New Office

New Office

My new office is almost set up. I still have some work to do down here, actually.. a lot of work to do down here but so far, so good. I’ve moved my office down stairs and I am slowly


Moving is bullshit. We all do it, and we all say it’s no big deal but that’s a lie. A blatant lie. It is a big deal. Our lives are thrown into disarray and for what? A new zip code?

How to Porn Vol 2

Last June I wrote my first entry into the how to porn advice blogs I decided to write. Don’t take these blogs as factual, they’re simply my opinion. Things I have picked up along the way I guess. They are

Stop Being Stupid

Writing blogs can be difficult for me sometimes. I want to be able to talk to you like you’re one of my friends, but most of you.. I don’t know. I’d safely say the majority of you, I don’t know.


Sometimes I see things online that disgust me.  Things that make me angry and immediately make me want to go on the offence against the person or persons doing the terrible deed. Shaming someone because they’re overweight, shaming someone because


You ever see a show and you think… wait.. I know that fucking guy. Well, not the actual guy in the show most likely, but perhaps someone you once knew? Now odds are your memory of what the person looks

Porn Stars

If you had the chance to work with almost any porn star, who would it be? Bryci and I are positioning ourselves right now for our next adventure and in the near future (read Sept/Oct onward) we’ve got plans to


Sometimes it’s easy to lose focus on the things that matter most. We get tied up in the day to day grind and often that grind wears our asses down. Myself,  I will have a to-do list for the week