How to comment here

Sometimes I forget that many people aren’t technical. They don’t understand how to comment in blogs and although it can be easy once you know what you’re doing, we often don’t bother because we can’t figure it out. I have had several emails from people that forgot their usernames, their passwords, or wanted an easier way to communicate.

I added a feature to this blog now so people can comment as simple as entering a name, email and their comment or.. they can also login using their twitter, facebook or google+ id.

I can’t see any of the info you enter for those three companies by the way, a small pop up will connect you with the site (twitter, facebook or google+) so you can login securely. This allows you to stay logged in, commenting quickly if you wish. At any time you can delete the connection as well from within your settings for those sites (apps area within twitter, facebook or google+).

All in all, this makes it crazy easy to communicate on anything in the blog, if you want to.

So here’s a quick, visual walkthrough so you know how.

Step 1.

Find the blog you wish to comment on and click either the title or the header image for that blog, this will then take you to the entry itself, on it’s own page.


Step 2.

Scroll to the bottom of the entry until you find the box that says “Comment on this blog here” – now click below this in the box where it says “Enter you comment here…”.


When you click within this box, the box will expand open with options for you.

Step 3.

Here is where to decide how you want to be known. You can click a small logo (#1 in the image below) that will allow you to login using existing wordpress, twitter, facebook or google+ login. Adversely, you can also chose to just enter a name and email address. Be sure to click post comment when done.


If you click one of the small logos, a pop up will come up with that site’s security so you can login.


The twitter text is very strange, because the blog doesn’t follow anyone, or post for you, it merely logs you in. So if I reply to a blog comment with my twitter login, it would say jdpics. It wouldn’t list anything, or do anything other than here on my blog.


I don’t use/have facebook but I trust it’s the same thing. It will allow you to use your fb login so you can save time filling our forms etc to post. It doesn’t post to your timeline etc. I would imagine when you login, it will tell you what it does.


Same thing with google+ it allows you to post here quicker. It doesn’t post things in your timeline etc.

So hopefully, this helps the handful of you that are asking me how to do this.

Feel free to comment on anything you wish.

ps – I manually approve comments to prevent spam/trolling so if you don’t see your post right away, that’s why.

How well do you know your neighbors?

I am going to try something different for this blog. I am going to be more candid. I am going to write this like I am writing a close friend. Grab a coffee or beer, sit back, let’s do this.

Bryci and I have been sort of vacant the past month or two. There has been a lot of changes for us personally, and we also had a scare with her Dad recently as I am sure you read if you follow either of us on twitter. Add in the fun that is tax season and saving for a new home… plus trying to live up shoots, figuring out who is doing what within Bella etc and yeah, it’s been crazy.

In other news – Bryci and I recently moved! We have been planning this for well over two years now. We had earlier purchased a condo and the plan was, live there and shop around for our dream home and if we couldn’t find it, we’d build it from the ground up. Any of you that have built a home know the cluster fuck of joy that it brings, so we tried to just keep our eyes open to opportunities. We looked at several houses but they were too… I don’t know… not right for us. Not private enough, not what we were looking for really. We pondered buying land and then building but that is a time consuming effort and it often ends up costing more than expected. (or so I am told)

We ended up finding a house about an hour from our old place that been built but still needed to be finished. It had no basement, no kitchen appliances, no washer/dryer and no yard etc. It needed a decent amount of work but it seemed to fall right between what we’d been searching for. Great home + room for us to customize and build what we wanted. I started in on the basement right away after we closed on the property. I had spoke to a contractor and he quoted me 35-50k range to do the basement and I thought… umm.. . nope. I’ll do this myself, so with no experience as a general contractor, I started calling up trades. One of the areas of inexperience for me in this new found job is that you never line up your trades. You deal with one, you finish with one. Then you go to the next tradesman. What this means is simple.. I will not have my office back for at least 2-3 weeks. So I am working from my laptop, which I can do just as easy, but I can’t edit new videos as easy… so I’ll prob end up setting something up sooner on the floor in one of the bedrooms. No biggie.

So as I was driving home today, I was passing people and I started to take note that we live in a great area. I then started to wonder how many of these people work in adult or if any of them do. I know that might sound silly to you, but when Bryci and I were at the AVN Awards in Vegas last January, we were invited to an industry only luncheon put on by the AVN people. This is for insiders, ceo’s, studio heads etc. The movers and shakers of the porn world, the real porn world.. not just internet porn. See, we often feel like frauds in porn because we’re just this couple with a network of sites, we’re not Vivid or Jules Jordan etc. We don’t bankroll feature productions, we’re just a couple that like to fuck online, ya know?

I digress….

