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About nine or ten days ago, @Bryci and I did a test with a webcam site called Chaturbate.

We decided to try out couples webcamming.

In the cam world, as I am sure you know, the biggie is MFC or Myfreecams. Sure, there is also Streammate but SM is kind of old school and they % they pay is somewhat laughable so many models are like…er… dafaq? MFC on the other hand is decent but if you’ve spent much time on MFC you’ve learned it’s either great, or incredibly immature. No real middle ground it seems.

Chaturbate¬†on the other hand, was the new kid on the block and it took a little time to find it’s way but it’s really, pretty amazing. They allow everything you can imagine, no matter what your kink is. So we thought, hey… let’s try it out!

Our first couple’s show was fun, great crowd, we had around 5000 people in the room which was somewhat eerie for me and my peen. We took some time off because let’s not forget, we’re still filming for our site and well, the holidays etc.

We went online on Monday after we filmed a creampie video, so I’d already cum once that day and it was a decent amount of cum. So a couple hours later B is like, hey… let’s cam. Now, i gotta tell you, at no point of that conversation did I stop to ask my dick if it would be good to go. I think it answered for me in fact.

So we start shooting and she’s teasing me like crazy. I don’t know things work. I don’t know that’s part of it all. Go slow, have fun, make it last. Fun for everyone right?

Peen: NOOOOOOooooooo

So yeah, good times. I kid, it actually was fun. Met some cool people in there actually.

Needless to say, there is always someone in a cam room that is recording the cam show. Never fails, life goes on.

Bryci Webcam Chaturbate Show

This is a screen cap of the show. Yes, 4 hours. bryci was on for almost 3 while I was video encoding, working with 4K files for

This all happened by the way in her chatroom found here:

If you register for free… then go there to that room and click FOLLOW. Then when we go online next, you’ll get an email so you can come watch. Yes, for free. Of course tips are welcome, but you do what is right for you. No, a tip of “FUCK HER RIGHT IN THE PUSSY!” isn’t a welcome tip. ūüėČ

My part of the show, 60-70 minutes area. So for 60-70 minutes, she’d get me close, then push me away, repeat.

hard life

the meme is a joke people, calm down.

When it came time to blast, we had 8200+ people in the room. We had other cam couples coming into our room, spamming their room because we were in the #1 spot for the couple’s section meaning we were the most popular cam room.

F*cking crazy.

So it comes time to cum and my dick is tingling like crazy… no, I don’t want to cum yet. THIRTY STRAIGHT POV minutes later…. yes, ¬†I drenched her in cum.

It was mind bending that 8200 people were watching us in real time.

We’re maaaaybe going back on sometime on Wednesday, possibly Thursday as well… we’ll see how time prevails.

Register for free, come check us out! —>¬†

Work to be done, getting ready for FuckFest 2016 in Las Vegas in January!

Not exactly the best name for it, perhaps a new name with each blog post about it? ūüėÄ

Hope you are having a great holiday season!



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I used to rant a decent amount in my blog(s). Whether it was this one, jdblog, or my last one that I closed when I created jdblog… I have had some times where I use my blog to clear the air. I always sort of figured.. fuck it, my blog, if I want to rant, I will.

Problem is, in doing so I sometimes gave the impression that I was angry or pissed off about something. Now in some situations, I can see that being accurate. I’m no different than you, I have good days, I have not so good days. For most cases though, anyone that knows me would tell you I’m a pretty happy guy. I mean, seriously.. what could be so shitty in my day to day life that I’m angry?

I get these emails though from fans..

“When are you going to rant again?”

“I love it when you go off on some internet idiot, you should do it more!”

“I don’t like calm JD as much as I like angry JD.”

Starting to see a pattern?

Now here’s the kicker – daily, there is at least one or two things I want to blog about that rub me the wrong way. Something that pisses me off and I want to speak out on. I don’t because, I guess, positivity begets positivity. When you’re negative, it often comes home to roost in your life.

I see others in the industry (webmasters/producers/models even) that scam other models that I don’t even know personally (so why do I care?) and I want to call them out on it. What is gained here though? When did I become this white knight out to save other models?

I’m not. I just don’t like seeing good people get dicked around I guess. What sucks more is when you learn someone you know is doing this sort of thing. If you are ‘friends’ with someone and then you hear how they scam people all over, you naturally think… meh, bullshit, I don’t believe it. Then you start to see the pattern you ignored before. The pattern was always there, but you chose not to see it because if you see it, then isn’t it now sort of on you to speak out on it?


I am opinionated. Sometimes I love this about myself, other times I frickin’ hate it. What good does it do my game if I start speaking out about others scamming models I don’t know? All it does is makes possible Bryci fans think I’m out of my mind. Last thing I want to do is hurt my own business by speaking out on others. Especially if it’s not my business.

So ranting… when am I getting back to it? That’s tough to say honestly.

Bryci and I have something we’re working on that will go live in 2016 that will be free, for fans. No, it’s not a porn site. It is a new site though, where we both will be quite active on it, but more on that when it’s in shape… right now, it’s merely taking the first steps of it’s shape.

Will I be ranting there? Yes, for sure. Both of us will be, if needed… sometimes.

