Aug 312015

Depending who you talk to in the adult industry, the sky is falling or things are fine, but evolving.

I’ve found it often comes down to the person’s opinion on the way things are, and the way things are going etc and sometimes, their experiences in the industry. On occasion someone aligns themselves with someone that feels they know how everything works in porn. Often these producers will tell the girl one thing, when reality is quite another. This can affect the way they view the biz of course. Deal with the wrong person, you’re going to think the biz is dying

Yeah baby, you’re going to be a star! you’re going to make $5000 a month right away!

In reality – that’s next to impossible if the girl is an unknown with no fanbase.  Different situations of course, and no two are alike… but there is never a shortage of producers changing the reality of things to what they want the girl to believe it is. Cam models are often told outrageous lies just to get them to sign. It’s fucked up, but it is what it is.

The only way to succeed in adult, is time, and effort. Much like any job, well, ever.

Getting back on track… here’s how it typically is when it comes down to the tube sites.

Opinion #1:

Porn tubes are ruining the porn industry! They are free and how can you beat free? People won’t buy porn anymore if it’s free! How can anyone possibly compete with free? Before the tubes everything was so much better money wise!

This is the popular opinion in the industry, shared by many performers and producers.  It’s true, before tubes, the dvd market was soaring, there were higher profits for sure.

Opinion #2:

It’s 2015. Evolve or go extinct. Tubes are here to stay unfortunately so find a way to work with them.

This is my personal opinion on the topic. The reality is a lot of these tubes are stolen content, possible most of them are but not all of them. Some are set up to look like your typical tube but in reality, it’s promo content released by the studio or website, the performer etc.

When you look at a site like Porn Hub, they caught a lot of heat because yes, a lot of stolen content on there. So what do we do about it? Well, we used to send in copyright claims to have our content removed. We still do on occasion depending what is posted but then we decided to try and approach things from a different angle. Tubes aren’t going anywhere. Tubes have traffic. I mean, a *LOT* of traffic. Pornhub as an example, July 2015 – 624 million people.

So you can be sad about those people, or you can try to capitalize on it.

What sounds smarter to you as a business person?

So Bryci and I created a simple channel. Nothing major, handful of free videos. Nothing major and it never will be major. We did this for one reason and one reason only, free is here to stay, so might as well embrace it and try and meet some new fans! <– our official Pornhub presense for now.

The point of this was simple. If you consider how many people are online…  3 BILLION used the web last year.

Screen Shot 2

Bryci is one woman, so out of 3 billion people, how many do you think know who she is?

Not many in the big picture, so you get help every. place. you. can. as long as it’s within reason. If someone goes and pirates us and posts our content everywhere, yes, we’d lawyer up. We have had to in the past, more than good chance we’ll need to in the future. It’s part of the internet there is always some fuckhole that thinks he’s untouchable because he’s l33t. Nope, sorry, you’ve seen too many movies. If i hire the right people, they find you. They always find you.

I’m pretty good at finding people myself but yeah, I know of better people that specialize in this sort of thing. We have no desire to go after anyone, that’s silly. We’re trying to have fun and make friends, not make enemies.

On occasion I hear the “Bro, I don’t pay for porn” comment.

To me, this means one of three things.

  1. When is your eighteenth birthday? (just kidding, but often true)
  2. You don’t have a disposable income yet, no worries, enjoy the freebies while you can get them.
  3. You haven’t found something you liked enough to support yet.

Yes, I can stick to the tubes and never buy a membership but if I start to like a girl, say… Bryci as an example.. there is only so much I can find. Even if I look around and find a torrent, it’s older things. If I manage to find a trader forum posting videos, the only way to get a decent speed and not be penalized for more than one per day is to buy a membership to the file locker for $20-$30 or more and then I am still restricted to whatever has been uploaded by people.

Reverse optionI like Bryci and want to support her so she does more awesome content! I sign up and I get access to everything AS WELL as all the bonus content in their network, more models, more amateurs, more everything. I get what I want, when I want, where I want. 

That personalized option you don’t get with tubes so for us, the key was, create good content that people want. Try and create what we ourselves would want to see. If it sucks, can I really be angry that nobody wants to sign up? I think you get what you give in life. So we work our asses off for our members, and so far, it’s doing alright for us.

