Bootcamp starts now

Bootcamp starts now.

I woke this morning with a new sense of FUCK YES.

If you’ve been reading my blog at all, you know I had surgery three weeks ago. Actually, this Wednesday will be one month. Do I feel better yet? Well, sort of, but I’m very much still healing. I was doing alright and then a few days ago I sneezed and no joke, ripped or tore something in my lower abdomin area that was stitched/healing. Hurt like a motherfucker and that’s being kind. No idea specifically what I did… all I know, glutamine and sleep, repair repair repair.

I went back through this blog and my older blog that I am in the process of importing into JDblog and I saw a pattern. When it came to fitness, it was like a broken record. Every three or so months I’d get ‘motivated’ and fed up with my body and attempt to change things.

Problem I didn’t know then, but I do know now…

It wasn’t physically possible. My body had a torn fascia that was preventing me from tightening up my frame so no matter how many sit ups I did, how many crunches I did, I still had a little pot belly.

Imagine being fit but having a pot belly. It was confusing and my Doc (at the time) couldn’t figure it out.

Upside.. I figured it out and went to a plastic surgeon with my issue. I was certain this was a surgical issue, something inside was fuxor’d and I needed it fixed. A few tests later and sure enough, he knew the how, the why and the when I’d be good to go. All of this has been covered in previous blogs… no need to go into it again.

So Porn Bootcamp – wtf is Porn Bootcamp?

Well, if I can be honest and not offend anyone…

How many times are you watching porn and the guy is some tubby fuck? It sort of takes you out of the scene a little because you’re sitting there thinking… how did this guy score that hot babe? WTF IS WRONG HERE UNIVERSE!

I know, that’s shallow as fuck.  I’m not shallow (I don’t think anyway) but again, it was always odd to me. A normal body, I understand. When I see porn and the guy looks like an Olympian with abs on top of abs, I seriously think to myself, fuck you dude, you’re an asshole. (hahaha)

I’d like to think most of us aren’t poster boys for Muscle & Fitness magazine. most of us are normal people, right? Well, this normal guy had been fighting a war he couldn’t win with his stomach.

Fast forward to now… surgery, fascia tightened, oh snap.. looks like I lost 10 pounds overnight.

I was told by the doc.. no working out until February 2016.

Thing is, your body and the way it looks… 85% of that is created in the kitchen. If you’re overweight, no amount of crunches is going to fix that, you need to fix your eating habits first.

If I am being honest, I gave up on my body a few times over the past ten years because I got frustrated. Not a good excuses, but it sucked doing all the eight things and things weren’t working. All because of my fascia being ripped.. but I didn’t know this at the time keep in mind. i just thought maybe my body had changed or something.


I have never been ‘fat’ in regards to 100+ or more pounds overweight. I’ve been fluffy in some areas or so I thought. Again, turns out that wasn’t so much fat as it was my actual body organs slumping down in my torso because my fascia wasn’t keeping them in place.

Remember a few blog posts ago when I talked about how my lung might have been punctured during surgery? Turns out, it was because my lungs were lower than they were supposed to be in my body cavity. Thanks fascia, you rock. It wasn’t a level three puncture though, thankfully. It healed itself, no need for more surgery.

So yes, I have been through the shit.

I’m still here though. Fuck yes. Nothing is going to slow me down.

So I weighed myself this morning..



As you can see.. I’m dropping weight.

Those of you reading that would like to drop a few pounds, it’s easy. As in, really, really easy.

Water. Increase your water

Take your weight in pounds, now multiple that by .75 – this will give you your 75% weight. Convert that to ounces.. so as an example.. for me, 195 pounds x .75 = 146.25 lbs. So instead of lbs, switch in ounces at the end so now, 146.25 ounces.

I use a 32 ounce rubbermaid water bottle.

Myself, I use a 32 ounce water bottle made by rubbermaid. So I’d then take the 146.25 number, divide it by 32 and I get 4.57 so, I drink 4 1/2 of these every day and I have hit my number. If I do this for one week, putting about 60-90 minutes between each water, I’ll have lost 5 pounds by the end of the week.


You can see my number above, 194.3. Let’s see where it is one week from today. We’ll test this crazy water thing.