So there you have it, ranting is coming back, but I’m happy, no, really. (no, really)

Since I did start this blog about ranting, I guess I can go down the rabbit hole a little with you….


money stack


Why do people assume if you work in adult, you’re rich?

Better yet, why do people assume anything? I know a lot of people in adult. Of all these people, less than 1% would I consider HOLYFUCKBALLS rich. Most, 80% are earning a living that is comparable to most people’s income I think. Nothing over the top, but enough to cover their bills, and have some at the end of the month. When I say some, I don’t mean stacks of green either.

Yet, I know several models that for some reason think they should be making tons and tons of money. When I hear this, I honestly don’t know what to say. I get so filled with confusion and rage at the same time. I say rage because these women are out to lunch and nobody has had the heart/balls to tell them.

We all *WANT* to be rich and make more money than we know what to do with, but how often do you see that in any aspect of life? Think of anyone you know that is well off… better yet, think of *all* the people you know that are well off. Now, what one or two things is the same with these people? Fun thing here, I don’t know the people you know but I know the similar things because it’s not rocket science. It’s not hard to know these things, because anyone that is successful on any level not only knows these things, they practice them daily.

They all work hard.

If you don’t work hard, you fail. Welcome to life 101.

Women will ask what this model or that model makes and I want to tilt my head like a puppy and look back at them and say…why?

Point being – you’re not that model. You look different, and even if you were that model’s twin sister… you’d earn different amounts, because you are…… (drum roll please)….. different women. Attitude, work ethic, drive, and most of all, being genuine is what makes the difference.

So are you going to be rich if you show your tits?


You will be better off than you are today,¬†if you work hard and keep working hard. If you’ve gone online, you know nudity and free porn is all over. No offense, but nobody cares. This doesn’t mean quit, it means find a reason for people to care.

Do something about it. Don’t make assumptions and for fuck’s sake, drop the ‘I deserve’ mentality. You don’t deserve shit, nobody cares about you, remember? You have to work work work and then work some more. Anyone that tells you different is trying to get laid.

I’m a blunt person, and sometimes I’d even go so far as to say, too blunt.

I don’t mean to be rude, but sometimes that verbal slap is what it takes to wake someone up from dream state where they think they’re worth this or that. It’s great to hold yourself in high regard but do it once you’ve earned it, not beforehand. ¬†If I went around life thinking I deserve millions, does it make it true?

No, it makes me a delusional asshole.

Don’t be that guy. Be humble, be hungry and be ready and more so, able to throw down and work work work.

I’m not going to go on about millennials because I’m pretty sure the generation before them were equally as obnoxious and shitty to people. It’s human nature. We all think¬†the generation before us had it easier, more opportunity, less debt, blah blah fucking blah excuses.

You want life advice? You want a blueprint to success?

The secret to life can be summed up by Neil deGrasse Tyson below.

If you don’t know who Dr Tyson is, you are welcome. (link to his wikipedia)


Life is what you make it. There is no meaning, there is no order. There is simply you and what you do. How you react to things, you decide, at all times. Good, bad, you decide.

There is no blueprint. there is no short cut. Welcome to duuuuuuuuur.

When you start getting angry because you’re making peanuts for money and you think you deserve more, ask yourself why you deserve more? Are you working your ass off? No, seriously, are you? Thinking you are and actually doing it are very, very different.

Time to do something about it. Work harder. Work smarter.

When someone tells me I am lucky, it tells me a lot about that person. Well, I should say, if I think they’re serious. Some say it in passing like, man, hot wife, lucky man! and that’s a compliment and I take it as such. Others though.. you’re so lucky! luckiest man ever! Wow, you fluked into this situation etc.

Those people, yup, I know all about them. I used to be one of them when I was young and stupid. Sorry, inexperienced in the ways of life.

I’m not lucky, I work my ass off to be where I am. I work my ass off to keep¬†my wife in love with me. I work my ass off to keep our members enthused and happy. No part of my process is luck, it’s trial and error. Always has been, and anyone that works for themselves, will tell you the same thing.

It’s fun though, as the saying goes, “The harder I work, the luckier I get” – Samuel Goldwyn¬†

So yes, those moments make me shake my head. It might be some guy online that thinks where I am is truly luck and thus far in life he hasn’t been lucky. It might be some random female that thinks she should be loaded because she does something millions of others do that are not loaded. She misses the hard work thing, because some guy that is either fucking her or wants to fuck her told her things and well, she believed them.

I have made more mistakes in my life than I can list and if I could go back and do some over, I wouldn’t. They created this moment where I am now.

I am certain life will through curves at me down the road and when it does, I’ll obliterate those fucking curve balls. Pffft. Curve balls. I eat curves for dinner.

Life should have thrown a slider. I can’t hit those for shit.

Don’t be an excuse. Be an exception. Nothing is stopping you, but you.



Come Meet Us

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come meet us in vegas

Come Meet Us in Las Vegas!

In 27 days, you can hang out with Bryci and I if you’re bored, you know, in Vegas and not doing much. Alright, maybe not hang out… we’ll be pretty busy in Vegas this year but do we have time so say hello to some friends? Fuck yeah!

