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About nine or ten days ago, @Bryci and I did a test with a webcam site called Chaturbate.

We decided to try out couples webcamming.

In the cam world, as I am sure you know, the biggie is MFC or Myfreecams. Sure, there is also Streammate but SM is kind of old school and they % they pay is somewhat laughable so many models are like…er… dafaq? MFC on the other hand is decent but if you’ve spent much time on MFC you’ve learned it’s either great, or incredibly immature. No real middle ground it seems.

Chaturbate on the other hand, was the new kid on the block and it took a little time to find it’s way but it’s really, pretty amazing. They allow everything you can imagine, no matter what your kink is. So we thought, hey… let’s try it out!

Our first couple’s show was fun, great crowd, we had around 5000 people in the room which was somewhat eerie for me and my peen. We took some time off because let’s not forget, we’re still filming for our site and well, the holidays etc.

We went online on Monday after we filmed a creampie video, so I’d already cum once that day and it was a decent amount of cum. So a couple hours later B is like, hey… let’s cam. Now, i gotta tell you, at no point of that conversation did I stop to ask my dick if it would be good to go. I think it answered for me in fact.

So we start shooting and she’s teasing me like crazy. I don’t know things work. I don’t know that’s part of it all. Go slow, have fun, make it last. Fun for everyone right?

Peen: NOOOOOOooooooo

So yeah, good times. I kid, it actually was fun. Met some cool people in there actually.

Needless to say, there is always someone in a cam room that is recording the cam show. Never fails, life goes on.

Bryci Webcam Chaturbate Show

This is a screen cap of the show. Yes, 4 hours. bryci was on for almost 3 while I was video encoding, working with 4K files for

This all happened by the way in her chatroom found here:

If you register for free… then go there to that room and click FOLLOW. Then when we go online next, you’ll get an email so you can come watch. Yes, for free. Of course tips are welcome, but you do what is right for you. No, a tip of “FUCK HER RIGHT IN THE PUSSY!” isn’t a welcome tip. 😉

My part of the show, 60-70 minutes area. So for 60-70 minutes, she’d get me close, then push me away, repeat.

hard life

the meme is a joke people, calm down.

When it came time to blast, we had 8200+ people in the room. We had other cam couples coming into our room, spamming their room because we were in the #1 spot for the couple’s section meaning we were the most popular cam room.

F*cking crazy.

So it comes time to cum and my dick is tingling like crazy… no, I don’t want to cum yet. THIRTY STRAIGHT POV minutes later…. yes,  I drenched her in cum.

It was mind bending that 8200 people were watching us in real time.

We’re maaaaybe going back on sometime on Wednesday, possibly Thursday as well… we’ll see how time prevails.

Register for free, come check us out! —>

Work to be done, getting ready for FuckFest 2016 in Las Vegas in January!

Not exactly the best name for it, perhaps a new name with each blog post about it? 😀

Hope you are having a great holiday season!


Stupid is as stupid does

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“Stupid is as stupid does” – Forrest Gump.

Unless you’re new to the internet, you know what a faker is.

If you are new, I’ll break it down.. a faker is usually a man, who steals photos from a site, and then uses them in a fake dating profile or facebook profile etc. They do this to fool gullible people. It’s not an attention thing either. I’d understand that if it was. Someone that wasn’t born looking like a model so they use model [photos for attention. Sad, but understandable. What does the ‘other’ side live like sort of mindset.

Nope. That’s not why they do it.

They do it for money.

They create the false profile. They hook their fish and then, they wait. They play the long con with their fishy.

They send photos here and there, and sometimes, they use videos stolen from the website, watermark cropped off of course. They remove the audio and tell the fishy their sound is busted.  The fishy, of course, believes it.

Stupid is as stupid does.

We get emails all the time from guys reporting fakers to us.

Usually, the faker tries their con on a guy online and usually, the guy is smart enough to know it’s bullshit because either:

a) they have common sense



Sometimes it’s – C) they used google reverse image search.

So, why am I writing this blog today?

Well, to share with you the latest victim.

I shake my head as I write this.

Stupid is as stupid does.

Shall we begin? I have blacked out his name because although he did fall prey to someone online, I don’t think I should name him. We’ll leave him with some of his honor, sound fair?

Screen Shot 17

So I got this email… (above) sent to us via

I responded, explaining he’d met a faker, that’s all.

he responds to me..

Screen Shot 18

I try and explain that fakers do nothing but lie all day, so they come up with crazy stories. I thought it was over.