My body is very much in healing mode right so I’m curious how much weight my body will let me drop versus how much my body will be like, no, you need to heal first.

I am not allowed to work out before my Vegas shoot-a-thon with Bryci and some other female talent we hire but I sure as fuck can tighten up my body via proper hydration, proper protein intake.

I’ve cut sugar 100%. I’ve cut bleached white breads, pastas etc. 100%. I’ve cut dairy 100%.

I know that I won’t be some ripped dude when I shoot in Vegas, but at least I’ll have more energy to actually do my job properly. Our treadmill comes this week, and this kid is going to walk 5 miles every day using it (10,000 steps). Stamina is the goal, and as a byproduct, my body will tighten up at the same time.

Fuck. Yes.

I’ll prob post before/after photos at some point. I have not taken any after photos yet, my scar is still pink and angry like it’s been violated by some guy named Butch.


Vegas Baby


In 49 days, I start my ab workout.

I was told not to exercise until February, but I could start “light” workout in January. I had surgery Oct 28, and I was asked to wait 90 days or so before exercising.  January 9th will be 73 days.

Hmm… I think I’ll be fine.

I bought a treadmill yesterday for our gym so I can start getting my cardio in check and my stamina back. I want to drop 10-15 pounds and be a lean ass mofo when I start shooting. I am not overweight by any means at 200 lbs area, but I’m looking forward to being leaner for sure. People I know that see me now since surgery ask me if I have lost weight because my frame is tighter through surgery than before. Before surgery, it very much looked like I had a small pot belly. It was the most frustrating, no.. not a good enough word… more like, infuriating thing I had to deal with on a daily basis.  I wasn’t overweight yet I had a pot belly I couldn’t lose. It wasn’t poor food choices, it was that my fascia was torn and my organs had migrated south.

Now that’s fixed, and through cardio, clean eating and slowly pushing myself, I am about to get into the best shape of my life.

I cannot tell you how excited I am. Every day after I shower I look at my body with amazement like it’s someone else’s. For the past eleven years since my surgery for my burst appendix, my fascia has been ripped and tearing further and further up my torso. It got to my sternum where it connects and stopped. So the connective tissue that keeps your organs and things in place (your fascia) was not doing it’s job, I looked lumpy and bloated when I shouldn’t have been. Yes, I have a new body.

I wish I could actually push myself in our gym before January, but I’ll follow the doc’s advice and not do this.

Once I get back though, February- March area, I’ll be taking a chapter of Tim Ferriss’s Four Hour Body book. I followed it once before in life and *quickly* gained more muscle than I had ever previously gained. I’m not trying to become some big puffy gym rat, I just want to bring my game to a new level. I want to be able to ‘throw’ Bryci around the bedroom easily, without a stupid pot belly killing my mood.

If any of you guys reading this have a pot belly to any degree.. ask yourself how much better you’d feel if it wasn’t there.  Imagine you go in for surgery, they tighten yo’ shit up and you’re back to being a lean, mean, fucking machine.

Would you be happy?

I sure the fuck am. 

I shouldn’t swear so much, I know it makes me sound somewhat idiotic. I guess I have a trucker’s mouth at times.

So in 49 days, we start filming for the next chapter of our career. Well, I should say we continue filming. We plan on filming on this trip and then sometime later in 2016 we’ll head back down to the States and film more with ladies. Might have to film with Aaliyah Love again, she was such a sweetie when we filmed with her before. I was very much not the guy I am today or the guy I will be in 3 months from now physically.. I’d like a do-over on film. I’m being silly I’m sure but if there is one thing I am guilty of, it’s wanting to make sure we get the best content possible shot.

groupOOOOooooo filtered effect!

Normally we don’t use a small camera when filming.. we use larger cameras. This small camera is 4K, and it was used for portability. Some scenes are more in your face and I wanted that to come across to the viewer. This angle you’re seeing here is from a behind the scenes camera.

Vegas will be a blur, but it’s going to be so damn fun. I think one of the best parts about it will be meeting so many new people. As one industry veteran said to me today: “It’s one big family”. I like that. I like thinking that most of the people I meet, will become friends on some level moving forward. We plan on releasing dvd’s as well as licensing with several large companies so our name gets out there, our content gets out there. It’s pretty damn exciting, have I mentioned that? :/

Wait, are you thinking what I am thinking?