We are here where we are today because of fans, and for some strange reason you guys and gals keep wanting to see more so we keep cranking out the good times. Every week the topic between Bryci and I comes up where one of us looks at the other and smiles, shakes out head and says… can you fucking believe our life?

We feel so fortunate to be where we are. We started this crazy ride January 26th, 2009 when we started shooting photos and videos for a website that at the time, was nothing more than a blog for Bryci. A place for her to write assorted things in. We were both running another network at the time, and we’d grown tired of working with girls that felt because they showed tits and ass, they should be paid thousands of dollars. Work ethic? Fuck no, most¬†of them were lazy as hell and one thing I tell you first hand, if you’re going to build a business – make sure your partners give a shit.

We were working with a % deal with these girls back then, and it was tough because if one felt.. meh, I don’t feel like working… we were quite literally screwed.

So we decided it was time to take back control of our lives. We looked at many sites running at the time and it was so abundantly clear who cared, and who didn’t. We wanted to make something that we ourselves would want to be part of as members. We set out to create a site that did what others didn’t at the time. We saw almost every site copying each other, and we thought… wait.. what? Why? You’re all different, why are you trying to so hard to be the same as one another? Same photo sizes, same video sizes, same update schedules.


That seemed silly to both of us. We wanted to create something fun, that we were both passionate about and here we are!

We were the first to do photo sets at 4000 pixels in size and trust me, I had a few people in the biz asking me wtf I was doing. I was told I was stupid to offer this, nobody needs ’em that big. nobody can see them that big I was told. What did I tell them? *I wanted to see them that big*.

See, that has been our key since day one for, and then later,

We create what *we* want to see.  What *we* would sign up for.  Were photos needed that are 4000 pixels in size?


We were the first to bump to 4K video as well with the exception of Naughty America and Brazzers. Otherwise, we were the first model site to do it… and did we need to? I mean, less than 1% have 4K screens and most people don’t have computers that can run a 4K video…. so were they actually “needed”?

Again, yes.

I wanted them, because I knew you, someday, would also want them. What’s cooler… a site that just woke up and bumped to 4K or a site that has 2 years of back content shot in 4K so when you get your new screen, you have tons of old content to use it with?

We’re far from perfect, but we keep trying for our members and anyone that is one of our members will tell you the same thing.

We’re coming up on seven years and we still are amazed at how much fun we’re having.

For the past month, I have been playing with server configuration and settings for the new BellaPass (version 2) that will go live in February or March of 2016. I’d say January but we’re in Vegas for most of January so we won’t be working on the new server, we’ll be working on new content with other porn stars.

We’re going to a new place with the new Bella sites. Everything you love from the current sites¬†and several new features that nobody is doing (yet). I’m so freaking excited about the new BellaPass sites. I want to let the cat out of the bag but instead… we’ll quietly build, we’ll quietly shape our future. ¬†It’s coming…


Ready for the latest and greatest from my email inbox?

Heeeeere we go! (again, name blacked out for privacy)

faker scammed guy out of 1500 dollars

I wish this was fake. This guy got ripped for £1000

That works out to $1490 American or $2066 Canadian.

The facebook thing made me laugh. I went to his page, he has 55 friends. All female, all hot, all fake as fuck.

Sigh. Some guys just need to be screwed with again and again and again I guess.

I respond…

email reply

I’m awaiting his response as I type this.

I can’t really decide if he is asking me to give him¬†that money from our pocket (fat fucking chance) or if he’s somehow thinking I can contact the man who ripped him off, using our images and the¬†faker will magically go.. oh, shit, I’m sorry… was this your Christmas money? Here ya go sport, let me refund that for you.

Basically, this guy still isn’t using his big boy brain.

This is the fun I have every other day. Always something and for damn sure always entertaining.

Kettle ball weight

So how’s my weight loss going? Well, I can’t work out until March 2016 according to my doctor. I am not allowed to life over 10 pounds and when i have tried, trust me when i tell you, I know I fucked up. I feel it in my core, as if I got punched, hard.

Also, it’s Christmas season. How do you think it’s going? (read: cake, cookies, fuuuuuck)


It goes up, it comes down. I’m hovering it seems.

To be fair, I have not been drinking my water as I should. I have not been on my protein shakes as I should.

This is me holding myself accountable. It sucks, but it is reality.

Soon, Xmas is behind me and I’ll have a good 14 days or so to kick some ass before Vegas. I can drop 5-10 pounds (I think) still.

So there you are, you’re up to date in my life.

Be sure to check for our latest hardcore updates!

Bryci Anime Blowjob 4K

This was my first video we shot in almost 2 months… I barely lasted 7 minutes in Bryci’s mouth. Damn, I forgot the skills this woman possesses. She jerked me off at the end when I started to cum and yes, I shot her in the eye… or rather, she shot herself in the eye.

Bryci Anime Blowjob Photos

Not my fault. I wasn’t aiming this time!

Then yesterday (Dec 22 actually) we shot this one…

Bryci Passing Grade Blowjob 4k

I managed to get myself to 12 minutes in this one and I don’t mind admitting I was trying to name the roster of a hockey team in my head to keep my brain off the magic that was happening below… aaand I didn’t make it through the roster.