No, not quite yet.

Screen Shot 20

So then he claims the faker has sent him pictures of Bryci and her Mom. Thing is, we have never included family photos in our site, ever, nor are there any images of Bryci with a woman that could be confused as her Mom so I was confused. I wanted to see more.

This is what he sends me…

Screen Shot 7

I laughed out loud at the first four because they are all photoshopped, badly at that. So I decided to help him understand how it all works. Least I could do, the guyw as out some money to this faker. He might as well understand he’s getting fucked. He kept talking with the faker, which was….well, confusing.

Screen Shot 6


Then I see these and I think… well alright, these are just candids and images from our site….er.. except that last one… I click it go larger so I can see it better…


ummm.. this isn’t even Bryci.

I reverse image search it…

I find this… Alison Tyler.


Fakers are this lazy, yes.

So I start out by detailing to him what is what…


Screen Shot 8(1)

Then the fan sign… which wasn’t a fan sign, it was again, a photoshop of a drawing of Bryci someone did… they removed the drawing and photoshopped in text.

It should have read –  Stupid is as stupid does.

Screen Shot 14(1)

Screen Shot 15(1)

Screen Shot 16(1)


I had figured out who the last pic was after I made this – it’s above.

Screen Shot 11(1)

Screen Shot 10(1)

So now that I had shown him picture by picture these are fake, do you think he stopped talking to the faker?


Stupid is as stupid does.

He started telling me stories again, so Bryci came up with a non nonsense approach.

Tell you what buddy… go to and buy me something off my wishlist. It will then send to me and I’ll shoot in it. That will without question prove I am not the faker. Don’t tell the faker what you bought, and ask them and watch as they change the topic because there is no way for them to know. Again, common sense.

In the end, people are going to believe what they want.

We told him, look,if you want to send your life savings to a man in Africa that has to believing something, go for it.

It’s funny as fuck to both of us that anyone can be this stupid. I know, i should be politically correct and say gullible but who are we kidding?

Stupid is as stupid does.

Happy holidays!


Crazy Time

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It’s the crazy time of the year and this guy is insanely busy.

Bryci is Naughty

I know I haven’t updated my blog for what… 2 weeks now? So what’s new in my world? Grab a drink, this will be a long blog.


Well, as you know from last post, Bryci was nominated for her first ever Xbiz award.  We found out a week later she was also nominated for an AVN award alongside 31 other girls. Voting goes through Dec 22 and one can vote daily if you have 10 seconds.


Click to vote for Bryci (fourth row, first image)

We will be in Las Vegas for the AVN awards regardless, we went last year (first year for us) and we’re there this year as well. You coming down to meet us? Let us know!

So we’ve been lining up the Vegas shootathon, booking some of the biggest names to work with as well as booking and paying for their flights, their hotel rooms (when needed), you name it. We’re knew to this and we wanted to make sure we do it right. The day we start shooting with a rather well known blonde petite you’re going to love… that same day, girl #2 arrives around 5pm area to get her hotel room so we can shoot the next day. So I’ll have to either be done shooting with girl #1 or hit pause on the hard cock gettin’ action thing and make my way downstairs to meet this girl, and get her booked into her room. It’s going to be that kind of schedule 2 solid weeks or so before AVN’s start. Damn. I’m already tired thinking about it. lol


This week is Star Wars: The Force Awakens week! Bryci and I are seeing it on Friday and then I’m seeing it again on Saturday with Bryci’s Dad. I am so freaking excited. If I lived in a city with a bunch of friends, I’m sure I’d be seeing it more… so either I am dragging Bryci to the movie more than once, or I am going solo but I am for damn sure going to see this multiple times in theatres before it leaves. Bryci and I moved to a new city some time ago, so we don’t really know anyone here. We like it this way, because when you know people they want to know what you do for a living etc. That whole can of worms.. heh

Last time I sat in a theatre to see Star Wars, it was May 19, 1999. The Phantom Menace was premiering. Yeah, now we know the last three Star Wars movies sucked ass, thank you George Lucas for selling out your vision and tilting the last three more towards the children’s audience. Fucking Jar Jar.. sigh.

