not fair and this is a blanket statement and you yourself might be in this age group and think, hey man, fuck you, that doesn’t define me. That’s cool, but again, My blog, my rules. This is what I have dealt with, not you personally. I don’t even know you, right? 

A) Hard worker, dedicated, honestly trying to make the best of life and the situations they encounter.

B) Entitled. False sense of worth. They feel the world owes them something. Lazy as fuck. So clueless about life you want them to fall on their face sooner than later so they get a fucking clue and can start falling into the first category.

Models I deal with weekly (amateurs submitting to work with us)  that have never done this sort of thing before so of course, 4/5 were HARD category B. (lazy as fuck, entitled etc)

They felt they showed tits, so now they deserve a check for $10,000.

When that doesn’t happen, the webbie is instantly branded as ripping the girl off.

Fucking fuck fuck fuck. Are you serious?

It’s one of those moments where you’re sure the person is punking you.

No way anyone can be this stupid but no, they are. They are honestly that naive about the way the world works.

Again, not all models.

Many are great, they work hard, they get hard work equals money. Sort of common sense, right?

You’ll notice I am not talking shit about anyone specific. I am merely venting. I am using general terms because honestly, I can’t apply these to one or two people, I can apply them to 30-50 people in the past year. That sucks of course because some were seriously worth seeing more of and members would have liked them.

On the upside – now that we’re starting to work with porn stars, I think most will be hard workers because they have gotten to the very real realization that without work, you don’t get paid. One of the main reasons we jumped to the ‘pros’ is because we’re tired of working with girls that don’t hold their end of the bargain.

So why this blog? The other night B and I are watching a show and this comes on… forgive the acting, it’s supposed to be comedy.

We loved it because we thought… HOLY SHIT OTHERS THINK THE WAY WE DO AS WELL!

We’ve dealt with more of these entitled fucks than we care to admit.

Wow. I sound old as fuck. I sound like my Father and he was/is an asshole.

Ah well.

I know, I sound angry. I’m not.

I’m a seriously happy dude.

Old as fuck, but happy.



Oct 092015

This will be a LONG blog post. Go to the bathroom, grab a drink, heat up some food.

How many times have you looked in the mirror and thought to yourself.. I need to lose weight. I think we’re all our worst enemies for sure, we see things nobody else does and often, we compare ourselves to photoshopped images from magazines, blogs, instagram etc. I’ve always been rather skinny but in the last ten years I guess, I’ve added more weight.

My weight used to be around 180 and for a six foot tall man, that’s reasonable. My weight over the past three years has fluctuated between 193 and 208. Before bryci and I did our San Diego trip to meet and have sex with porn star and kick ass blonde Aaliyah Love for our website at http://bryci.com.


I had been focusing on my protein, my water intake, I had cut sugars. I dropped nine pounds in two weeks.



When checking your weight, consistency is your best friend. You are at your lightest point approx 30 minutes after waking up, assuming you haven’t started consuming food and you’ve gone to the bathroom.  My schedule is hilarious as a coder, I am working to 3-4am some days, so that means I aim to wake 6-8 hours later. Thus the oddness in the times I weighed in.

So we go to San Diego on the 28th and I had a very serious decision to make. Do I stick it out and keep eating smart or do I say EAT ALL THINGS and have a vacation? It’s odd how we reward ourselves with things that hurt us, but now I’m starting to sound like a trainer so I’ll STFU on that. :/

I decided to enjoy myself. Have great mexican food with my wife and try to stay clear of sugar when possible, still eat smart but at the same time, not get upset if I was going to digest a ridiculous amount of calories thanks to Miguel’s mexican food on Scott road in San Diego.



Seriously the most amazing food. High in calories? You bet your sweet potato it is but I told myself.. hey, you got this.

After all was said and done, I gained seven pounds. I was back to 201 when I got home from San Diego.

As of this morning, I am at 197.4 and dropping yet again.

I never doubted I could do this again for a moment.

Why you ask?

Have you ever heard of Tim Ferris? He wrote Four Hour Work Week, Four Hour Body, even Four Hour Chef.

If you haven’t, let me start by saying, you’re welcome. (wikipedia)

I say that because I may have just changed your life. That is, unless you’re one of those people that are set in their ways and refuse to accept that maybe, just maaaaybe there is a better way to live your life.

Sure, for 1% or so of you, you already know these lifestyle or life hacks so you’re already kicking ass. See, Tim is a hacker. Not a hacker in the computer sense, he’s a hacker in the life sense. He thinks we all over do things and he figured out ways to get the same or better results with less time, thus freeing up time for you to concentrate on other things. He has free podcasts on itunes weekly and this guy is worth checking out.