I did give her quite a thick load on her face though Рyou can def. tell I need to up my water intake!





Stupid is as stupid does

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“Stupid is as stupid does” – Forrest Gump.

Unless you’re new to the internet, you know what a faker is.

If you are new, I’ll break it down.. a faker is usually a man, who steals photos from a site, and then uses them in a fake dating profile or facebook profile etc. They do this to fool gullible people. It’s not an attention thing either. I’d understand that if it was. Someone that wasn’t born looking like a model so they use model [photos for attention. Sad, but understandable. What does the ‘other’ side live like sort of mindset.

Nope. That’s not why they do it.

They do it for money.

They create the false profile. They hook their fish and then, they wait. They play the long con with their fishy.

They send photos here and there, and sometimes, they use videos stolen from the website, watermark cropped off of course. They remove the audio and tell the fishy their sound is busted.  The fishy, of course, believes it.

Stupid is as stupid does.

We get emails all the time from guys reporting fakers to us.

Usually, the faker tries their con on a guy online and usually, the guy is smart enough to know it’s bullshit because either:

a) they have common sense



Sometimes it’s –¬†C) they used google reverse image search.

So, why am I writing this blog today?

Well, to share with you the latest victim.

I shake my head as I write this.

Stupid is as stupid does.

Shall we begin? I have blacked out his name because although he did fall prey to someone online, I don’t think I should name him. We’ll leave him with some of his honor, sound fair?

Screen Shot 17

So I got this email… (above) sent to us via

I responded, explaining he’d met a faker, that’s all.

he responds to me..

Screen Shot 18

I try and explain that fakers do nothing but lie all day, so they come up with crazy stories. I thought it was over.

No, not quite yet.

Screen Shot 20

So then he claims the faker has sent him pictures of Bryci and her Mom. Thing is, we have never included family photos in our site, ever, nor are there any images of Bryci with a woman that could be confused as her Mom so I was confused. I wanted to see more.

This is what he sends me…

Screen Shot 7

I laughed out loud at the first four because they are all photoshopped, badly at that. So I decided to help him understand how it all works. Least I could do, the guyw as out some money to this faker. He might as well understand he’s getting fucked. He kept talking with the faker, which was….well, confusing.

Screen Shot 6


Then I see these and I think… well alright, these are just candids¬†and images from our site….er.. except that last one… I click it go larger so I can see it better…


ummm.. this isn’t even Bryci.

I reverse image search it…

I find this… Alison Tyler.


Fakers are this lazy, yes.

So I start out by detailing to him what is what…


Screen Shot 8(1)

Then the fan sign… which wasn’t a fan sign, it was again, a photoshop of a drawing of Bryci someone did… they removed the drawing and photoshopped in text.

It should have read Р Stupid is as stupid does.

Screen Shot 14(1)

Screen Shot 15(1)

Screen Shot 16(1)


I had figured out who the last pic was after I made this – it’s above.

Screen Shot 11(1)

Screen Shot 10(1)

So now that I had shown him picture by picture these are fake, do you think he stopped talking to the faker?


Stupid is as stupid does.

He started telling me stories again, so Bryci came up with a non nonsense approach.

Tell you what buddy… go to and buy me something off my wishlist. It will then send to me and I’ll shoot in it. That will without question prove I am not the faker. Don’t tell the faker what you bought, and ask them and watch as they change the topic because there is no way for them to know. Again, common sense.

In the end, people are going to believe what they want.

We told him, look,if you want to send your life savings to a man in Africa that has to believing something, go for it.

It’s funny as fuck to both of us that anyone can be this stupid. I know, i should be politically correct and say gullible but who are we kidding?

Stupid is as stupid does.

Happy holidays!


Crazy Time

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It’s the crazy time of the year and this guy is insanely busy.

Bryci is Naughty

I know I haven’t updated my blog for what… 2 weeks now? So what’s new in my world? Grab a drink, this will be a long blog.


Well, as you know from last post, Bryci was nominated for her first ever Xbiz award.  We found out a week later she was also nominated for an AVN award alongside 31 other girls. Voting goes through Dec 22 and one can vote daily if you have 10 seconds.


Click to vote for Bryci (fourth row, first image)

We will be in Las Vegas for the AVN awards regardless, we went last year (first year for us) and we’re there this year as well. You coming down to meet us? Let us know!

So we’ve been lining up the Vegas shootathon, booking some of the biggest names to work with as well as booking and paying for their flights, their hotel rooms (when needed), you name it. We’re knew to this and we wanted to make sure we do it right. The day we start shooting with a rather well known blonde petite you’re going to love… that same day, girl #2 arrives around 5pm area to get her hotel room so we can shoot the next day. So I’ll have to either be done shooting with girl #1 or hit pause on the hard cock¬†gettin’ action thing and make my way downstairs to meet this girl, and get her booked into her room. It’s going to be that kind of schedule 2 solid weeks or so before AVN’s start. Damn. I’m already tired thinking about it. lol


This week is Star Wars: The Force Awakens week! Bryci and I are seeing it on Friday and then I’m seeing it again on Saturday with Bryci’s Dad. I am so freaking excited. If I lived in a city¬†with a bunch of friends, I’m sure I’d be seeing it more… so either I am dragging Bryci to the movie more than once, or I am going solo but I am for damn sure going to see this multiple times in theatres before it leaves. Bryci and I moved to a new city some time ago, so we don’t really know anyone here. We like it this way, because when you know people they want to know what you do for a living etc. That whole can of worms.. heh

Last time I sat in a theatre to see Star Wars, it was May 19, 1999. The Phantom Menace was premiering. Yeah, now we know the last three Star Wars movies sucked ass, thank you George Lucas for selling out your vision and tilting the last three more towards the children’s audience. Fucking Jar Jar.. sigh.