At the time though, when the movie was coming out, I was living in Tempe, Arizona. I was working for a company that specialized in celebrity websites. Official celebrity websites. Long story how this happened… I’ll try and make it small –  I was living in Canada, working in adult and on the side, I did celebrity fan sites and somehow landed a rather large female celebrity that is well known. This company in AZ wanted her contract, and the only way they could get it was to buy the rights to her from me. I wasn’t going to sell so the guy wanted to buy my company. I thought it was a joke, so my lawyer told me to throw a number at him that was stupid. I did, and they bought us. I had an influx of coin that caught me off guard, no question.

Part of the package, was I would come to work for him and I would run his company for him since I knew what I was doing ahead of his staff. he was hiring kids out of design and coding school and anyone that is a coder will tell you, schools are often years behind what’s current. At the time I was doing things they weren’t teaching yet in school, so they brought me on to spearhead his team. It was very eye opening, but next thing I know I find myself working in an office in Tempe, Arizona.

Now, prior to this I had been working in porn (since 1996) and the celebrity thing was a side hustle, simply because if you don’t have a side hustle, you’re wasting time. It’s smarter to have multiple sources of income if possible, always. So I was used to being self employed, coming/going when I wanted. Next thing I know, I am in an office and I have to keep hours again.


I hated working for someone else. I know that sounds shitty but we all start working for someone else I think. If you’re able to cut out on your own, the freedom and control you feel, you never want to give back. I gave it back for a large check. I ended up staying at the media company for the remainder of my contract.

Meanwhile, I was still  working in adult on the side from home. I had a decent home, pool etc and a friend from Canada came down to live with me in one of the other rooms while we started up her site etc. Strange how that seems like not too long back, but as the time stamps show, that was 1999. Damn. Time flies.


So, you’re thinking I got off track here, I was just talking about Star Wars and then boom, I’m detailing Arizona etc.

I didn’t get off topic, I was setting up the back story so I could continue talking about the Phantom Menace, the last Star Wars movie I saw in the theatres.

I was so excited about it, I wanted to share it with the office of guys I worked with. I was the new guy there, I thought I’d do something fun so I went to the theatre and bought a row of seats in advance the day the tickets went on sale. I waited in line from 5am, by myself, because it was a surprise. I got the tickets and made it into the office in time to place a ticket on everyone’s keyboard so they’d see it when they came in. Yeah, I’m thoughtful sometimes.

Star Wars geeks are friendly geeks.


What’s funny is, we all loved the movie. We hated Jar Jar and sure, as time went on we picked the story apart, the acting, you name it. At the time though…. we loved it!

With the Force Awakens… wow. I can’t wait for this. I’ve been in PS4 playing Battlefront almost every day online when I have an open hour at the end of the night.

Okay okay… enough of that story….

How’s that losing weight thing going?

Well, as you might have known from reading my blog, I was doing this porn bootcamp thing.

Here are my earlier results from a blog a few blogs ago…



So what happened from there?

I got down to 193 or so and I for whatever dumb reason told myself I was doing awesome and I ‘deserved’ to have some Pizza.

aaaand you’ve now fallen off the wagon.

From Nov 24 to Dec 4 area, I went back up to around 199/200 area.


To be fair, this weigh in was done in the middle of the day. You will always be heavier at 5pm then you are 30 minutes after waking, so reduce this by 1-2 pounds to be more accurate to what I actually weighed. this was what happened. I was doing great, I had gotten down to 193 area and then fell off the wagon.

So this pissed me off. I was getting ready to go to Vegas and this was my dedication? Sigh. I got mad at myself, went hard on water again. Increased protein and dropped sugar. Did a decent amount of intermediate fasting as well. (where you eat between a set eight hour window (example 9-5pm) , and you don’t eat for the other 16 hours).

Here’s where I am nownowI had a huge drop from the 4th to 5th that I can’t explain honestly. Water bloating is the only thing that makes sense, so I must have had a lot of salty foods for the few days before.

Anyway, I’m 191.8 as of this morning, Dec 12. I was going to take today off as a ‘cheat day’ but I’m scared as fuck of this. heh. I’m told myself if I do this, I’ll stay off the wagon. I have this visual of Bryci and I getting on the plane to go to Vegas and I’m topping the scales at 200 still.

Not that 200 is fat or overweight, it’s not. I know many of you reading this would love to be 200 lbs. I don’t mean to be insensitive, I just know how I feel at 200, how I feel at 191. It’s *vastly* different. My energy levels for example, much higher at 191. As such, I want to try and get to 180 before January’s trip.  I want to get down to serious fucking weight. haha

I still can’t work out, and that sucks nards. I am now allowed to use the gym until February. Doctor’s orders. So even as it is, in January I will not be at 100%. I’ll be 2 months out of surgery, so still tender I am sure. We’ll make it work though, it’s going to be epic.