So we’re at this lunch and B and I look around and we think… holy shit…. almost everyone here is 40-50 or older. No young people, just aged experience. It was fucking amazing. Imagine going into a room of people that are Mom/Dad age and these people work in porn. ALL OF THEM. No judgement, nobody thinking… ohh.. you do that? Everyone is accepting, everyone is cool.

So as I drive home today I am passing people that are in the same age bracket and I couldn’t help but wonder… are any of these people closeted pornographers? I say closet because when you work in adult, you still have to be careful of who you talk to. Even though almost everyone loves boobies, it seems there is still a great deal of judgement and assumption/perception issues in the adult industry. I have known friends that will talk to me normal and be fine and then later I hear from others that they’ve said this or that about me. I quickly became ‘that porn guy’ and that sucks if being honest. People talk, I get that. It shouldn’t bother me but for some reason… it does. No, I don’t secretly dislike what I do and no, I’m not ashamed of what I do.

Many people seem to look at those in porn and instantly they feel like they’re better people or the porn people are below them. Instantly, their nose moves upwards 10-15 degrees. They’re suddenly looking down on what you chose to do. It’s funny too because the same assholes, when they get home.. are googling the shit out of you, trying to join your site. Hypocritical cunts, and that’s my happy term. lol

So as I look around, I wonder… do any of these people have secret jobs? Maybe Mommy down the road is a basement dominatrix? She pulls clients from Craigslist and beats the shit out of them, for a premium. Daddy across the street has a site where he does nothing but faps to porn models, then records the videos and sells them online or something like that.

What Bryci and I do isn’t new, porn has been around for as long back as any of us can remember… but being the couple next door, that fuck and suck online… is somewhat liberating. We work from home, we make our own rules and we have more sex than we’ve ever had in our life. To be fair, Bryci is not getting fucked as much as I’d like but we have this NO BABY thing right now going on… so for awhile, it’s safe sex scenes and blowjobs. I might just take the leap and get snipped so I can start creaming in Bryci. What do you think? (told you I was going to be candid)

I love what I do, but yes, we have to play the same game with the public. What do you do? er… I am a photographer. er… I am a web developer. er.. I invented the Snuggie.

So yeah, I play the game. Behind closed doors… it’s all kinds of porn up in here. I love it. If you have a kink and you are thinking… I wonder if I could do this online…. the answer is YES.

Only piece of advice – treat it like any job you’ve ever had. If you’re lazy, you will make nothing. The only people I know that kill it in their jobs are the ones that work work work and then work some more. Bryci and I work more than we care to admit, and of the models I know… the successful ones have the exact same pattern – they work their asses off. If you’re fine with that, then yes, you too can be a pron club member. 😀

Okay, this has been fun but I have a basement to work on, a yard to build and some beer to buy/drink. It’s not going to drink itself.

Life is good.

One never knows

It’s been a crazy month for us. We’ve touched on things a little here and there, but not really said much in regards to what we’re actually talking about. We will post about that soon, I promise… and no, we’re not pregnant. LOL Had a few people ask that… and nope, no kidlets for these two.

So last week I am playing contractor, lining up trades, finishing up something we’ll talk about later. We get a phone call and we learn Bryci’s Dad has to have heart surgery.

Let that sink for a moment. Imagine your Mom or Dad call and say… Hey, I have to have my heart operated on. Suffice to say, you stop what you’re doing and you make every effort to get to them, now. We did just that. One of the many reasons we love our job, but for damn sure being able to leave at a moment’s notice without telling anyone where we’re going, how long we’re going for, when we’ll be back… all a bonus to being in the porn game. Not to mention fortunately being able to afford it. We feel very, very fortunate to have carring fans, no doubt about it.

So we’re off to a strange place where they are performing the surgery. All goes great but then, before bed the same day we call to see how he’s doing, if he’s sleeping and we’re told there is a bleeder and they have to go in again. TWO HEART SURGERIES IN ONE DAY.

We’re on the way.

So we go back to the hospital, 1 am in the morning, exhausted from a full day of surgery stress. My job is to be strong for B, take care of her in every way possible but also, to make sure her Dad is covered as well. I’m doing my best I can, meanwhile back at our home… I’d lined up trades to start this, finish that, new trade start this, finish that, like clock work. I’m not there to over see things so I ask for photos along the way… and what do you know… one of my projects I requested done was done wrong. :/

So now I have to find the tradesman and work it out, when I am a long, long distance away from him. I need to talk him through what I wanted, what needs to be done. I get that covered and we’re off to the hostpital again. I would wager we spent collectively 5-8 hours daily in the hospital, if not more, every day. Stressful? You betcha.