Four Work Week will teach you how to be streamlined, how to be effective and more so, how to stop wasting time.

Four Hour Body will teach you that the gym mentality is wrong. Many gymrats hate Tim because his results can’t be argues with. He borrowed a principal from Arthur Jones who created a method to gain muscle, lose fat and do so with minimal working out. Four hour body is exactly that, a way to get your dream body and only spend four hours per MONTH working out. For those that live in a gym or go over and over, you can see how this can strike a cord in a bad way. Many go to the gym and think they need to work out for hours on end but the reality is, they don’t. Whether they accept the reality is up to them. I myself was a sceptic to this. I thought, look, I used to work out pretty serious and no way you can get the same results in that short of a window of time, unless you’re taking roids or something.

The basic idea behind Four Hour Body’s weight lifting advice is a principal called M.E.D. Minimum Effective Dose.


An excerpt from the book found in bookstores, on amazon at at http://fourhourbody.com


The Minimum Effective Dose

The minimum effective dose (MED) is defined simply: the smallest dose that will produce a
desired outcome.

Jones referred to this critical point as the “minimum effective load,” as he was concerned
exclusively with weight-bearing exercise, but we will look at precise “dosing” of both exercise
and anything you ingest.

Anything beyond the MED is wasteful.

To boil water, the MED is 212°F (100°C) at standard air pressure. Boiled is boiled. Higher
temperatures will not make it “more boiled.” Higher temperatures just consume more resources
that could be used for something else more productive.

If you need 15 minutes in the sun to trigger a melanin response, 15 minutes is your MED for
tanning. More than 15 minutes is redundant and will just result in burning and a forced break
from the beach. During this forced break from the beach, let’s assume one week, someone else
who heeded his natural 15-minute MED will be able to fit in four more tanning sessions. He is
four shades darker, whereas you have returned to your pale pre-beach self. Sad little manatee.

In biological systems, exceeding your MED can freeze progress for weeks, even months.
In the context of body redesign, there are two fundamental MEDs to keep in mind:
To remove stored fat → do the least necessary to trigger a fat-loss cascade of specific

To add muscle in small or large quantities → do the least necessary to trigger local (specific
muscles) and systemic (hormonal) growth mechanisms.

Knocking over the dominos that trigger both of these events takes surprisingly little. Don’t
complicate them.



Now I know what you’re thinking.

Shut the fuck up JD.

Yeah, I know. No way this is possible. No way you can get gains like this. No way it can be this easy and it’s taken up to now for someone to say something.

Let’s remember, this isn’t a new technique. Arthur Jones trained Arnold Schwarzenegger using these principals. Seemed to work out okay for Arnie.

A few years ago, I tested this theory myself. Nothing crazy. We had a simple home gym, a good ol BowFlex. Some of you might remember Bryci posed with it. (back when we were water stamping MEMBERS over dat pussy. lol. Man, how times have changed, we’re fucking nuts now hey? 😀 Wheeeeeeee)


Anyway, so I took Tim’s method to heart and tried it. I found my point of breaking with each workout. That amount of weight you can lift and do 2 or 3 reps with before your body tells you to go fuck yourself. Then I dropped that number down by 25%. Example, if your FUCK YOU number is 100, you drop to 75. Make sense? Then I added five second cadence. THIS IS KEY. What is cadence you enquire? That is the time it takes you do one rep from  down position  to up position. In cycling it would be the time it takes to do one revolution. We’re not talking about cycling though… just giving you another example.

So imagine grabbing 75 pounds on a bar. Nothing much, right? Wrong. Stand, feet shoulder length apart. straight back, bar in in your hands. Now curl this up to to your chest and again, the key here being cadence… take five seconds to do it. If you do it in two seconds, you’re doing it wrong, start again. you are aiming for five seconds up, five seconds down. Try doing this with no breaks between until failure. Watch how fast your 2-3 hour work out you had planned becomes a 5-10 minute workout. Now, move to the next muscle group.

The hardest part of 4HB is the time between workout. As Tim points out with scientific proof in his book, when you over exert, you kill your muscles. You hamper your growth, you are not helping your frame. You require time between workouts to truly advance so he suggests 4 days between. Workout Monday? Take Tues, Wed, Thurs and Friday off and work out again on Saturday.  THIS is by far the hardest part because on day two after doing this method, you’re sore. Day three, you’re getting better and you feel amazing and day three you want to hit the weights again. Stop. Don’t do it. Trust me.

You will see bigger gains by letting your body truly heal.