How’s the new BellaPass coming along?

Well, BellaPass V2 is taking shape. It had better because currently we’re floating several servers and this is not cheap. I know you’re saying to yourself, I always wondered what servers cost etc.

I got a server bill yesterday. (and this is not for all our boxes, this is just one host. We have boxes with a second host as well)


That’s 4K in US dollars and for us Canadians… that works itself out to $5475

So yeah, still want to start your own porn site? LOL have fun 😀

BellaPass V2 is coming, with new versions of every Bella site and it’s going to be staggering. We’re manually re-adding every single set we’ve ever created, making sure things are exactly the way we’d want them to be. When finished, there simply isn’t another network remotely close to what we’re doing. I know, big words… but wait and see what we’re doing.  We always said we wanted a network that we ourselves would join and stay a member of.

I wanted to launch Bellapass V2 in Dec but that is simply not going to happen. With us doing Vegas in January, it might not even be until February. it is coming though, and to say it will be cutting edge is an understatement. I really want to tell you more about it, but instead I think in time I’ll write a member’s side blog so members know what we’ve done. I’d rather not reveal our secrets openly, after all.. why create a blueprint for others? :)

So yes, now you get what I haven’t been blogging here like crazy.

There is even more going on I haven’t said here. Some of you will be very pleased when we push live with what’s next. 😉

hope you’re having a great weekend!




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Vote for Bryci to win an XbizIf you follow either @Bryci or myself (@jdpics) on twitter, you know that earlier this week we got word that she had been nominated for her first award online. We’re pretty excited! The 2016 Xbiz Web Star of the Year award and if you click the banner above or this link right here ->>  you can go vote for her if you have 20 seconds. We’d appreciate it of course, without the fans we would not being living our dream, doing what we’re doing!

We have no expectations to win or anything, we’re simply thrilled to be considered. It’s weird though when nominated for an award. I had always heard from others I know in the industry that award season is comical because there is always bitching over who got nominated, who didn’t. Who wins, who deserved to win, etc. The nominations would then lead to bitching sessions.

I always thought there are people that are just dramatic about everything.

Why me? Why always me? This always happens to meeeeeeee

You know those people.

We all know these people. heh

For us, cool we got nominated but we have been very, very quiet up until the last six months with our promotion of We weren’t all over, we weren’t going crazy into online porn, or offline porn. We were just having fun, doing what we’re doing. That changed in September of this very year when we decided to go and meet, and have sex with, Aaliyah Love. Some of those scenes are currently inside if you’re curious

We had a fucking blast.


From there, it was like… wait… waaaaaaait.

We get to have a blast with our online site, make videos for fans and fortunately they want to subscribe to see more and more… and NOW WE GET TO FUCK PORNSTARS!!!???

We were both hooked. So now this last week when we got word the site got nominated, that made us smile.

Vote for Bryci

Voting goes through December 6th with the winner being announced in Los Angeles on January 15th.

January 15th, 2016 is a Friday.

We won’t be in Los Angeles for the Xbiz Awards.

We will be in Las Vegas, and that day we are sexing with ______ _____________!

No, no hints. 😀

We have three girls lined up now, we’re lining up six more. We were going to try for 10 but the timing won’t work for ten and I’m not f*cking superhuman. Nine girls in 10 days will put Bryci and I to the test as it is. I can’t wait and neither can she!

I want ot share with you who we’re shooting with but the thing about life is that things can change. Of course you know this. If we say we’re shooting with a girl and then the girl gets sick, and you think we’re assholes for lying to you and getting your hopes up.  THOSE ASSHOLES.

Yeah, so we’ll just book girls where we can and try and make it happen and hope everyone is feeling fine that week.

If you didn’t click the XBIZ award logo above to go Vote for the incredibly sexy and hard working Miss Bryci – here’s your chance! 😀

(hint hint, lol, click below)

2016Click to vote for Bryci!

(full size screen cap is here and this video is NOW LIVE inside in 4K/1080p/720p)

So what else is new?

Well, I have been getting the new version of BellaPass (V2) ready so we can start building it. Holy shit, so complicated! So much to figure out. See, we’re re-adding everything, from day one through now in such a way that our search engine will be insane inside the sites. We could do it easier, but if you’re going to do something – talk to your members, see what they want and try your best to make it happen. Some of you reading this have had mini-interviews with me where I got inside your head to figure out what you wanted. I took notes, we configured things and soon, we start building it. It’s def. going to take some time, but it’ll be worth it!