JD – Do we get 49 f*cking days of blog posts about the same thing!?

Yes. Yes you do.

No, I’m kidding.. heh

Monday I start Porn Bootcamp.

What is Porn Bootcamp you ask?

Well, I’ve been eating cleaner of course and drinking lots of water.

Before surgery I was topping the scales around 200 pounds and my goal weight was 180.

I had surgery Oct 28. I weighed myself the night before.

Since surgery, I have lost 5.5 lbs.



My weight has gone up/down for the three week period, I actually hit 195.2, my lowest in a looong time on November 7th and then two days later I was 2 pounds heavier, only to watch it leave again today, Sat Nov 21.

On Monday, I start recording every aspect of my journey to Vegas. (aka Porn Bootcamp)

I’m going to keep track of everything. Food, water, supplements etc.

My goal, should be easy to do. I want to get down to 175/180 area for Vegas.

I prob won’t blog daily, as I do have a day job still ( but I’ll stop in when i have time to let you know how it’s going. Sound fair?

Who knows, maybe I inspire one of you fucvkers to stop eating pizza and take up a water bottle. I love food, I do, but since surgery… actually fitting into clothes without my stomach poking out is amazing.

(I am making it sound like I was huge and I wasn’t, but it felt huge to me)

Have a great weekend you guys, I’ll be back later this week with more random and useless blogs.

If you’ve got something you want me to write about, COMMENT! (top right corner) – Comments are not approved instantly, so just write BLOG TOPIC: and then whatever it is. I’ll delete the comment but know what you’re after.

Go ahead, ask away!



I started working in the adult industry online in 1997. Actually later 1996 but 1997 was my first site that I was running. 96 was a co-op situation with another guy and his wife, I was helping them do their amateur site. I was behind the scenes, the coder basically. They were located in California, I was just some online guy in Canada.  I never met them, it was literally a husband and wife team that liked to show off and wanted a site. Site’s not online anymore, so no need to mention the domain, might as well let sleeping dogs lie as they say.

So in 1997 I started with my first solo model site. That was 18 years ago, I have been shooting porn since then, both photos and videos but thi swas online. This wasn’t the true ‘porn industry’. This is online and let’s be honest, any monkey can build a website. Just because you shoot pix, that doesn’t give you industry cred.

So that was then…

Today, (our network) has been running since 2009, has been running since 2009. So we’re coming up on seven years in Feb 2016. Crazy shit! Seems like just yesterday we started

So last year Bryci and I started talking and we decided we wanted to have more fun so we decided we’d look at more options to expand.  I’ve posted all about this prior, how we decided to start shooting with female porn stars etc to bring more ladies into Bella etc for scenes. B/G/G mostly, some G/G. Some have asked if Bryci will be shooting with other guys, she’s answered this many times but perhaps you hadn’t read what she said on that topic. No, she won’t be. It was 150% her decision, and she has no desire to do so. We’re simply a married couple that shoots with a female here or there, nothing more.  Some of you might remember, when Bryci started her career, she was contacted by a major studio who offered her a contract start position. She declined because it wasn’t right for her then, what she wanted from the industry, for her life and that still holds true now. She is having far more fun as a studio owner basically.

Now you’re up to date.

Next week I start contacting some agents to discuss shooting with certain people. One of the issues I think we might encounter is finding a girl or two, three even that doesn’t want to shoot with us because she has no idea who we are. We’re newbies basically to 99% of the industry. Even though Bryci has been in Penthouse, and she’s been online for over six years bringing in new fan after new fan, in the ‘professional’ porn world, there are more than don’t know her or us, than do know her or us.

So if we go to contact so and so, and her agent says sorry, she doesn’t want to shoot with you, it’s quite possibly nothing more than we’re not known. It’s not something to take personal of course. I mean, in the business there is something called a no-list and many actresses have it. That means just what it sounds like it means. A specific girl might be very peculiar about who she shoots with or for, what the scene contains etc. No different really than if I was to contact a solo model that doesn’t shoot porn or g/g and ask her to shoot with us, there is a better than good chance I might not even get a reply. If I did, a resounding no would most likely be the answer.