So I did this and inside a month, my frame drastically changed. Muscle in places I was unaware I had muscle. I wasn’t Arnie or anything, but I grew and I grew quickly. This now is the bible for me. I try and tell others about it and they don’t want to believe me. I get it, I was that way too. Once they try it though, they’re so. fucked. because this is a life changer. No joke.

So now, I am eagerly awaiting my surgery at the end of the month. Then I am down for 2-3 months as my core comes back. (James? What surgery bro? see here)

I want to porn the fuck up. I have a much better gym than before complete with free weights, squat station, pretty much everything I need to transform my body into the one I want and know I am capable of.

The only thing lacking at this point is a capable body that is free from surgery so even then, it’s just a waiting game. That will come in 2-3 months after surgery.


usBryci and I in San Diego

So.. the elephant in the room…. YOU FUCKED A PORN STAR!!??? Whaaaaat????

Yes, if you follow me on twitter you already are up to date on things. Bryci and I are ramping up our site, and the way we do things.

Members are some kind of happy!

Next week, the first video with Aaliyah Love will find itself inside http://bryci.com and there will be some photos and candids as well.

You want a sneak peak?

Bryci and Aaliyah Love

click for full size: 4000 pixels  |   3.6 megs

full size: 4000 pixels, 3.3 megs

click for full size: 4000 pixels  |  3.3 megs

Bryci and Aaliyah Love Blowjob

click for full size: 4000 pixels  |  4.1 megs

Members of http://bryci.com and all BellaPass sites get full access to 4000 pixel images and 4K video (as well as smaller sizes)

If I am being honest from a nitpicky photographer point of view, I wished 100 times I had other lens with me for this shoot.

I thought the photos didn’t come out as sharp as I know I can shoot, but I was wrong.

The photos came out great. Since then I have bought better lenses too so next time… holy fuck balls batman.

Before writing this blog, I wrote a quick entry in my tumblr over at http://jdbella.com (WTF James has TWO BLOGS? Yes. I am cool like that.)

This answer is about as uncensored as it gets.


Anonymous asks:  So dude every guy what’s to know, how was the threesome with two incredible hotties?

I want to tell you it was easy and no big deal, in short… lie to you. Thing is, it was one of those things you joke about happening but never expect it to go down.

I don’t know how old you were when you lost your virginity but if you remember that feeling of excitement but uncertainty juuuust before things started. You know what you’re about to do, you’re excited about it but you’re also pretty confused at the order of things. ummm… how to porn?

Do I stick my dick here first and then there or….

All in all pretty comical, the thoughts going on in my brain. I found myself wanting to leave my body, then grab me by the scruff of the shirt and pull me around the corner and kick my own ass.

Most guys would look at the situation and think.. meh, if I was in that situation, I’d do this, then this, then this… like it’s no big deal but having sex with two women at the same time is one thing, trying to maintain a hard on while filming and holding a 4k camera, keeping the scene in frame, in focus etc and THEN also enjoying what is happening… not as easy as one might think.

Somehow we shot a b/g/g pov blowjob scene and then within 40 minutes, we were shoiting a second b/g/g pov scene with blowjob, riding, fucking, cum swap etc. I shot twice in 40-50 minutes area, although for a moment my dick didn’t want to cooperate and shoot the second load.

It was having too much damn fun!


I am used to guys hating me because of being @Bryci’s husband but when you add in… and this guy fucks porn stars with his wife… yup, I’m now officially hated.

So how was it you ask? Fucking awesome.

Two girls going up and down on your pole at the same time, your eyes roll back in your head.

You’re pretty much okay with dying at this very moment because getting better than this? Unfuckinglikely.

A girl sucking on the head of your cock while another sucks your balls.

Seriously JD?  Just go fuck yourself.

That’s what I kept saying to myself.

It’s just a job, and Aaliyah was amazing to work with. We’ve known her for so long so to hang out with her and power through scene after scene… it was like working with an old friend. Everything clicked, she was amazing.

We had scheduled three scenes, two of which will find themselves inside our site (bryci.com) and Aaliyah’s site (aaliyahlove.com) in Oct/Nov/Dec.. not sure the release schedule. The third scene which is the b/g/g fucking scene.. will release in January on our first dvd we’re putting out. There will also be other stuff on there… but I’m not allowed to talk about that yet. 😉

So yeah, good fucking day for sure.


So there we are. We’re up to date. Sorry it’s taken me some time to blog, I have been swamped but I’m slowly getting caught up.

I have so much porn to wade through, so many stories to tell about it.

We’re getting set up for our next Pornacation in January in Vegas and yes, some fucking will be happening.

If you were in a hotel room with Bryci.. what would you do?


Hope you all have a great long weekend!

I’ll be working and I’m fine with that.