At the time though, when the movie was coming out, I was living in Tempe, Arizona. I was working for a company that specialized in celebrity websites. Official celebrity websites. Long story how this happened… I’ll try and make it small – ¬†I was living in Canada, working in adult and on the side, I did celebrity fan sites and somehow landed a rather large female celebrity that is well known. This company in AZ wanted her contract, and the only way they could get it was to buy the rights to her from me. I wasn’t going to sell so the guy wanted to buy my company. I thought it was a joke, so my lawyer told me to throw a number at him that was stupid. I did, and they bought us. I had an influx of coin that caught me off guard, no question.

Part of the package, was I would come to work for him and I would run his company for him since I knew what I was doing ahead of his staff. he was hiring kids out of design and coding school and anyone that is a coder will tell you, schools are often years behind what’s current. At the time I was doing things they weren’t teaching yet in school, so they brought me on to spearhead his team. It was very eye opening, but next thing I know I find myself working in an office in Tempe, Arizona.

Now, prior to this I had been working in porn (since 1996) and the celebrity thing was a side hustle, simply because if you don’t have a side hustle, you’re wasting time. It’s smarter to have multiple sources of income if possible, always. So I was used to being self employed, coming/going when I wanted. Next thing I know, I am in an office and I have to keep hours again.


I hated working for someone else. I know that sounds shitty but we all start working for someone else I think. If you’re able to cut out on your own, the freedom and control you feel, you never want to give back. I gave it back for a large check. I ended up staying at the media company¬†for the remainder of my¬†contract.

Meanwhile, I was still  working in adult on the side from home. I had a decent home, pool etc and a friend from Canada came down to live with me in one of the other rooms while we started up her site etc. Strange how that seems like not too long back, but as the time stamps show, that was 1999. Damn. Time flies.


So, you’re thinking I got off track here, I was just talking about Star Wars and then boom, I’m detailing Arizona etc.

I didn’t get off topic, I was setting up the back story so I could continue talking about the Phantom Menace, the last Star Wars movie I saw in the theatres.

I was so excited about it, I¬†wanted to share it with the office of guys I worked with. I was the new guy there, I thought I’d do something fun so I went to the theatre and bought a row of seats in advance the day the tickets went on sale. I waited in line from 5am, by myself, because it was a surprise. I got the tickets and made it into the office in time to place a ticket on everyone’s keyboard so they’d see it when they came in. Yeah, I’m thoughtful sometimes.

Star Wars geeks are friendly geeks.


What’s funny is, we all loved the movie. We hated Jar Jar and sure, as time went on we picked the story apart, the acting, you name it. At the time though…. we loved it!

With the Force Awakens… wow. I can’t wait for this. I’ve been in PS4 playing Battlefront almost every day online when I have an open hour at the end of the night.

Okay okay… enough of that story….

How’s that losing weight thing going?

Well, as you might have known from reading my blog, I was doing this porn bootcamp thing.

Here are my earlier results from a blog a few blogs ago…



So what happened from there?

I got down to 193 or so and I for whatever dumb reason told myself I was doing awesome and I ‘deserved’ to have some Pizza.

aaaand you’ve now fallen off the wagon.

From Nov 24 to Dec 4 area, I went back up to around 199/200 area.


To be fair, this weigh in was done in the middle of the day. You will always be heavier at 5pm then you are 30 minutes after waking, so reduce this by 1-2 pounds to be more accurate to what I actually weighed. this was what happened. I was doing great, I had gotten down to 193 area and then fell off the wagon.

So this pissed me off. I was getting ready to go to Vegas and this was my dedication? Sigh. I got mad at myself, went hard on water again. Increased protein and dropped sugar. Did a decent amount of intermediate fasting as well. (where you eat between a set eight hour window (example 9-5pm) , and you don’t eat for the other 16 hours).

Here’s where I am nownowI had a huge drop from the 4th to 5th that I can’t explain honestly. Water bloating is the only thing that makes sense, so I must have had a lot of salty foods for the few days before.

Anyway, I’m 191.8 as of this morning, Dec 12. I was going to take today off as a ‘cheat day’ but I’m scared as fuck of this. heh. I’m told myself if I do this, I’ll stay off the wagon. I have this visual of Bryci and I getting on the plane to go to Vegas and I’m topping the scales at 200 still.

Not that 200 is fat or overweight, it’s not. I know many of you reading this would love to be 200 lbs. I don’t mean to be insensitive, I just know how I feel at 200, how I feel at 191. It’s *vastly* different. My energy levels for example, much higher at 191. As such, I want to try and get to 180 before January’s trip. ¬†I want to get down to serious fucking weight. haha

I still can’t work out, and that sucks nards. I am now allowed to use the gym until February. Doctor’s orders. So even as it is, in January I will not be at 100%. I’ll be 2 months out of surgery, so still tender I am sure. We’ll make it work though, it’s going to be epic.