While in there, you hear stories. You see people grieving. You learn just how lucky we all have it. I get that life can be tough sometimes, I understand that we all hit that wall of shit on occasion but last time I checked, we all have our health. We are all upright. Nobody I know is in a hospital bed wondering when they get blood drawn next so they can see if they’re going to be alright or not.

We all bitch far too much, myself included. We need to start saying.. well holy shit, I’m an idiot. I can do anything I want and instead, I’m bring a whiney bitch. Enough of that, time to kick out the jams, motherfucker.

I’m not talking to you, or you, or even you. I am talking to ALL OF US. Myself included.

You never know what you have until it’s not there. Yes, we take everything for granted. That sucks doesn’t it? What would happen if….. well, you fill in your worst case scenario there. Are you ready? Do you have an idea if you’d bounce back? Would you make it?

After watching B’s family go through this cluster fuck of emotion the past week, I am very, VERY thankful for everything I have. Before the phone call, I thought life was pretty stressful for us lately. Nope. Life was a joke compared to the crap we’ve witnessed and gone through the past week.

Upside.. he made it through the surgeries. He’s recovering and he’s going to be alright. One hell of a scar, from lower throat all the way down to his belly button. Unreal courage and strength displayed. I’m proud to call this man my father in law and more so, a good friend.

As Ferris would say, Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.

Sorry I have been missing from blogging… this will all make sense in a week or two when we lift the veil of silence as to why/what has been happening. It’s all good news and it’s amazing for members.

thanks for reading,

– JD

Porn Stereotypes

I have worked in the adult industry in one form or another since 1996. That’s almost 20 years! To be fair, it was Sept 96 that I got started, so we’ll say 15 years and a bit. In that time, I have done everything from web developer to photographer, videographer to male performer.

I got into adult by fluke to be honest. I owned a start up multimedia company, dealing with websites, video streaming etc and a buddy wanted to talk to this hot girl he had a crush on. he wasn’t confident enough to do it so he dragged me along. Short version – we hit it off (as friends) and she was a model. She later asked me if I’d consider taking photos of her. I had experience with photography, as well as equipment, a photo studio etc so I was able to do this. As in, I was the right guy to ask this of. I knew photography, I knew web development. I was also not trying to get her into bed and that was refreshing she told me.

side note – I thought it was sort of an egotistical thing to say, but whatever… I’m not a hot girl, how would I know what they deal with.

I agreed and a week later, we were taking photos/videos for her to site to be.

Fast forward to now…

I’ve done a lot of jobs in the industry, and I’ve worked with a lot of models. I have always seen/read/heard the same stereotypes of people that work in porn and it’s always confused me I guess. If I do not work in the dental industry, and I equipped to make assumptions about dentists? How would i know what these people go through, or deal with?

I think as we get older we start to learn that making assumptions about people is more for us than it is anyone else. Same thing happens with people in porn. People make assumptions, but largely the assumptions are asinine, incorrect and outright laughable.

If I see a guy driving a Ferrari, I might assume something about him that is not fair or accurate.

In fact, odds are, anything I can think of regarding Ferrari guy is going to be wrong. I don’t know him personally. how could I speak on his life with any degree of accuracy?

I mean sure, there are common sense assumptions that odds are, will be correct of Ferrari guy.

I bet that car was expensive.

I bet his insurance rate is higher than mine.

The moment I start assumptions with negative tones, that’s to make ME feel better yet, the are all still just random guesses about a person I don’t know.


I bet he is compensating for something.

I bet he’s so in debt his quality of life sucks.

In the porn world, the assumptions are often the same.

That girl must have daddy issues.

That girl was prob abused growing up so this is how she seeks attention now.

That girl must be a slut, I bet she’s easy to score with.

Then the negative assumptions flip to somewhat positive assumptions… I bet that girl is so rich! Porn pays amazing so she must be LOADED!

All of these, just guesses and rarely accurate in the least. I mean yes, some people in adult have been abused when they were younger. Thing is, that girl you think is cute that works in accounting on the fourth floor – she went to Cornell, she has a degree… and look, she was also abused when she was younger.

There are people in every job description out there that have a story, and sometimes the story is a hard one. Doesn’t mean if you’re abused you’re going to go into porn. Common sense should tell you if you were abused, porn would be the LAST career choice for you, shouldnt it?

There are stereotypes and sure, sometimes these are accurate. I can’t speak for everyone in porn. I can only speak for those I know. I know some people in porn that are seriously shitty human beings. Then again, I know some people in professional jobs, with degrees, that are equally if not more so shitty human beings.