I love my job!


You may have noticed more photos in this post.  My blog doesn’t have enough photos so from now on, I am going to try and slam each entry with photos.

Sep 272015

Today is our ‘get ready’ day before we take the next step in our porn adventure.

Bryci and I have talked more than I care to admit about the direction we’re taking with our business, our careers I guess but more so, our lives.

With this, I am sad to tell you that we are quitting porn effective immediately.

We’re now off to Sears to buy some button up tight ass clothing and we’re going to canvas door to door for our lord and savior, flying spaghetti monster. Be on the look out for us, we’re bringing snacks.



No, we’re not quitting porn. Oddly enough, for both of us it’s not so much that we work in porn. It’s that we have a crazy active sex life and we film it and slap the movies and pix online for others to see if they so wish. Is this our job? No, I’m a professional golfer, I thought you knew? :/

Of course we work in adult but more so, we have fun in adult so it doesn’t feel or seem like work.

On occasion I have to deal with someone that makes me want to reach through internets and slap some sense into them, but we all deal with those people sometimes, right? Earlier today I had an email from this guy that is a member of our site. I suspect shortly he will not be a member of our site.

Here’s how it started the other day…

I have one other question, Is all of Bryci pictures sets and videos done in Canada? She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I have no intention of doing harm to her or anyone I would just like to know out of curiosity.

Right away, I knew something was up. This sort of question comes about when someone has met someone online pretending to be Bryci.

I wrote back that yes, Bryci is Canadian and we shoot in Canada 95% of the time and also that we’re a couple.

He then writes this back…

She is beautiful like a goddess on the outside but now she is so ugly inside for the past two years or more I gave her everything I could under the name I believe was truly hers Aliana Atwoods from Ghana West Africa and I was prepared to send her money to come be my wife here in the US but now it’s not going to happen. Thank you Aliana or whatever your name is what memories and I will take them to the grave, I have no more reason, goodbye Aliana.

These are the moments where I shake my head.

I read this and thought…. the fuck? Who are you talking to?

I’m not this scammer, nor is Bryci… so why am I getting the fall out? …. are you just ranting because you’re sad or what?

I feel bad for guys that get scammed, and then again, at the same time I don’t. It’s a weird place to be in. When they get snippy with us though, I usually unload on them. For some reason, these gullible lonely guys seem to forget that the woman in the photos they’re being scammed with, is also a victim because someone is stealing their images to con some poor dude in another country.

Part of the business though, it’s not getting smaller, it’s getting larger. If you’re going to send money to someone in Africa or a third world country you’ve never met, but they magically contacted you through facebook to declare their undying love for you…… then yeah, you’re kind of asking to be conned.

P.T. Barnum founded the Barnum and Bailey Circus in the mid 1800’s. He is famous for having hoaxes in his shows and profiting off people being stupid and believing them enough to pay to get in to see them. He’s have a deformed child in a tent, call the kid lobster boy and tell people the child was the product of a woman who somehow became impregnated after eating shellfish. He told the most outrageous stories and yes, there were always those that believed these stories.

He’s famous for many things, but one quote in particular – “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

Sound familiar?

Ah well, people are stupid, what can you do? I got off topic there… heh. That topic doesn’t make me mad, it makes me go… wait.. someone fell for that shit? How can anyone be that gullible?

Meh, life goes on. 😀


…….drum roll……

Bryci and I are heading south to shoot with Miss Aaliyah Love next week. Our first b/g/g scene and yeah, it’s going to be awesome! She’s an amazing lady, very talented so we’re positive it’s going to be great.

So while we’re talking..

Yesterday this hot as fuck girl comes to my door selling cookies. She’s like, mister, you want some of my cookies? umm… DUH. I knew I had forgot my wallet at the office but no way this little cocktease was getting out of my sight. I decided to go for broke. Whip it out and see what happens. My guess is she’s sucked a dick or two before yesterday because she almost had me filling her mouth in no time!

I ended up fucking her and blowing my load inside her tight little pussy. Come on man, like you wouldn’t have done it too? pffffft We both know you would have as well.


I filmed the whole damn thing in 4K as well for you guys. I know, quick thinking. 😀

it goes live tomorrow inside http://bryci.com and http://bellapass.com


Sep 222015

What an insane week.

It’s been full of wheeling and dealing as we’re trying to set up our line up for our debut DVD that will go out worldwide. We have a major label behind it, so hopefully it brings a new fan or two.

It’s intimidating as fuck, I don’t mind telling you this.