So we posted some free Bryci videos and we’re hoping people like them. So far, so good.

People are rating us decently. Bryci’s still very unknown on there because for 5.5 out of 6 years, we were rather strict about removing videos. So it’s almost like she’s a true unknown on there. Kind of cool to watch it unfold. Already in a short time, 1.4 million people have viewed us having sex.

That blows our mind. I can’t fathom this number and it climbs daily.

Earlier today, we received this email from a guy that shall rename anonymous.

Hi mate.
Just wanted to send a short email to say thanks for the videos you upload to pornhub. They have great production quality. Last week I hadn’t even heard of Bryci and now I’m very glad I have – your wife is gorgeous! It also seems like she gives one hell of a deepthroat blowjob given the incredible cumshots you produce at the end of the videos. The huge volumes of great, thick blasts is much better than the majority of the guys you see in professional porn.
Excellent videos man, thanks.




Seriously, how cool is this?

It’s great when we get someone we didn’t know taking the time out of their day to reach out to us.

Thank you Shaun, you made both our days.

We’ll continue to post a new video here and there, but as always, if you want access to the entire catalog, there is only one place to get it.

As always, we appreciate you fans and what you’ve shown us over the years in way of support and appreciation.

We wouldn’t be here without you guys!


Aug 262015

Earlier this year, we launched another network in addition to

The idea was simple. We get a lot of girls sending in photos/videos wanting to get into porn. Some are def. Bella material, while others might be more amateur-ish so we didn’t know they fit what we were doing at BP. So what we created was a real girl network that was exclusive content, show for us and often, by cameras we ourselves sent to the ladies.


We knew we wouldn’t have time to run the second network properly so we hired someone to run it for us. Premise was simple.. we’ll fill it with content, you update and handle the webmaster duties. Sounds easy enough, we offered a salary position to him and we covered all costs etc. As with any new site/network etc, you don’t get rich fast. In fact, it’s damn near impossible to make it right from day one. I know a lot of people that will tell girls they will, but these people are, well, lying. So I expected some losses. I expected things to take time to build.

What I didn’t expect was the person we hired not really caring. I had made a terrible assumption, and that assumption was if you present someone with an opportunity and show them the ropes, they will excel.



So I waited to see how/if/when things would change/evolve. aaand that was my mistake.

People generally don’t change that often unless they are forced to.

I’m still waiting….. so I figured it’s time to stop bleeding money. I don’t need to understand why this person chooses not to excel in this position. I’m fairly sure it’s because they’re hired to do something they didn’t create themselves. It’s a weird thing, it’s easy to work for someone else but going it on your own, where you are self employed… that’s scary to many.

When we started, we got a good scare and we haven’t slowed down since. That was about eight years back. We are always working it seems and yes, sometimes it gets tiring. We love what we do but when you breathe/sleep/live porn 24/7 it after awhile can get to you. Not complaining here, heh, I love what I do and I feel *VERY* fortunate to work with the people I work with.

So anyway… since the other network is not doing what we want it to do, we decided to fold it all under Bella like I was saying in an earlier blog. It’s exciting to me because it’s insane how many ladies we have coming to us to work with us. We’re not really after a situation where we start a new solo site with 99% of these ladies because simply put, there is only so much time in a day. I’d rather spend my time working towards Bryci and I’s site and network versus being a % partner of a site where a girl can easily flake if she meets a guy that gets in her head.

Boyfriends in this industry are the kiss of death. I have met many and almost always they are stereotyped unfairly right from the start. I expect them to be porn experts. I expect them to try and tell me how to do my job and I expect them to try and speak on behalf of the girl. We don’t deal with situations like this, they’re too funny and I end up laughing. lol

Still, I have had Bellas that are going great and then boom, some guy gets in her head and next thing you know, she’s flaked. She looks back later after he’s moved on what she fucked up and well, at that point it’s too little too late. Common fucking sense here ladies. You don’t allow anyone to do your business, ever. Would you take your boyfriend to your day job and have him talk to your boss? Fuck no, your ass would be unemployed quickly.

Simple respect is easy, but the moment you let someone else talk on your behalf, you’d best assume if you get fired because of them, you won’t be welcomed back. Thankfully, we have not had this situation with the current ladies. So if you just read that and thought I was speaking about you.. lol.. if you’re a current Bella, nope. I wasn’t. it was regarding some ladies in the past, both with Bella and even before Bella took shape.