How’s the new BellaPass coming along?

Well, BellaPass V2 is taking shape. It had better because currently we’re floating several servers and this is not cheap. I know you’re saying to yourself, I always wondered what servers cost etc.

I got a server bill yesterday. (and this is not for all our boxes, this is just one host. We have boxes with a second host as well)


That’s 4K in US dollars and for us Canadians… that works itself out to $5475

So yeah, still want to start your own porn site? LOL have fun ūüėÄ

BellaPass V2 is coming, with new versions of every Bella site and it’s going to be staggering. We’re manually re-adding every single set we’ve ever created, making sure things are exactly the way we’d want them to be. When finished, there simply isn’t another network remotely close to what we’re doing. I know, big words… but wait and see what we’re doing. ¬†We always said we wanted a network that we ourselves would join and stay a member of.

I wanted to launch Bellapass V2 in Dec but that is simply not going to happen. With us doing Vegas in January, it might not even be until February. it is coming though, and to say it will be cutting edge is an understatement.¬†I really want to tell you more about it, but instead I think in time I’ll write a member’s side blog so members know what we’ve done. I’d rather not reveal our secrets openly, after all.. why create a blueprint for others? :)

So yes, now you get what I haven’t been blogging here like crazy.

There is even more going on I haven’t said here. Some of you will be very pleased when we push live with what’s next. ūüėČ

hope you’re having a great weekend!




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Vote for Bryci to win an XbizIf you follow either @Bryci or myself (@jdpics) on twitter, you know that earlier this week we got word that she had been nominated for her first award online. We’re pretty excited! The 2016 Xbiz Web Star of the Year award and if you click the banner above or this link right here ->> ¬†you can go vote for her if you have 20 seconds. We’d appreciate it of course, without the fans we would not being living our dream, doing what we’re doing!

We have no expectations to win or anything, we’re simply thrilled to be considered. It’s weird though when nominated for an award. I had always heard from others I know in the industry that award season is comical because there is always bitching over who got nominated, who didn’t. Who wins, who deserved to win, etc. The nominations would then lead to bitching sessions.

I always thought there are people that are just dramatic about everything.

Why me? Why always me? This always happens to meeeeeeee

You know those people.

We all know these people. heh

For us, cool we got nominated but we have been very, very quiet up until the last six months with our promotion of We weren’t all over, we weren’t going crazy into online porn, or offline porn. We were just having fun, doing what we’re doing. That changed in September of this very year when we decided to go and meet, and have sex with, Aaliyah Love. Some of those scenes are currently inside if you’re curious

We had a fucking blast.


From there, it was like… wait… waaaaaaait.

We get to have a blast with our online site, make videos for fans and fortunately they want to subscribe to see more and more… and NOW WE GET TO FUCK PORNSTARS!!!???

We were both hooked. So now this last week when we got word the site got nominated, that made us smile.

Vote for Bryci

Voting goes through December 6th with the winner being announced in Los Angeles on January 15th.

January 15th, 2016 is a Friday.

We won’t be in Los Angeles for the Xbiz Awards.

We will be in Las Vegas, and that day we are sexing with ______ _____________!

No, no hints. ūüėÄ

We have three girls lined up now, we’re lining up six more. We were going to try for 10 but the timing won’t work for ten and I’m not f*cking superhuman. Nine girls in 10 days will put Bryci and I to the test as it is. I can’t wait and neither can she!

I want ot share with you who we’re shooting with but the thing about life is that things can change. Of course you know this. If we say we’re shooting with a girl and then the girl gets sick, and you think we’re assholes for lying to you and getting your hopes up. ¬†THOSE ASSHOLES.

Yeah, so we’ll just book girls where we can and try and make it happen and hope everyone is feeling fine that week.

If you didn’t click the XBIZ award logo above to go Vote for the incredibly sexy and hard working¬†Miss Bryci – here’s your chance! ūüėÄ

(hint hint, lol, click below)

2016Click to vote for Bryci!

(full size screen cap is here and this video is NOW LIVE inside in 4K/1080p/720p)

So what else is new?

Well, I have been getting the new version of BellaPass (V2) ready so we can start building it. Holy shit, so complicated! So much to figure out. See, we’re re-adding everything, from day one through now in such a way that our search engine will be insane inside the sites. We could do it easier, but if you’re going to do something – talk to your members, see what they want and try your best to make it happen. Some of you reading this have had mini-interviews with me where I got inside your head to figure out what you wanted. I took notes, we configured things and soon, we start building it. It’s def. going to take some time, but it’ll be worth it!

We’re jumping ahead yet again with some of the new features we’re going to offer, that *nobody* else does. ¬†I want to tell you more.. but I’d rather show you, when ready instead.

Yeah, 2016 is going to be f*cking nuts.