See, right now, my wife and I have sex online in our website.  Often we get people in forums or on twitter asking Bryci who she’s fucking next or if she’ll run train with some guys etc but that’s because they’ve seen tits and thought, wow, she must be a porn star. Common error. With the advent of the internet and cheaper cameras, we’re all pornographers. Don’t sit there and tell me you haven’t made a “sex tape” yet because we both know you have. Sure, it might be with yourself and good ol’ lefty but there’s a video. We both know it.


So here we are, two people that very well might live down the street from you as you read this and shortly, we’re catapulting ourselves into the world of porn but not just ‘oh you have a website, that’s cute’ porn. No, we’re going into DVD’s, online networks like Hustler as well as having the option to be broadcast on porn tv channels.

What. the. fuck. have. I . done. ?

hahaha Seriously though. One of the things that always sort of miffed me about ‘professional porn’ was that the guy doing the fucking looked like a greek god or had a cock that looked like my forearm. I’m a normal guy, normal body, normal cock. I couldn’t relate to this modern day superman with a python railing some girl. Instead, I justified it to myself. Yeah, he’s got a porn cock but I bet he’s an asshole.


Really James?

Hey man, don’t judge me. You and Jill can go fuck yourselves. (jokes)

So here we are, about to embark into the unknown and all I can think is… does anyone care? I think, they do. I mean, Bryci and I’s site has gone ballistic since we bumped to hardcore. Before hardcore she was popular but since hardcore, very, very popular. I think people like the couple next door thing. I think they can relate with a normal guy, normal 6.5 inch long cock. I get trolls sometimes telling me I have a small cock. I then smile and tell them I’m going to go fuck my Penthouse model wife now with it. Then I laugh my ass off. I used to say hey buddy, I don’t see you posting a hot girl slobbering all over your knob online but come on, who are we kidding here… buddy trolling me is probably an angry 15 year old.

Normal cock size is just under what I am rocking myself. I’m normal, I know and I’m alright with it.

That said, I have no. fucking. clue. how to porn.

We’ve been doing our thing and it’s loved by our fans.

Soon we’ll start working with another very well known adult actress and I can’t help but think… if I don’t throw her around the room like a fuckdoll or bend her legs up around my neck and expect her to hang upside down blowing me for 20 minutes because you know, that happens in real life all the time to us guys (right? …right?….RIGHT!!??)… will she look at me like I am broken?

Dude. Do you even know how to porn?

No Ma’am, no I do not.

Still, it’s going to happen. Not sure how just yet, but in time, it will happen. That time is actually a lot sooner than one thinks…

When I talk to Bryci about this, she gets all sorts of excited. She can’t wait for us to fuck some girls.

We have a wild life, I know.

The couple next door that you just watched pulling groceries into their house have a hidden job… fucking porn starlets.

Deep breathe.

It’ll be awesome, I am sure of it. I’m sure we’ll just wing it, do some impromptu stuff and go from there. What I can tell you for sure, http://bryci.com is about to get very, very interesting…

Now I know what you’re thinking…

James, you insufferable twat, are there any fucking clues as to who or when this happens?

Well, we booked a well known porn beauty TODAY to shoot with us next week so…

Yeah, shit is about to get real.

Evening edit:

Bryci tweeted shortly after I wrote this blog who it is… so I guess the cat is out of the bag!


We’re popping our boy/girl/girl cherry with the one and only Aaliyah Love from http://aaliyahlove.com


So that’s my week so far. Crazy, I know.

As I tweeted the other day, you’d best live your dreams. If you don’t live your dreams, who is going to?

I might have some insanely cool news tomorrow… will keep you posted.

Hope your week is rocking, and rolling all night, and part of every day.


ps –

Go check our latest video over at http://bryci.com!




Sep 182015

My last blog entry was about how you never know what someone *really* does.

You might be at a hockey game and the girl beside you is a porn star. How would you know?

Cue the irony train…

After my last blog post, inside a day or so, I get this tweet from a guy claiming to be the guy I sat beside at the hockey game with @Bryci on my birthday. You can follow our back/forth from my response at the bottom of the thread upwards.


So I was curious how he knew it was us etc. So here’s some of the dm chat we had.

Of course I removed anything personal etc.


Def. a lot smaller world than we like to think it is. It was nice he thought I was down to earth/chill as he said but if you’ve ever met anyone in adult, they usually are the most down to earth people. Exception perhaps.. if you’re a fan of a model and you go to visit her at the AVN’s. So you see her standing in a booth, she’s been signing posters all day, taking photos… she might not be crazy down to earth because well, she’s at work. She’s in heels all day and no doubt, lady is TIRED. So always try and consider the situation before you pass judgement on anyone you meet. That should be common sense, but just in case, that’s how it works generally.