I get guys mean well but it’s pretty stupid to try and jump into someone’s job. Anyway….

So new network, or rather, new and vastly improved BellaPass 2.0 will launch later this year. We’ll keep updating the network until then of course. I’ve been editing videos all day today/tomorrow so watch for a bunch of new stuff in the next 24 hours. :)

Things are transforming… and when you see what’s coming…. ha.. good times.


Aug 182015
Two surgeons working at the operating room

Well. Fuck.

Went to see my doc today and guess what has two thumbs and is due for some major surgery?

< < this guy.

If you’ve read my blog in the past, you might know that I’ve had hernia surgery in the past, I’ve had appendix surgery, I’ve had fascia surgery.

Soon, I go back under the knife. I have a hernia right now, *again*… my last one was January of this year.  Apparently once you’ve had one hernia, they come like rain after that. Lift a phone book? Fuck your stomach homie. Grab anything over 10 pounds? Pfffft Did someone order as hernia?

Maybe not that bad but seems like it.  Frustrated is an understatement.

Back in 2004 I had an emergency surgery after my appendix ruptured. I didn’t go to the hospital because I didn’t know what was up. After a few hours, the pain was unbearable and I called 911. When they got me into the ER, they had me sign something and they raced me into surgery. They cut me open, from belly button, straight down eight inches or so. My appendix and the poison was removed and they didn’t stitch me up because of the massive amount of poison in my system. They had to manually scoop the puss out, twice daily. So picture yourself laying in bed, stomach wide open under bandages. nurse comes in, remove bandages, scoops out stuff, replaced bandages, repeat for two weeks or so. Then the body slowly starts to close itself from the bottom up but no, it’s not tight, it’s loose.

So under your skin, you have this connective tissue called the fascia. It keeps everything in place. Your spleen is where it is because the fascia keeps it there. Without a fascia, your organs slump down into an unnatural position. Thanks gravity. Painful? No, your body adapts. All of a sudden you’re feeling bloated all the time, or fat, and heck if you know why.

The white stuff in the middle of this guy’s abs is your fascia. It runs from the base of your pectorals right down to your groin. If it is cut, your abs bulge out due to the weight of organs pushing on them on the other side of your abdominal wall.

So this was happening to me for the past ten years or so.  I went in a few years back and had surgery to repair my fascia but the doc only did my lower area, so belly button (ish) down let’s say. Meanwhile, my upper fascia was still fuxored even though I didn’t know. I mean, I thought I just had a weird amount of fat on my stomach… and it was odd because I don’t have fat arms, legs etc.. so I thought, well, this is my body. Shit happens.

So recently, I was told I have a hernia so i went to a plastic surgeon I have worked with in the past, he repaired a scar I had on my stomach from my early surgery for my appendix. I asked him about my hernia and he goes… whoa.. your fascia… whoa… wow. We need to fix this.

So long story short, I’m going in for surgery somewhere between now and December, and at that time, getting an overhaul of my fascia. When laying flat, your organs etc are of course pulled to your side so he’s going to cut me open, and bend my fascia over on itself and sew it. Sort of like a tummy tuck, but my entire frame from lower pectorals down to groin.

Yes, my core is being cut and yes, I’ll be out of commission for 2-3 months. This means no fucky fucky. :(

So the next 2 months before surgery will be filled with WORK WORK WORK WORK.

Ah well, life is full of surprises, right?

My goal here is to get my body back in shape for January so we can stay on target when it comes to filming with girls. Worst case, Bryci fucks pornstars and I film. I’m fine with that too, if I am still screwed.. that’s what will go down.

So that was my day. Could always be worse though, right? RIGHT?

Ah well, the drugs. The drugs will make me sleep through the bullshit phase.

Upside… I will be thinner and feel somewhat normal again. I can’t explain how confusing it’s been being bloated all the damn time and not understanding why.



Aug 172015
d 2

Some exciting things are about to take place for @Bryci and I.

We’re officially gearing up to launch a new porn label in the industry and we’re going to be hiring professional porn stars to have some fun with. We’d mention this before, but we never really went too much into detail.