In short, people shoot what they shoot.  As a non adult industry example to make this more clear… If I own a camera and I contact Al Pacino’s people and tell him I am filming a short movie, there is a better than good chance they’re going to ignore my email. Once you reach a certain level of fame, with that comes a certain level of who you’ll work with, who you won’t. Some girls are trying to make a name, they’re open to shooting with smaller studios etc and BellaPass is for sure, a smaller studio.

So although some of you have mentioned some pretty big names in the comments where we asked you for names, we might or might not be able to facilitate that list. We might contact 5/5 big names and be declined or rather, they’re busy. Then we might contact someone else who is also a big name and she’s open it because she likes our style or she is simply open to working that day.

Again, one can never take it personal if someone declines. The only way drama enters into it, is if I attach it and I refuse to do this. I firmly believe everyone is professional and wants to work. If this is untrue of some, I’m sure we’ll learn as we go and we’ll simply add them to the don’t contact again list. It happens, no big deal. We all have agendas and we all have to keep our career in mind when we’re deciding who to book with, if it’s a good idea, bad idea etc. Nothing just business.

So the newbies are hammering down the list and we’re pretty excited about things.

We’ve already been in contact with a few girls that have agreed to shoot, so now we need to define the dates and make it happen. The next week or two, should break down what’s up and fill in the dates. I won’t be publishing who we’re working with until we’ve shot, and we know the schedule for things. We’re of course filming a lot of content, if I tell you we’re shooting with Jane Smith (ficitious name for this article) and then that scene doesn’t come out for five months or something, you’re not going to be a big fan of me. True or False? haha

So we’ll keep things private until we have things ready for release, but I am sure we’ll post some photos, mini vids etc. We’re here to have fun and what’s more fun that bringing our fans along with us so they get to ride the ride with us? We aren’t here without you guys! Don’t think for a moment we are not always aware and appreciative of this.




Today was a stressful day for me. I had three calendars open, I was speaking to hotel people, airline people, all sorts of people.

I don’t even want to begin to explain how much money I spent today booking flights and hotels etc. This is where if you were here you’d see me shaking my head, rolling my eyes, exhaling deeply. This trip will not be not cheap.

We’re booked for January 2016. January 2016 is going to be one motherfucker of a trip.

We’re lining up to shoot with ten different models and each model, between two and three scenes per day.

Sleep? Who needs sleep?

I have to figure out a way to shoot a decent load, twice a day, for ten days (give or take) straight.

Celery, Supplements, Coconut Water and tons of water.

If I can make it past day five shooting 2-3 scenes daily,  I’m going to get a tattoo on my forehead.

a. gold. fucking. star.


See, here’s the dealio – wait.. I never have used that word before.

I’m sorry.




Let’s start over.

Bryci and work in porn but in porn, there are several layers.

The online community is often seen as pro-am or amateur to those in the proper porn industry. There are some actresses/actors that don’t take websites that serious. We’re not a set, there’s not a cameraman or a sound guy. There is no wardrobe department.

It’s Bryci, myself, and three 4K cameras. Well, probably four or five cameras if I am being accurate. One can never have too many angles. Then add in Behind the scenes video and yeah, a lot of cameras in use.

It’s very personal (attention is on the people having fun), it’s very private (with two people plus the porn actress), it’s seriously awesome. It’s what we’ve done for years, well, two. We’re not trying to be more ‘pro’, we’re trying to do what have been doing, it’s what we love and our members love it too.

We shot with Aaliyah Love last September like this and it was fucking fantastic. We had so much fun hanging with her. Only regret was that it was so rushed, we didn’t get to hang out, grab some dinner, nothing. Would have been better to hang out for a bit after. Maybe another time? Rain check Aaliyah? 😀

So with going to Vegas in January, we are starting to make our list. The list you guys have helped us with and we’re STILL asking for help with it so comment here and let us know who you want to see with us! Comment is in the top right corner of this post. Click comment and fill in the name/email/comment. Use a fake email if you’re worried, I’m not emailing you back. :)

So the list we’re building… we’re starting to contact girls and line things up.

It’s going to be a blur so if you are heading to the AVN’s in January and you see us there, it’ll be easy as fuck to find us. I’ll be the one walking around with an oxygen tank hooked up to me because I’ll be that tired by then. hahaha

We’re going to try some wild shit in Vegas… I’ll leave it at that for now. Don’t want to jinx anything.