So yes, we were ‘busted’ because he knew Bryci and was like… hey… where do I know this girl from…..

What’s funny.. most models when they go out in the world on their days ‘off’ don’t do their make up etc the same, they don’t wear revealing outfits, they downplay their looks huge so as to not attract attention for this very reason. Bryci and I filmed a video that day, complete with B roll footage etc so she had some make up on, so now we wonder… did anyone else recognize her? lol

Fans are great, they make you what you are. Sure, sometimes you get 15 year olds online trolling you or talking shit but that’s just teen angst. I remember being 16 and fucking ANGRY all the time. If there was a guy with an insanely hot wife, that motherfucker is a DOUCHE as far as I am concerned. Default setting. I get it, I’m fine with it. It’s no big deal, no feelings hurt.

Bryci just hooked me up an memory card and told me shot a video for fans.. so boom, it’s now in her site.


Get this video and all Bryci’s videos at http://bryci.com

Every day I look at her and think… I married my best friend. wtf. how did I get so lucky. Then I remember, it wasn’t luck. Anyone, no matter who you are, male or female that has been in a relationship longer than a year or two knows, it takes effort. It takes work. We’ve got almost ten years under our belt together. Crazy shit, my memories are almost all with her. It’s so hard to imagine a life where she’s not beside me. I wish that same happiness and ‘luck’ to each of you.

Now.. switching from mushy to work mode….

Our three new servers are coming online next week! That will have our total server pool at…er… ack.. eight boxes. wtf.

There is so much to do but we’re recreating Bella from the ground up on the new boxes, new settings, new mobile compatibility and several new features. We’re hoping to have the new network live as quick as possible, but yes, it’ll be at least Nov-Dec area. We’ll keep updating the current Bella sites of course, nobody will miss a beat with new content and trust me guys, there is a LOT coming your way.

Not to mention… several new girls coming to Bella’s new amateur site I am doing right now. A lot of girls you’re going to want to see.

Okay, I have videos to edit… back to work for this guy!

Have a great weekend, Internets!


Sep 152015

Remember the last time you were out at a car show, or a hockey game to see @sbennett93?

Maybe you were somewhere else and you met a stranger, a nice guy and he was there with his wife. They seemed nice right?

Would you be surprised to know they run a porn site? I know what you’re thinking… oh, a porn site? Suuuuure they do.

I often wonder what people would say if we were honest with them about what we do for a living. Thing is.. people are strange. They might high five you or leave you with a ‘they’re cool with it’ impression but I’m willing to bet they were caught off guard. Maybe even to the point they tell others about what you do.

Truthfully, I am certain every single person I know has told at least one person they know, that I don’t know about their buddy that works in porn. I’ve flat out been asked if I am ‘that porn guy’ by total strangers that know me through a friend. It’s always fun when somebody comes into the conversation knowing more about you, than you know about them. Shit happens, and this is why I have very few friend friends outside of the industry. People talk. They don’t think about the outcome of their talking. Meh, life goes on.

What do you do?

I’m a professional gardener.

I weigh tomatoes for a living.

I wrap garden hose on wheels for trucks for large fields.


Yesterday was my cake day.

Bryci and I went to a hockey game of rookies in the NHL. The Calgary Flames (our team) were there. We actually caught all of the Flame games and the guy I went to see, Sam Bennett did not disappoint! He played in two of three games, and with his added size he put on in the off season, this kid is going to tear the NHL rookie category a new ass this year.  While the world is watching Connor McDavid, I’ll be watching Sam Bennett. He’s going to be in the race, yes, quote me on that.


Sam is # 93 (right side) – this is from Saturday’s game.

Monday’s game, he was not playing in. The game took place in British Columbia, or what is otherwise known as Vancouver Canucks territory. No worries, I had my Flames jersey on and Bryci had her Flames shirt on.


Before we went to the game of course, Bryci had to have some fun…


Imagine going to a hockey game with your wife and in the intermission she tells you to check the photos on the phone.. so you look and you see THESE.

Damn. Just Damn.

So anyway, at the game I met some nice people. It was mostly a Canuck crowd of course, but behind me there were two older people that were clearly Flames fans. Every time I’d cheer on the Fames or boo the Canucks, I could hear the man of the husband and wife behind me laughing and saying Yeah!

I turned around once to see who it was, and it looked like anyone’s grandparents. Nice people, great smiles. He smiled, winked, gave me that knowing nod because he and I were cheering for the same team. Fuck yeah. Strength in numbers!

So a little more into the game, I hear someone talking behind me and I hear one guy say, where are the guys? A younger man’s voice says, they’re up top, we’re flying out after the game tonight, back to Calgary. I turn around and the older guy looks at me, motions to the guy sitting beside him in a suit and says.. That’s Sam Bennett!