Details are still being mapped out, but the future just got a whole lot brighter, this much i can tell you.

First – I am closing our second network down, as of this week sometime. That network, RealGirlPass will cease to exist and will fold into Bellapass. Basically.. instead of having two networks running, we’ll just throw all that content into Bella for existing members as well as future members. All members of RGP will be given memberships to Bella so they get all the content they had before.. plus everything from within Bella.

A new solo girl site will launch within Bella within the next month – and yes, you will smile. All free of course for Bella members. With Bella, there is never additional fees to see our ladies. buy ONE membership, access every. single. site. No exceptions. It’s why Bella members keep coming back for more month after month!

We have seven new girls shooting content for Bella right now as well.

This content will be amateur at it’s best as they are shooting themselves. Ages? 18 x 2, 19 x 3, 20 and 21.

Two have already expressed interest in flying in to fuck the daylights out of Bryci and myself.  Yeah, so that happened… those emails made me go… er…. ummm…. wtf happened? When did we become the object of others to have fun with? Scratches head…  yeah – no fucking clue.

Then again, who cares? If we can put out some great content for members, that’s all that matters!

Then there is the Katie Banks meets Bryci event that will go live today inside their sites, or or even


Four 4K cameras were used to capture this footage. Total run time is somewhere around 15 minutes. Video will be available in 4K, 1080p, 720p and a few other options.


This clip is easily the best thing I have seen come out of these girl’s sites. They had so much fun with it, and they never missed a beat improving off one another.

Damn. Just damn.

Bravo ladies.

So guys, I hope you’re ready for the shit storm BellaPass is about to create.


If you’re not following @Bellapass on twitter – do yourself a favor. (follow us)

Hope you all had a great weekend, I spent it editing and I loved every. damn. second. Oh yeah, I also caught Mission Impossible 5: Rogue Nation with Bryci – that movie is unreal. Go see it!


ps – if you like the artistic image and want the full size –  (3005×2017 pixels)

trust me, you want the full size (hello new desktop)

Aug 092015

Last week Bryci and I are working away, and we get a call from Katie Banks. She’s going to be in the area and she wants to know if we want to grab some food. She and her photographer, TC Davidson had gone on a road trip to shoot some killer outdoor content and before they knew it, they were inside an hour from where we live.

We offered up a room to stay overnight and we plotted out some food!

In eating we started talking about how Katie and Bryci hadn’t shot in so long, but she had just finished shooting a ton of work  so it didn’t look like this trip would be the one they shot together on. Then Bryci and Katie got to talking and before TC or I knew what was up, they had some sets planned. I thought maybe, just maybe we’d get them together for one set. No, they had bigger ideas in mind.

Now those of you that know that Bryci and I shoot hardcore with each other, I know a few of you are wondering…. so James… winky face…. did ya? Nudge nudge… did you and your wife bang Ms Banks?

No. Well. Not completely true… My wife did. Damn. Did she ever. Don’t you worry, Katie returned the favor… lol. I could hear these two going at it and fuck me if it wasn’t one of the hottest things I have ever heard.

Was I involved? Yes. I set up cameras along with TC. We set up several 4K cameras and we left the room.  Why? Well, honestly.. we didn’t want to feel like goobers standing around as these two sex kittens got their groove on with one another. What were we supposed to do? Grab a beer and sit quietly in the corner watching, drinking, occasionally toasting because we were… wait… fuck. We missed an opportunity there. I see that now.  (jokes)


So TC and I shot some photos, they are live now inside and and then  there are videos… a lot of videos. As in… I have over 48 4K videos sitting in a folder waiting for me to seamlessly stitch them together.

What are you doing next week? My ass is video editing. Did I mention I love my job?

To bluntly answer… No, Bryci and I didn’t have sex with Katie. No threesome there. Katie is like my little sister. I have her back through thick and thin. I’d be there to help if she ever needed it, and she knows this. She’s la nostra famiglia (our family).

Yes, Bryci and I are going to have some fun with porn stars down the road but Katie.. will only be seen knocking dose boots with Bryci and trust me guys, you’re going to like these videos. Damn.

So that’s what I have been up to. Busy as hell, working like a mad dog.


