You ever see a show and you think… wait.. I know that fucking guy. Well, not the actual guy in the show most likely, but perhaps someone you once knew? Now odds are your memory of what the person looks

Porn Stars

If you had the chance to work with almost any porn star, who would it be? Bryci and I are positioning ourselves right now for our next adventure and in the near future (read Sept/Oct onward) we’ve got plans to


Sometimes it’s easy to lose focus on the things that matter most. We get tied up in the day to day grind and often that grind wears our asses down. Myself,  I will have a to-do list for the week

Creepy Guy

One of the most common questions I get from people online is.. hey, do you know why (model name here) quit? I have written this blog a few times in the past, worded differently I guess. Do I expect this

Your Biggest Fan

Working online, social media of course plays a part in getting ‘out there’ so people know who you are etc. This might mean Twitter, Tumblr, Blogging, you name it.. we all do it. It’s great when someone comes out of


It’s interesting how time changes our views on social groups. In school, there was the group you were part of, and then there were the others. In my school, I was on the wrestling team. I played football. I knew the

The Path We Choose

You ever wonder how you got to this exact moment in life? Right now. Sitting there, reading this blog. The decisions you made in the past five years that shaped your path. The relationships you’ve had, the relationships you’ve lost.

When I was growing up, I was often asked the question – James, what do you want to be when you grow up? Some kids would answer with the default replies; Fireman, Policeman, Doctor, Teacher etc. Jobs we are shown