We’re jumping ahead yet again with some of the new features we’re going to offer, that *nobody* else does.  I want to tell you more.. but I’d rather show you, when ready instead.

Yeah, 2016 is going to be f*cking nuts.

Can’t wait for it! You coming to Vegas to meet Bryci and myself? Did you know Katie Banks is coming as well? I think we’ve talked TC Davidson into coming as well so there will be at least four of us down there to drink with. Beer on me? Come say hi! Aleah Jasmine was coming but she might not be now, scheduling issues might prevent her from coming during that week. We’ll know more at the start of January.



The Going To Fuck List

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If you’ve been following this porn adventure @Bryci and I have been on this past year, you know we’ve switched gears and we’re speeding up.

We shoot two 4K scenes every week for our website and in September (2015) we met up with porn star Aaliyah Love in San Diego to shoot our first boy/girl/girl scenes.

Prior to this, Bryci and I have always shot with each other or Bryci doing solo videos for members of our site. We had never shot with someone else, or for another site for that matter. We got to talking earlier this year and thought… should we expand our kink and start to include others? We have known Aaliyah for some time now (six years or so?) so she was a natural choice for us to pop our porn star cherry.

I blogged about this when it happened a few times, if you’re curious.. those blogs can be read (1) and (2).

Sept 22nd (2015) we hammered down plans with Aaliyah Love

We shot with her six days later, flying her down to San Diego. Aaliyah Love blogged about it here: (1) and (2)

It was insanely cool but more so for Bryci and I, it was a test. How would we feel after shooting with another? It’s one thing having a threesome with your wife and some random girl.

It’s quite another when that other girl is a professional AVN award winning porn star.

Aaliyah was awesome to work with. After she left for the airport, Bryci and I filmed a video called “What was it like to Fuck Aaliyah Love?” and that is inside if you’re curious.

We shot three scenes that day with Aaliyah. The remaining two scenes that have not been seen as of yet, one is a g/g scene and one is another b/g/g scene with fucking both girls, ending in a facial with both girls. Yeah, I shot twice in a short window of time and there was no pressure.. lol. read this blog for more on that.

members of have access to the scenes we shoot in 4K, 1080p, 720p, 540p as well as mobile. They also have access to the other NINE BellaPass sites, at no additional upcharge so if you’re not a member of ours… come on man, what are you doing? We’ve got some great shit in the network!

How about a 33% off offer?  <– will forward to billing where you’ll pay $19.95 rather than $29.95

Behind the scenes pic from our soon to be released DVD with this scene.



(this video will be in and in 2016)

So we are now back in Canada of course and we’ve compared notes and truth be told, we had a blast shooting with Aaliyah Love!

We decided we want more threesome action.

We’re going back to the US in January 2016 for the AVN awards and while down there, we’re going to line up several girls to have fun with.

We don’t know who just yet, and we also don’t know how many girls or how many scenes we’re going to film.

We just know we’re going to go HARD for our members of

So we’re now building our Going To Fuck List.

We’re going to build a list of girls, then contact them and see who will be in Vegas, who won’t etc and who is open to shooting.

So my question to you… is there someone you want to see us throw down with?

She should be a porn star, so please don’t reply with a solo model that doesn’t shoot porn.

To comment, all you need to do is click the word COMMENT at the top right corner of this post.


You’re not going to get emailed or spammed, so don’t sweat putting your email down.

If you help us by giving us some names, we can try and help you by hooking you up with some porn.

Tell you what… if you suggest a girl and we shoot with her, I’ll give you a free month’s membership to – sound good? (or adds a month if you’re already a member of ours)

Myself, next week I officially start Porn Bootcamp.

What is Porn Bootcamp you ask? Well, as you know I am recovering from massive surgery. (read my blog a bit, catch up on last week or two, you’ll see what I mean) so I am out of commission right now but next week or week after Bryci and I are going to try and start shooting again. I myself want to try and get from 200lbs down to 175-180 area before January. I’m not allowed to lift weights until February, which sucks but that doesn’t mean I can’t eat clean and do cardio to get my frame into better shape.

If you were going to go on a fuckathon with professional porn stars, you’d clearly want to be at your absolute best, right? No way I want to be out of breath, I want to go for a week straight. We’re talking about a *LOT* of sex in January. I mean.. a lot of girls, a lot of cum shots.