Hope you all are having a great weekend!


ps.. my office has never been this fucking cool. (until now)

Jul 292015

My new office is almost set up. I still have some work to do down here, actually.. a lot of work to do down here but so far, so good.

I’ve moved my office down stairs and I am slowly getting the gym set up. After setting it up today, I had a quick burst workout.. holy shit I am sore. lol. Time for glutamine!

Forgive the fast pix, show with iphone with bad light. Did I mention I’m a photographer? No, really. :/


FINALLY GOT MY TWIN SCREENS BACK! These are both 4K screens, Asus PQ321 4K 31.5″ screens





1 – Pegasus2 R8 (thunderbolt 2) 24 terabyte storage.

2 and 3 – LaCie 2Big (thunderbolt 2) (both 12 terabyte)

4, 5, 6 – All are 4 terabyte USB3 drives.

7, 8 – All are 3 terabyte thunderbolt drives.

66 terabytes of storage and I’m currently sitting with maybe 2 tb area unused. :/

I’ve got this all sitting on an aluminum ladder for weight, but also.. being that I am in the basement, I have to be sure my office can survive a flood.

Everything, including the power supply boxes are at least 12 inches off the ground.

Like I said, still getting set up. Upside.. when work gets stressful, I walk about 30 feet and I’m in the gym.

I’ve built it entirely around free weights and plates. Nice thing I can load up the squat bar with the plates and hit close to 400 pounds. I can’t squat 400 pounds just yet… in the gym on a leg machine I can but when you’re playing with real weights, plate wise and a 50 lb bar… the shit isn’t so easy. Upside, I’m going to gain a little size.





Again.. walls are empty, shelves are empty.. nothing is really set up yet. Just pumped about it all.

I’ll post more later when office is done.


Jul 262015

Moving is bullshit.

We all do it, and we all say it’s no big deal but that’s a lie. A blatant lie. It is a big deal. Our lives are thrown into disarray and for what? A new zip code? Wait.. I guess that’s not so bad now that I think of it. After all, if we liked where we were previously living, we wouldn’t have left right?

Moving isn’t the hassle, it’s the getting set up again that is a joy. Getting things out of boxes, into their new homes. Remembering where you packed this, where you put that. For me, moving is much like the Windows blue screen of death. It’s going to happen, you’re going to hit that.. “well…….fuck” moment. Question isn’t if, it’s when.

Today I finally get to start moving into my office. Yes, today. Why today? Well, it took time to build the basement.  When we bought our place, it was unfinished so we did it ourselves. Drywall, floors, electrical. Yes, we’ve created awesomeness ten feet or so under where I am sitting right now.  This exists in our kitchen, because the basement.. wasn’t done yet.


Bryci shot this candid of me when I didn’t know. This is a work desk, on two sawhorses. It holds one screen (not two) and my comp/drives. There is a cavalcade of clusterfuckness behind this desk, boxes upon boxes. Wires everywhere. Printers, cables, cameras, lenses.

After I write this blog, I go downstairs to wash the floors again, and then one final wipe down before I start disassembling and assembling the basement office. The new office is great, I have room, I have light. I get my dual screens back for editing. On the other side of the my office, gym mats start… leading you to our new home gym we built. That alone is impressive (I think). I’ll snap some pix of it at some point  for those curious. When you work in porn, I am learning.. you’re very aware of your body. You’re aware of what you’ve got, and what you want.

I used to see models pick themselves apart like crazy and I thought… WTFDUDE. It’s always weird when you see some hot girl not think she has a great body or think she needs to lose weight or whatever. Almost every single model I have ever known does this, and I never ever understood it.

Until now.

Not to say I understand it fully as they do, for I am nowhere near under the same spotlight. Dur. I am simply saying now that my body is starting (slowly) to be more visible on film and I am getting into the action with my wife… well, I’m for sure more aware of things about myself I don’t like.

Did I always have this extra 15 lbs? Wait.. maybe having pizza four days in a row was an error in judgement… hmmmm.. grumble grumble.

So I decided to do what I do best. Fix my issues. I got a gym, I bought plates, I bought free weights, I have everything I need to have some fun with. Best of all, it is literally on the other side of my office so no way it slips my mind. It’s within my gaze if I lift my head from my screen. It’s *right there* waiting to be abused.

Cue gangster picture.


So yes, this next week will be fun. I have moving and setting up to do, and then… family is here yet again.