The people I know in porn fall into one of two job descriptions. – You either work for yourself, or you work with someone else. Sometimes, it might be a paid gig, as in… you’re a model for hire. Other times, you might be the owner of a company hiring someone. Sometimes, it might be you are a model and you work with a webmaster, much like some of the Bellas work with me.

The people I know that are unhappy or seem damaged? Sorry, I don’t know any that fit that description. Everyone I know is happy as can be. Like anyone else, some make more money than others, and some work harder than others. Sort of like any job I have ever had before porn, or that I know of outside of adult.

Porn isn’t perfect. It’s life though. Good with the bad. Are pornstars all drug abusers? Nope. I mean yes, some do drugs but again, I know more people out of porn that do drugs than I know in porn that do drugs.

The slut comment though is one of the funny ones. When you work in porn, you are *VERY* careful with your partners. Some stars, maybe not so much but they are the less than 1%. Most know if they catch an STD, their ass is out of work, or a job, depending on what they caught. Not to mention the legal ramifications. One can get sued for loss of work, risk, emotional distress etc. Happens often in adult.. so you’d best believe most stars take care of themselves.

Now think of the boys and the last time you guys went clubbing. I had a roomie that would take home a girl every night he could. How this guy’s dick didn’t fall off, not sure. Surely he wore a rubber, right? Nope.


If you have or see stereotypes regarding porn actors or actresses, odds are they are false. It’s funny how many times online I see guys (whom I assume I are young, possibly virgins) talking smack of women in forums or sites. They will see a woman’s pic posted and then talk shit about her… internet standards sort of thing. Meh, she’s alright… etc. When in reality, this guy would most likely never have the courage to talk to this girl to ask her what time it was, let alone try and pick her up.

Yup, we live in a funny, fucked up world, but if I had to chose… porn peeps or regular peeps.. I’d take porn peeps. We’re happy, we’re our own boss in the way that if we want to earn more, all we have to do is work harder. If we’re lazy, we get our own asses kicked by small checks. It’s a perfect survival of the fittest type of scenario.

If I am working with a model and she starts getting lazy, I give no fucks. Why should I? I’m not her boss. She is only hurting herself by not working, I’m doing just fine.. working harder each day. Tomorrow, I have two appointments, plus work to be done. Tuesday, shooting, plus appointments, Wednesday, two appointments, oplus shooting. Thursday, five appointments, plus work. Life is chaotic, life is crazy, I love my life!

In closing.. treat porn stars like you would a friend. Respect them, don’t talk shit to them. Don’t make assumptions and don’t think for any reason you have the right to invade their bubble unless asked. When someone asks us what we drive, where we live, what we earn.. I smile and laugh. Why does any of that matter? Are we measuring success cocks and I wasn’t told?



A few years back, I pinched a nerve in my lower back. I woke up, and I couldn’t move. I was in immense pain and I thought I was paralyzed. I know that sounds dramatic, but imagine waking up, laying on your back, and you can’t move. You feel enormous pain and swinging your legs around or rolling to your side to get out of bed wasn’t working. That was one of the scariest things for my body I have been through.

Yesterday, I went to throw a bottle of water up unto the water cooler. They weigh around 40 pounds or so. Not really heavy, but if you lift it wrong.. yes, it can cause issues. I didn’t feel strange, I felt normal. I went back to normal Sunday. I lounged on the sofa, watched the Flames game (nhl hockey for those unaware) and then some movie. My back started to get tight and I thought perhaps the couch was too damn soft. Weird.. my back is now killing.. I wonder what’s up?

This morning, I wake up and and once again, movement is limited.

Wait. I know these symptoms… fuuuuuck.

I was feeling happy that I could move but still, I was in pain. I got out of bed, dragged my sheets to the floor and laid on the floor with my back against a hard surface. I brought my legs up against the bed so my back wasn’t bent. That seemed to help but still, I was in pain. Great. Just great.

So I cancelled my appointments for today, tomorrow, wednesday, thursday, friday. I was shooting Aleah Jamsine on wednesday too. So that’s been pushed back now.

I’ll be here, with laptop, waiting for my back to stop sucking. You’d think I was 75 or something. (My Mom, who was 76 before passing often complained of back pain)

Alas, sitting at a computer is not the best work out. Fortunately, soon we’re creating a gym… so I can get back to developing my body, my core, get back to where I used to be when I played hockey most of my life. (very, very healthy)

It’s amazing how much we take our body for granted. Its not until you can’t do simple everyday things that you sort of realize how lucky we are.


Excuse me, I have to get back to healing now.

Upside I found out my herman miller aeron chair has a reversible lumbar support bar.

I had it on the soft setting, one twist and now it’s DAMN FIRM in my back.

Feels amazing!