Porn BootCamp starts Monday Nov 23rd and yes, I’ll keep you in the loop. I’ll record my entry weight, my goal, I’ll list my supplements, my water intake, my food intake. You will be with me as I tone up, and get into porn mode for January. I can’t work out until February, Doctor’s orders but I can still eat better, hydrate and tone up.

One last thing…


No seriously, keep saying. Be vocal.

Please don’t name a model that isn’t a porn actress.




I read a post online earlier today about this kid (15 years old) that just had a baby with his girlfriend (15 years old) It made me think… wow. Their life hadn’t even begun and already, it’s… well… going to be very, very different. I wanted to say over but that isn’t necessarily true.

Then I started to think more about it, and I quickly came to the realization that at 15, no way buddy makes any money worthy of supporting a family. Part time job at best, means what.. 200-500 a month if you’re lucky? So where do you live where you can support a kid on that kind of money? He’s 15! At 15 I was a dishwasher at a greek restaurant in Calgary called the Olympic Flame. If I made $500/month I was thrilled.

I kept reading the article and many others chimed in on how stupid this kid was, a baby having a baby. How people felt bad for the parents because ultimately, it’s not on them to raise this baby. I don’t mean the 15 year olds, no, I mean *their* parents. If you think about it, that’s the likely scenario here.

Bryci and I don’t have children, and we won’t be having children as I went and had a vasectomy. It’s not possible for me now and we’ve been together 10 years (almost) so you’d best believe we’ve had the kid talk many, many, MANY times. I’m not anti-children in the least, nor is she. We simply are having the time of our lives and kids weren’t working into that picture. Again, we both like kids.

Yeah, we know that some kids are shitheads and they are essentially poster children for birth control. You see these little fuckers and you think… nope, not me. I am never having a kid. Then you’ll see other kids and they’re awesome. I think the parenting is the only really thing here that changes. If it’s a single Mom or Dad, it’s hard as hell to be Superman.

My Mom was a single Mom. She worked three jobs for me and my sisters so we could have a good life. We were poor, but we appreciated everything she did for us.

In this article about the 15 year olds, someone made a comment… well, we know they’ve got some financial responsibility for the next 18 years.

The commenting erupted after that, most people pointing out that they know kids still living at home in their 20’s and some in their 30’s. Some people in their 30’s are still having Mom and Dad make their car payment etc. I am not sure why reading that pisses me off so much.

I moved out when I was 17. I worked two jobs, I put myself through school. I later started my own multimedia business opening an office just off downtown Calgary. I wasn’t rich, and I didn’t have a loan to pay down. I simply worked, and worked, and worked some more. No excuses, just hard work. Most times, things didn’t work out, I almost had to claim bankruptcy once because there were more bills than clients.

I got through it and shortly after that, I sold my company to a US company and moved to Arizona. Life wasn’t easy, it was work and it was always a learning process.

Jesus, I sound like a Father here. :/

I am sure there are some people still living at home, getting back on their feet, recovering from a crippling student loan or something. I am certain there are many circumstances where living at home is the smartest possible outcome. It’s those other people leeching off their parents because they’re lazy as fuck or they were raised entitled that piss me off. I’ve had the misfortune of working with some in the past. It’s something to laugh over when you get two people together and one has all the right tools to be crazy successful as a model but she’s lazy as fuck. I would look at her like.. this is a joke right?

If you have a great body, great genetics so you’re pretty, and you’ve chosen to be a model – come on, don’t waste your opportunity. Nobody cares that you have great tits or a pretty smile. WORK is the only thing that gets you known and puts you in the guy’s mind when he’s wondering where to go online next. If you’re lazy, you will be beat by the model next to you. She doesn’t have to be as pretty, her tits may not be as majestic, but damn it, she WORKS for it. I see this more than I don’t see this. Not picking on anyone here specifically.

If you’re reading this and you think I might be talking about you, two things:

1) I’m not or I’d name you.

2) If you yourself know you’re lazy so what I said above fits you?

Come on, really? Smarten the fuck up time? Ya think? Nobody wants to work with someone who doesn’t work equally as hard or at the very least, tries.