I love my family, they rock.

Have a great Sunday, we’ll chat soon.


Jul 252015

Last June I wrote my first entry into the how to porn advice blogs I decided to write. Don’t take these blogs as factual, they’re simply my opinion. Things I have picked up along the way I guess. They are written for men and women trying to get into the industry, but mostly for women either getting in, or trying to make it further. Again, I’m just some guy so don’t take what I say as the only possible truth in the topic. I’ve worked in adult for 18 years now, I’ve seen girls many come, and even more go and the stories almost always remain the same as to why they leave the business etc.

I never really know how to start these blogs, because a few years back when I was blogging, I had a few webmasters getting pissy with me. They felt I was saying too much. I was telling people secrets they thought. Myself, I think that’s nothing more than one person’s insecurities taking hold of them. They worry I am going to create some new webbie or model that will put them or myself out of business. Like the only thing missing from that new model’s game was my advice to push her over the edge. (you can see why I find this amusing/strange) Now, with my advice in her brain she’s going to be a powerhouse that steals memberships from us all.


No, that’s not happening.

Here’s why, in my opinion.

Let’s say for a moment you have a brunette that sets her sights on Bryci. “I’m going to be the next Bryci” because in her mind, she views Bryci as being hot, successful, six years of in the game so she must be doing alright. So she goes and cuts her hair the same, does her make up the same, gets her body into the same shape more or less. Buys the same lingerie and tries to emulate our shoots perfectly with pro equipment, lights, whatever.

She will still not have *OUR* success.


Ask yourself why. The answer is crazy obvious.

I’m sure you’re thinking.. well James, that was incredibly egotistical to say.. but no, that wasn’t what I was doing. I was merely pointing out that one can never be someone else. Sort of common sense I guess.

Also, the public can sense when you’re being someone else or rather, when you’re trying to be something you’re not. Nobody like posers or fake people, just because you’ve got a great set of tits, that doesn’t buy you a personality.

In this situation, the model I just created would have some success, sure, but at some point.. she’s going to break because she’s playing a character that isn’t her and well, that will eventually eat you from within. I’ve seen it happen more times than I can count.

I have seen gorgeous models that have killer bodies, great looks, everything going for them but they get so stuck in low self confidence mode where they tell themselves over and over.. I can never be _________________ (fill in some other hot model’s name here) and next thing you know, this hot girl that could have all the successes in the world, has brain fucked herself out of the business.

It is never about others. it is always about you.

Don’t look at what others are doing and assume they know what they’re doing either.

9/10 times they don’t, they’re following the advice of a producer or webmaster that also, is simply just following what others are doing. Ever notice how so many sites are the same? Now you know why. People seem to copy rather than innovate. Which makes me happy, because the public, wants innovators, not dupes of a site they just joined.

Do what YOU want. *ALWAYS*.

Yes, ask your fans for advice on what they’d like to see, sure, but if one suggests anal and you’re not at that stage, you simply put it in your no pile and trust me, you’ll have a rather large no pile. Stay true to you and you’ll stay in the game as long as you decide to.

You can’t be this model, or that model. Be YOUR OWN model. It’s fun to admire this girl or that girl, but don’t copy them, don’t assume they’ve got a bead on something and you need to do it as well in order to make it. That’s nothing more than you getting sucked into your head and assuming things that most likely are not accurate.

One of the only things that can get you ‘made’ is simple.. TIME.

Dedication and hard work are obviously important, yes, but time is what gets you better know, time is what raises your paycheck via others wanting to see you etc. I can’t think of one famous person that doesn’t have 10 years at least behind them of paying their dues.

Bryci has been doing her site for six and a half years now and she still gets emails daily from guys that just found her, that don’t know her yet and when they see she has a six year catalog of videos and photos… hello sign up. She’s always stayed true to what she wants to do and that’s why she’s still solid in the business. That’s why she’s always smiling, she’s having fun.

If you love this business, then you’ll do just fine. Stay true to you, don’t let haters get you down and don’t get stuck looking left to right at what others are doing. Always look five steps ahead of you. This game is like a game of chess. You don’t play it one move at a time. Figure out where you want to be and what you’re after, and then align yourself with others that can facilitate this structure.

Hope this helped one of you.