It was kind of fucked up. I felt like the 12 year old at the hockey rink, waiting to get an autograph with my favorite player. I AM A GROWN ASS MAN. Sam Bennett is 19. I am more than twice this kid’s age. My wife leans behind me and says… Sam? It’s my husband’s birthday today… could we maybe get a photo together?  Now at the time, we didn’t do the math that hey… these people Sam was talking to are his grandparents. So we were very much interrupting them and when this dawned on me, I quickly waved off the possible. He had answered sure, later (because he was talking to his grandparents) but neither Bryci nor myself figured this out when she’d asked. I was a little embarrassed, because hey.. this kid is an incredible hockey player and my wife just asked him to take a pic with me. I felt like that creepy old guy with a Sam Bennett doll or something. lolol

It puts the lotion on the skin, or else it gets the hose again.

Yeah, I’m good. I’ll just be a quiet fan, cheering the Flames on.

That said, I did take this corny ass photo. No fucking clue why I made this face. I’m a dork, sue me.

Sam Bennett sitting talking with his grandfather. His Grandmother was beside them. Both really nice people, we talked after Sam left about the atmosphere in Calgary with the Canucks during the playoffs last year.

Yeah, today was a great day and I owe it all to my amazing wife, Bryci.


On the way home, she felt bad for interrupting Sam so she tweeted to him.

When I got home, I tweeted as well, mentioning Sam.

How cool is it that some hours later… Sam had favorited both our tweets!



I know, silly for me to be pumped but hey… from his perspective, today he met a Penthouse model and her perverted husband! 

Which brings me full circle back to what I was saying at the start of this blog… you never know who you’ll meet and what they *really* do behind closed doors.

Do I wish I’d said Hi to Sam? Nah, he’s a busy man. My wife said Hi though so that’s cool.

Sam, if you’re reading this – no hitting on my wife. lol


If you’d like to see a full size panoramic of the game, they were cleaning the ice mind you..  click the thumb below.


8 megs for full size –  9180×3174

Great day, thanks for all the well wishes!


Sep 082015

I don’t know about you but I for one am DAMN HAPPY school is back in session. One of the downsides of not owning our own island, is we live in and around families. Thing about shooting porn is that it’s well, loud or at least, can be. It’s one thing when you live in a Condo and you get knowing nods in the elevator from people on your floor that think you have the most exciting sex life in the history of sex lives.

Side note.. I wonder if they know we fucked in that *VERY* elevator?

elevatorvideo in 4k available at http://bryci.com

Sure, living in a condo was interesting because the walls are thin, if you’re in the hallway you’re hearing your neighbors but more so, they’re hearing you. Bryci and I were not quiet in the condo. Man, makes you wonder what people thought.

So now we’re out in a larger place, somewhere we can shoot, somewhere we can really get crazy…. and around us, the shrieks and yells of children from time to time.  We’d never film with kids around of course, we’re not shitty humans, thanks. We make sure windows are closed and we of course aren’t near windows where one could see anything.

I can’t express how happy I am school is back in. No more children causing noise, making us think…er… was that a kid nearby?

We get to get down to having fun once again.

Will we last in this house? Time till tell. We wanted a private chunk of land, but in Canada, you get screwed when it comes to home prices. We do real estate searches in Texas and it’s hard not to get angry at the house prices down there. Monster house, three or four car garage, pool, $400,000-$500,000. Are you fucking with me? Seriously!? Shit, our place was a lot more than that. A lot more and we didn’t get no monster garage or pool. Hell, I can side wrist  a brick from one side of the property to the other. We’re not talking large lot here.

I see this sort of thing often. Homes in Nevada, homes in Arizona, cheap as snowballs on a hot day in July. Canada though? Nope. Nope. Nope.

So why are we in Canada?

Exactly. My thoughts precisely. I mean, other than that imaginary line between the US and Canada, and the stupid ass laws where the US will allow almost anyone to move there, but hey.. if you live in Canada… go fuck yourself, eh. grumble grumble. I’m not bitter. I swear. :/

Don’t get me wrong, Canada is awesome. I love Canada. We get just get screwed on prices here.  Ah well, could be worse right?

I could be American when Trump is voted in as President.



Sep 072015

I haven’t been myself the past month or so. I wish I could narrow it down to a reason, then it’d make sense but alas, I cannot. I’ve been in a fog basically. I feel like I’ve been in robot mode and if you’ve ever gone into robot mode, you know you get things done but eventually.. it catches up with you. Eventually, you snap.

September marks the 3/4 mark of 2015.