I had this one girl email me today (previously unknown) and she was offered a decent amount of money for some photos/videos.  She said it wasn’t enough and I felt like saying… you do realize you’re just a normal girl with normal body right? You’re not a Bryci or Katie Banks by any means here… but you’re hoping you make huge money for…… what exactly?… for a few sets of photos/videos?

Then it hit me.. oh wait.. you’re 18-19. That explains the self entitled ‘I deserve” attitude.

Note – I don’t think all 18-20 year old area people are like this. The shitheads just seem to think showing tits means $5000 payday.

I felt like I was 70 years old talking to a young whippersnapper.

I was like, holy fuck balls lady, this is not how the world works.  Yet, for her, she thinks it does. She is in for a rude awakening someday. I think we all experience that oh shit moment where we clue in on how the world works. Some, later than others.

You ever look at things around you and question if you’re doing things right or not? I mean, we both know there is no life manual so with how you’re living your life today.. do you think you’re doing well? Are you realistic? I have no clue if I am doing well, I mean, we work hard so I think we’re doing great… but compared to who? I don’t compare myself to others because I’m not those people. I simply ask myself if I am happy. Yes/No. Makes things waaaay easier.

If Yes, continue. If No, try something different.

It’s like when a model asks me what so and so makes… her reasoning is that she feels she’s hotter than whoever she asked about, so in her mind, if so and so makes X amount per month, she should make at least that if not more.

That. is. bullshit.

Never is life like this.

If you compare yourself to anyone, get ready for a world of disappoint.

The other option, is to push yourself using positive role models. Work hard, work smart. If you expect more of yourself, you often get more of yourself. Don’t give up on your dreams, EVER. I don’t care what they are or how “stupid” they sound to someone else. On the road to doing better than you’re doing now, you’ll pass others that have given up or never got close to their dreams. Negativity is easy for many it seems.

I read an interesting quote the other day, although I can’t say who said it because it wasn’t listed.

Life is a game and money is how we keep score.

I don’t agree fully with that honestly, I view life more so as an adventure. Something to be grabbed with both hands. There will be ups, there will be downs. No matter where you are in life today, it can get both better, or worse. When I take a moment and look back over my last ten years… wow. When I go further and I’m looking back at the past 20 years… holy shit. Hard work is the defining difference between those two time periods.  Money isn’t everything, but it def. helps grease the wheels. When I look back on past relationships, I seemed to always be the only one working hard. I seemed to carry past girlfriends, where they had no issues spending my money, or living a good life but it was because I was working my tail off.

It wasn’t until Bryci that I found my equal. I went through a lot of life without finding her, so when she found me via a friend and we became good friends and then later, more… holy shit. The greatest thing I have when I look back, is my relationship with her. You know her as Bryci, this hot female but you need to remember, Bryci wasn’t a model until the past six years. Before that we were together for close to four years where she was the girl next door, she was my down to earth equal that loved to talk about weird out there philosophies.  She’s my little hippie and together we’re complete. We don’t try to impress anyone, we don’t need to have this or that so neighbors or friends know we’re doing alright. I’d rather wear blue jeans a white t-shirt and vans anyday over some suit and tie.

It on occasion bothers me someones when guy online tell me I am lucky like what I have with Bryci is an easy option and oh, look, you got lucky and it happened to you! Anyone that thinks this way, will fail in life often because they actually believe this is luck, and not something everyone can achieve with work. Same people probably have excuses for why they don’t have their dream job yet.

I’m not lucky. I didn’t trip and find a $50 dollar bill. That’s lucky. Meeting someone who later turns out to be your soul mate, is one thing… being with them ten years later through thick and thin… that’s not luck, that’s work. That’s day in and day out effort and learning to be part of a TEAM versus part of a ME.

It sucks when you’re with someone and you know they are not the right person for you. I think we’ve all been there. If you haven’t been there, I hope you never are, but if you are… don’t fret, there are many other amazing people out there. If you can’t be yourself or if sometimes you feel bad about who you are because your bf/gf makes you feel stupid with their comments etc… why are you there? You deserve someone who loves you enough to not attack you, don’t you?

aaaand with this I am going to stop.

Look on the upside, these baby pep talks are free. Crazy as fuck, but free. :)