If I am not on my game, how can I glaze some faces? Diet and body must be in check.

I figure I’ll document my weight loss (here) for those that are struggling with a few extra pesky pounds. Maybe I can help someone lose some weight along side me.

So be sure to comment and throw some names at me. Describe a scene as well. Example… Piper Perri in pigtails, fuck her in the ass and come on her face.

The more you tell me you want to see, the more I can deliver for you fuckers. No guarantees of course, we have no idea who will even be open to shooting in January.

Just know… our network is about to REALLY start rocking. We have a TON of new content going in every week, both hardcore and g/g content not to mention the new two sites we just added to BellaPass so now there are 10 sites in total you get included in your membership.

Grab the 33% off offer!  <– will forward to billing where you’ll pay $19.95 rather than $29.95


Almost two weeks

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It’s been almost two weeks since I had surgery done to my fascia, repairing a tear that spanned most of my torso that was suffered from a botched surgery in 2004. I was unaware my fascia was ripped so for the past ten years I’ve felt pudgy and pot bellied at times, when in reality I wasn’t. Your fascia keeps your organs and body tight and in place, and if it is ripped, things tend to gravitate downward to where they are able to, and then outward.


That white area there over your abs in this poster is your fascia. If you’ve ever cooked chicken breast, you know that white stuff on the breast before you cook it? That’s fascia tissue.

Wikipedia describes it as follows:


So if your fascia is ripped, torn, damaged, it does result in your muscles and organs shifting from their proper position.

So I’m 12 days out of surgery and I have never been this skinny.

I wouldn’t say skinny, I still weigh almost 200 pounds, standing 6″ so I’m still a little larger as opposed to a stick figure. I saw a friend the other day and the first thing he asked was if I had lost weight. My pot belly, albeit sucked in as much as i could 95% of the time because I was embarrassed as fuck about it, is now a thing of the past.

For the past ten years, I have felt out of shape and that takes it’s toll on you. Imagine working out and no matter what you do, your tummy goes nowhere. no matter how many crunches you do, no matter how many sit ups, you can’t change the shape of your stomach. That would suck, no? yes, it did suck. it sucked a lot and most definitely fucked with the way I viewed myself.

I can’t imagine what people with real weight issues face on a daily basis. I wasn’t “fat” by any means or overweight by most standards but everytime we went to shoot, I’d have a mini mental melt down because I didn’t want to take my shirt off. I didn’t want to be the guy with the hot wife and the bulging tummy. It’s nuts the bullshit we put ourselves through in our heads about how we look and what we think is acceptable.

I can’t grasp what models must go through in their heads about their appearance.

Anyway… I digress, not that, you know, I do that sort of thing often… heh

So 12 days out, how do I feel?

Oddly, I feel fucking great!

I mean, I couldn’t film porn today with my wife or anything but I’m getting back into the flow of things. today was the first day I am spending all day at my desk, encoding new 4k videos, programming new updates for Bella and more so, getting BellaPass V2 lined up so we can start building it in the background.

The hardest thing I deal with right now is forgetting I had this done because pain meds mask the pain and then I’ll move a certain way or drop down to play with the dogs and ZING!!! I get an instant WTFDIDYOUDO feeling. I know I didn’t rip anything when this occurs because my doc triple stitched my fascia back together on the left, on the right and then for good measure he added polyurethane mesh right down the middle so no more hernias. (glee glee glee)

I am not allowed to start working out again until February 1, 2016. For good measure I’ll probably wait until March or even April before I start kicking my own ass in the gym that lay all of twenty feet on the other side of my desk. I am going to shred my body into it’s best shape it’s ever been in and then you know what that means?  I’m going to be all sorts of fit which means Miss Bryci is going to have the daylights fucked out of her.

There will be some serious, serious fucking taking place in 2016 with many a porn starlet, this I can tell you.. but no more on that for now… lol muhahaha not teasing you, I simply don’t know who we’re shooting next, when/where etc yet.

Porn Bootcamp will be starting shortly…

So since I am back at my desk… how about we get this party started right with a sneak peak from next week’s *uber* hot and update that will go live with a photo set (wicked high res pix) and a 4K (and 1080p/720p/540p video) for members of either site or really, any site inside


Click the thumbnail to see the full size
7360 x 4912 pixel pic. (full size is 17.2 megs)

Time to get the party started with some insanely hot content…

Later this week, you get to see what happened between Bryci and the Home Security Installer…

See this at in 4K


So that’s what’s new in my world… what’s new with you people? Commenting is easy, you don’t even have to register to comment. Something you want to see? Something you’d like to say?