Can’t wait for it! You coming to Vegas to meet Bryci and myself? Did you know Katie Banks is coming as well? I think we’ve talked TC Davidson into coming as well so there will be at least four of us down there to drink with. Beer on me? Come say hi! Aleah Jasmine was coming but she might not be now, scheduling issues might prevent her from coming during that week. We’ll know more at the start of January.



Bootcamp starts now

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Bootcamp starts now.

I woke this morning with a new sense of FUCK YES.

If you’ve been reading my blog at all, you know I had surgery three weeks ago. Actually, this Wednesday will be one month. Do I feel better yet? Well, sort of, but I’m very much still healing. I was doing alright and then a few days ago I sneezed and no joke, ripped or tore something in my lower abdomin area that was stitched/healing. Hurt like a motherfucker and that’s being kind. No idea specifically what I did… all I know, glutamine and sleep, repair repair repair.

I went back through this blog and my older blog that I am in the process of importing into JDblog and I saw a pattern. When it came to fitness, it was like a broken record. Every three or so months I’d get ‘motivated’ and fed up with my body and attempt to change things.

Problem I didn’t know then, but I do know now…

It wasn’t physically possible. My body had a torn fascia that was preventing me from tightening up my frame so no matter how many sit ups I did, how many crunches I did, I still had a little pot belly.

Imagine being fit but having a pot belly. It was confusing and my Doc (at the time) couldn’t figure it out.

Upside.. I figured it out and went to a plastic surgeon with my issue. I was certain this was a surgical issue, something inside was fuxor’d and I needed it fixed. A few tests later and sure enough, he knew the how, the why and the when I’d be good to go. All of this has been covered in previous blogs… no need to go into it again.

So Porn Bootcamp – wtf is Porn Bootcamp?

Well, if I can be honest and not offend anyone…

How many times are you watching porn and the guy is some tubby fuck? It sort of takes you out of the scene a little because you’re sitting there thinking… how did this guy score that hot babe? WTF IS WRONG HERE UNIVERSE!

I know, that’s shallow as fuck. ¬†I’m not shallow (I don’t think anyway) but again, it was always odd to me. A normal body, I understand. When I see porn and the guy looks like an Olympian with abs on top of¬†abs, I seriously think to myself, fuck you dude, you’re an asshole. (hahaha)

I’d like to think most of us aren’t poster boys for Muscle & Fitness magazine. most of us are normal people, right? Well, this normal guy had been fighting a war he couldn’t win with his stomach.

Fast forward to now… surgery, fascia tightened, oh snap.. looks like I lost 10 pounds overnight.

I was told by the doc.. no working out until February 2016.

Thing is, your body and the way it looks… 85% of that is created in the kitchen. If you’re overweight, no amount of crunches is going to fix that, you need to fix your eating habits first.

If I am being honest, I gave up on my body a few times over the past ten years because I got frustrated. Not a good excuses, but it sucked doing all the eight things and things weren’t working. All because of my fascia being ripped.. but I didn’t know this at the time keep in mind. i just thought maybe my body had changed or something.


I have never been ‘fat’ in regards to 100+ or more pounds overweight. I’ve been fluffy in some areas or so I thought. Again, turns out that wasn’t so much fat as it was my actual body organs slumping down in my torso because my fascia wasn’t keeping them in place.

Remember a few blog posts ago when I talked about how my lung might have been punctured during surgery? Turns out, it was because my lungs were lower than they were supposed to be in my body cavity. Thanks fascia, you rock. It wasn’t a level¬†three¬†puncture though, thankfully. It healed itself, no need for more surgery.

So yes, I have been through the shit.

I’m still here though. Fuck yes. Nothing is going to slow me down.

So I weighed myself this morning..



As you can see.. I’m dropping weight.

Those of you reading that would like to drop a few pounds, it’s easy. As in, really, really easy.

Water. Increase your water

Take your weight in pounds, now multiple that by .75 – this will give you your 75% weight. Convert that to ounces.. so as an example.. for me, 195 pounds x .75 = 146.25 lbs. So instead of lbs, switch in ounces at the end so now, 146.25 ounces.

I use a 32 ounce rubbermaid water bottle.

Myself, I use a 32 ounce water bottle made by rubbermaid. So I’d then take the 146.25 number, divide it by 32 and I get 4.57 so, I drink 4 1/2 of these every day and I have hit my number. If I do this for one week, putting about 60-90 minutes between each water, I’ll have lost 5 pounds by the end of the week.


You can see my number above, 194.3. Let’s see where it is one week from today. We’ll test this crazy water thing.

My body is very much in healing mode right so I’m curious how much weight my body will let me drop versus how much my body will be like, no, you need to heal first.

I am not allowed to work out before my Vegas shoot-a-thon with Bryci and some other female talent we hire but I sure as fuck can tighten up my body via proper hydration, proper protein intake.

I’ve cut sugar 100%. I’ve cut bleached white breads, pastas etc. 100%. I’ve cut dairy 100%.

I know that I won’t be some ripped dude when I shoot in Vegas, but at least I’ll have more energy to actually do my job properly. Our treadmill comes this week, and this kid is going to walk 5 miles every day using it (10,000 steps). Stamina is the goal, and as a byproduct, my body will tighten up at the same time.

Fuck. Yes.

