When we started Bella back in 2009 with @Bryci and her site we were honestly not sure what direction this crazy ride would take us. We started as a solo model site in Feb 2009. Today, six + years


[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he peen is a sensitive place. It is always ready to rock but when you cum, it goes from being normal to either still normal or crazy over sensitive. No idea why.. it’s like playing roulette. Example, in the 75

Happy Sunday

Hey all, no time to talk! Don’t you hate that shit, when you lose contact with a friend? You mean to stay in touch and all, but life gets going and you get busy and… and…and… There’s always a reason,

Christmas Pix

Hard to believe that @Bryci and I have been doing for six years! It’s been amazing, we’re having more fun than we ever imagined possible. We keep getting better or so our fans tell us, but I wanted to

You Ready?

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? Have you even started? Myself, I haven’t even started. Well, not totally true.. both @Bryci and I have started, sort of.  Many of you are in a relationship and come Christmas, you sort

What’s in the box?

Today a special shipment came from me that I have been waiting on…  some new toys that will help in shooting when @Bryci and I are filming for our site, We did a survey last week asking a bunch of

Rocker Babes

I had no idea the waiter was about to click. :/ Thus the frowny face. haha Last Friday night, @Bryci @KatieBanksDD and @TC_Davidson and I went out for drinks, food and of course, Motley Fucking Crue. Alice Cooper opened for

Same Topic

If you read my blog, you’ll notice patterns. I seem to write about the same thing more or less. That’s not because I have a boring life, it’s because if you do anything and you’re moderately successful at it.. you