Hope life’s treating you great!


Just Write

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I’ve been blogging since probably somewhere around 1998 area.  I wish I had one location with all my old blogs but like many bloggers, I’d get tired and shut it down after a year or three. Then I’d start a new one a year or two later, repeat.

Prior to this blog, I had one blog online, that I started in 2008 at a different url. I had a blog before that as well that I started in 2006 and ran for two years again, at a different url. I kept those databases so overtime I am slowly adding the old posts to this blog.

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 6.21.48 PM

The old archives that I’ll be adding to this site sooner than later, or later than sooner, whichever comes first.

Point being, I enjoy writing.  I’ve often been told I make people feel like their a close friend when they read my blog. I try and talk to the viewer like I know them. It’s easier to write blogs if I write them like I am writing a buddy a letter.   Not that, er, I write letters to buddies..

I have written a couple books in the past as well, one was more of a biography detailing my life, how I got into porn etc. I thought it was boring but many on amazon rated it 5/5 stars, apparently I made a few of you smile with it. My other book(s) I have written are more like, I started… but never completed. I know where they are, someday perhaps I’ll allow the characters to come to life again.

Thanks ADHD.

I love to write but time is not always on my side. I often have other things in my brain rolling around and when I sit down with intention of slamming out a chapter or two, I end up doing something else. I would blog more often, but I can’t help but keep thinking all my blogs are the same damn topic. That frustrates me to no end.

Ah well, I’ll keep on writing. See what happens I guess. I don’t write with a goal in mind, its more of a situation where something will come to me and I think that maybe I can help someone else get through something. We’re all messed up at the best of times, we all are fighting a war nobody else really knows about and we’re all dealing with shit.


Hopefully I can find more topics to write about, so my blog isn’t so f*cking boring. :)

I know, I know, you’re just here for tits.


There, we good now?

We’ll talk again tomorrow. Register for my blog, comment, throw some topics at me to write about! that or email me with some topics – will get me.




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This will be a LONG blog post. Go to the bathroom, grab a drink, heat up some food.

How many times have you looked in the mirror and thought to yourself.. I need to lose weight. I think we’re all our worst enemies for sure, we see things nobody else does and often, we compare ourselves to photoshopped images from magazines, blogs, instagram etc. I’ve always been rather skinny but in the last ten years I guess, I’ve added more weight.

My weight used to be around 180 and for a six foot tall man, that’s reasonable. My weight over the past three years has fluctuated between 193 and 208. Before bryci and I did our San Diego trip to meet and have sex with porn star and kick ass blonde Aaliyah Love for our website at


I had been focusing on my protein, my water intake, I had cut sugars. I dropped nine pounds in two weeks.



When checking your weight, consistency is your best friend. You are at your lightest point approx 30 minutes after waking up, assuming you haven’t started consuming food and you’ve gone to the bathroom.  My schedule is hilarious as a coder, I am working to 3-4am some days, so that means I aim to wake 6-8 hours later. Thus the oddness in the times I weighed in.

So we go to San Diego on the 28th and I had a very serious decision to make. Do I stick it out and keep eating smart or do I say EAT ALL THINGS and have a vacation? It’s odd how we reward ourselves with things that hurt us, but now I’m starting to sound like a trainer so I’ll STFU on that. :/

I decided to enjoy myself. Have great mexican food with my wife and try to stay clear of sugar when possible, still eat smart but at the same time, not get upset if I was going to digest a ridiculous amount of calories thanks to Miguel’s mexican food on Scott road in San Diego.



Seriously the most amazing food. High in calories? You bet your sweet potato it is but I told myself.. hey, you got this.

After all was said and done, I gained seven pounds. I was back to 201 when I got home from San Diego.

As of this morning, I am at 197.4 and dropping yet again.

I never doubted I could do this again for a moment.

Why you ask?

Have you ever heard of Tim Ferris? He wrote Four Hour Work Week, Four Hour Body, even Four Hour Chef.

If you haven’t, let me start by saying, you’re welcome. (wikipedia)

I say that because I may have just changed your life. That is, unless you’re one of those people that are set in their ways and refuse to accept that maybe, just maaaaybe there is a better way to live your life.