What. the. collective. fuck.?

Where did 2015 go? I remember thinking OH YEAH!!! 2015 is here! I blink, scratch my balls twice and boom, it’s September.

The past month has been a blur for me, which probably lends some key points as to why I’m in melon off mode. I’ve been on autopilot, doing what needs to be done but def. not doing things the way I want/need. Am I control freak? You bet your sweet ass I am. If I am not, shit gets missed. When I try and train someone to do some work to help me, things get done half assed. Welcome to life it seems.

Tangent – When did everyone become so entitled? Wait, not everyone.. how about you narrow that comment down to 18-25 years old range. I also will point out not all people in the 18-25 category are entitled. Some are hard workers, just like you or me. I just keep to find the entitled ones more than I don’t. Oh the world owes you something? Oh wait, you’re ‘worth’ more? Okay. Good to know. I hope that works out for you.

I think everyone in life needs to fall flat on their face at least once. It’s the only way you learn to keep your feet under you. I work my ass off because I’ve been poor. I’ve had nothing, no computer, camera, basically the clothes on my back and a backpack of memories. No, this isn’t a woe is me moment, ha, just saying I’ve been on the other side of the fence and it sucked nards so I work every day to not be entitled. I work every day because if it comes down to a succeed or fail moment, why on earth would anyone chose fail?

I’ve been told and I often say – you get to chose your day. Be happy, or be sad, but ultimately, you get to decide. Of course, that’s not always accurate. If life has dealt you a shitty hand and you just lost a pet, just lost a friend or worse, a family member… yeah, you’re not choosing much other than chose to breathe and even then, not so easy.

That said, fortunately most times aren’t this dramatic. Most times the issues we have or just that; issues. Things we can control, but for whatever reason we chose not to dictate the terms of said issues.

On occasion, we take back one of those little tidbits and we feel stronger don’t we? I removed an employee because I felt he wasn’t right for the job. I didn’t replace him, I terminated the position he held. I was nice about it, I wasn’t harsh in any way. No need for that, life is hard enough as it is. I took back the power and I felt stronger for it.

Now the unforeseen twist – in doing this one act I made myself responsible for the removal of porn network two and reentry of data into porn network one so the content gets seen and hopefully, loved by members of BellaPass and the other Bella sites.  So out with what wasn’t working and hey, do you mind if I add more to your plate? Oh, there’s no room on that plate? Well let me get you another plate. We’ve got a whole cupboard FULL of plates. How many you need?

Bullshit aside, I freaking love what I do. It gets hectic but so does life. Life moves quickly when we ask a lot of ourselves. When we relax, life slows down. Time to slow down a little, at least take more personal time. The key is to start putting YOU ahead of everything else. You matter more and let’s face it, nobody has your back like you do.

Bryci and I were going to start filming for DVD this week but now we’re not. We’re still doing it (later) but we’re slowing down a little so we can focus on better content for our members. Better experiences when filming and less stress so we can create something we love, not something we robotically created. So it’s coming still, but we’re not holding ourselves to a timeline that is unrealistic for us.

We’re asking more of ourselves in filming for DVD or rather, prepping for dvd release, we’re doing multiple angles, various focal lengths, we’re trying to ‘pro’ up a little. Well, a lot. It’s not that it’s harder, but we’re doing things ourselves. We’re learning as we go as well. Doesn’t help that I am teaching myself a new camera, new lenses, new everything… that just makes things interesting I guess.


In other geek news….. we got a new internet connection..


166.77 mb/s down and 31.38 mb/s up.

This is insanely quick from what we had. Fuck Shaw, we moved over to Telus Fiber. Shaw (In Canada) has always been faster but not any more… if you’re Canadian and you use Shaw, stop. Shaw is sharepoint, Telus is Fiber. Easier put.. your Shaw connection… imagine that like a huge milkshake and each Shaw customer in your area has a straw. Sometimes Shaw is slow because many of you are drinking at the same time. This si why you have lulls in your bandwidth. Where as with Telus Fiber, if you have a 100 meg package, you are guaranteed to always have at least 99% of the 100 meg speed. Within 1 meg of the package you are in. I have a 150meg package and as you can see, I’m getting well above 150.

Some of you have monster connections that are far superior to this speed. You don’t live in Canada though. That posted speed.. 98% faster than others in Canada using Speedtest.

We don’t get good speeds here. We get wrecked on our cell phone package prices too. Reason? We’re 1/10th the size of the USA. Down there, competition rules all and because of that, you get companies fighting for the people. Up here, we get, well, less.

Maybe someday we’ll migrate to Nevada or Arizona.


Happy labor day all!