I’ll prob post before/after photos at some point. I have not taken any after photos yet, my scar is still pink and angry like it’s been violated by some guy named Butch.


Vegas Baby

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In 49 days, I start my ab workout.

I was told not to exercise until February, but I could start “light” workout in January. I had surgery Oct 28, and I was asked to wait 90 days or so before exercising. ¬†January 9th will be 73 days.

Hmm… I think I’ll be fine.

I bought a treadmill yesterday for our gym so I can start getting my cardio in check and my stamina back. I want to drop 10-15 pounds and be a lean ass mofo when I start shooting. I am not overweight¬†by any means at 200 lbs area, but I’m looking forward to being leaner for sure. People I know that see me now since surgery ask me if I have lost weight because my frame is tighter through surgery than before. Before surgery, it very much looked like I had a small pot belly. It was the most frustrating, no.. not a good enough word… more like,¬†infuriating thing I had to deal with on a daily basis. ¬†I wasn’t overweight yet I had a pot belly I couldn’t lose. It wasn’t poor food choices, it was that my fascia was torn and my organs had migrated south.

Now that’s fixed, and through cardio, clean eating and slowly pushing myself, I am about to get into the best shape of my life.

I cannot tell you how excited I am. Every day after I shower I look at my body with amazement like it’s someone else’s. For the past eleven years since my surgery for my burst appendix, my fascia has been ripped and tearing further and further up my torso. It got to my sternum where it connects and stopped. So the connective tissue that keeps your organs and things in place (your fascia) was not doing it’s job, I looked lumpy and bloated when I shouldn’t have been. Yes, I have a new body.

I wish I could actually push myself in our gym before January, but I’ll follow the doc’s advice and not do this.

Once I get back though, February- March area, I’ll be taking a chapter of Tim Ferriss’s Four Hour Body book. I followed it once before in life and *quickly* gained more muscle than I had ever previously gained. I’m not trying to become some big puffy gym rat, I just want to bring my game to a new level. I want to be able to ‘throw’ Bryci around the bedroom easily, without a stupid pot belly killing my mood.

If any of you guys reading this have a pot belly to any degree.. ask yourself how much better you’d feel if it wasn’t there. ¬†Imagine you go in for surgery, they tighten yo’ shit up and you’re back to being a lean, mean, fucking machine.

Would you be happy?

I sure the fuck am. 

I shouldn’t swear so much, I know it makes me sound somewhat idiotic. I guess I have a trucker’s mouth at times.

So in 49 days, we start filming for the next chapter of our career. Well, I should say we continue filming. We plan on filming on this trip and then sometime later in 2016 we’ll head back down to the States and film more with ladies. Might have to film with Aaliyah Love again, she was such a sweetie when we filmed with her before. I was very much not the guy I am today or the guy I will be in 3 months from now physically.. I’d like a do-over on film. I’m being silly I’m sure but if there is one thing I am guilty of, it’s wanting to make sure we get the best content possible shot.

groupOOOOooooo filtered effect!

Normally we don’t use a small camera when filming.. we use larger cameras. This small camera is 4K, and¬†it was used for portability. Some scenes are more in your face and I wanted that to come across to the viewer. This angle you’re seeing here is from a behind the scenes camera.

Vegas will be a blur, but it’s going to be so damn fun. I think one of the best parts about it will be meeting so many new people. As one industry veteran said to me today: “It’s one big family”. I like that. I like thinking that most of the people I meet, will become friends on some level moving forward. We plan on releasing dvd’s as well as licensing with several large companies so our name gets out there, our content gets out there. It’s pretty damn exciting, have I mentioned that? :/

Wait, are you thinking what I am thinking?

JD – Do we get 49 f*cking days of blog posts about the same thing!?

Yes. Yes you do.

No, I’m kidding.. heh

Monday I start Porn Bootcamp.

What is Porn Bootcamp you ask?

Well, I’ve been eating cleaner of course and drinking lots of water.

Before surgery I was topping the scales around 200 pounds and my goal weight was 180.

I had surgery Oct 28. I weighed myself the night before.

Since surgery, I have lost 5.5 lbs.



My weight has gone up/down for the three week period, I actually hit 195.2, my lowest in a looong time on November 7th and then two days later I was 2 pounds heavier, only to watch it leave again today, Sat Nov 21.

On Monday, I start recording every aspect of my journey to Vegas. (aka Porn Bootcamp)

I’m going to keep track of everything. Food, water, supplements etc.

My goal, should be easy to do. I want to get down to 175/180 area for Vegas.

I prob won’t blog daily, as I do have a day job still ( but I’ll stop in when i have time to let you know how it’s going. Sound fair?

Who knows, maybe I inspire one of you fucvkers to stop eating pizza and take up a water bottle.¬†I love food, I do, but since surgery… actually fitting into clothes without my stomach poking out is amazing.

(I am making it sound like I was huge and I wasn’t, but it felt huge to me)

Have a great weekend you guys, I’ll be back later this week with¬†more random and useless blogs.

If you’ve got something you want me to write about, COMMENT! (top right corner) – Comments are not approved instantly, so just write BLOG TOPIC: and then whatever it is. I’ll delete the comment but know what you’re after.

Go ahead, ask away!


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