Sure, for 1% or so of you, you already know these lifestyle or life hacks so you’re already kicking ass. See, Tim is a hacker. Not a hacker in the computer sense, he’s a hacker in the life sense. He thinks we all over do things and he figured out ways to get the same or better results with less time, thus freeing up time for you to concentrate on other things. He has free podcasts on itunes weekly and this guy is worth checking out.

Four Work Week will teach you how to be streamlined, how to be effective and more so, how to stop wasting time.

Four Hour Body will teach you that the gym mentality is wrong. Many gymrats hate Tim because his results can’t be argues with. He borrowed a principal from Arthur Jones who created a method to gain muscle, lose fat and do so with minimal working out. Four hour body is exactly that, a way to get your dream body and only spend four hours per MONTH working out. For those that live in a gym or go over and over, you can see how this can strike a cord in a bad way. Many go to the gym and think they need to work out for hours on end but the reality is, they don’t. Whether they accept the reality is up to them. I myself was a sceptic to this. I thought, look, I used to work out pretty serious and no way you can get the same results in that short of a window of time, unless you’re taking roids or something.

The basic idea behind Four Hour Body’s weight lifting advice is a principal called M.E.D. Minimum Effective Dose.


An excerpt from the book found in bookstores, on amazon at at


The Minimum Effective Dose

The minimum effective dose (MED) is defined simply: the smallest dose that will produce a
desired outcome.

Jones referred to this critical point as the “minimum effective load,” as he was concerned
exclusively with weight-bearing exercise, but we will look at precise “dosing” of both exercise
and anything you ingest.

Anything beyond the MED is wasteful.

To boil water, the MED is 212°F (100°C) at standard air pressure. Boiled is boiled. Higher
temperatures will not make it “more boiled.” Higher temperatures just consume more resources
that could be used for something else more productive.

If you need 15 minutes in the sun to trigger a melanin response, 15 minutes is your MED for
tanning. More than 15 minutes is redundant and will just result in burning and a forced break
from the beach. During this forced break from the beach, let’s assume one week, someone else
who heeded his natural 15-minute MED will be able to fit in four more tanning sessions. He is
four shades darker, whereas you have returned to your pale pre-beach self. Sad little manatee.

In biological systems, exceeding your MED can freeze progress for weeks, even months.
In the context of body redesign, there are two fundamental MEDs to keep in mind:
To remove stored fat → do the least necessary to trigger a fat-loss cascade of specific

To add muscle in small or large quantities → do the least necessary to trigger local (specific
muscles) and systemic (hormonal) growth mechanisms.

Knocking over the dominos that trigger both of these events takes surprisingly little. Don’t
complicate them.



Now I know what you’re thinking.

Shut the fuck up JD.

Yeah, I know. No way this is possible. No way you can get gains like this. No way it can be this easy and it’s taken up to now for someone to say something.

Let’s remember, this isn’t a new technique. Arthur Jones trained Arnold Schwarzenegger using these principals. Seemed to work out okay for Arnie.

A few years ago, I tested this theory myself. Nothing crazy. We had a simple home gym, a good ol BowFlex. Some of you might remember Bryci posed with it. (back when we were water stamping MEMBERS over dat pussy. lol. Man, how times have changed, we’re fucking nuts now hey? 😀 Wheeeeeeee)


Anyway, so I took Tim’s method to heart and tried it. I found my point of breaking with each workout. That amount of weight you can lift and do 2 or 3 reps with before your body tells you to go fuck yourself. Then I dropped that number down by 25%. Example, if your FUCK YOU number is 100, you drop to 75. Make sense? Then I added five second cadence. THIS IS KEY. What is cadence you enquire? That is the time it takes you do one rep from  down position  to up position. In cycling it would be the time it takes to do one revolution. We’re not talking about cycling though… just giving you another example.

So imagine grabbing 75 pounds on a bar. Nothing much, right? Wrong. Stand, feet shoulder length apart. straight back, bar in in your hands. Now curl this up to to your chest and again, the key here being cadence… take five seconds to do it. If you do it in two seconds, you’re doing it wrong, start again. you are aiming for five seconds up, five seconds down. Try doing this with no breaks between until failure. Watch how fast your 2-3 hour work out you had planned becomes a 5-10 minute workout. Now, move to the next muscle group.

The hardest part of 4HB is the time between workout. As Tim points out with scientific proof in his book, when you over exert, you kill your muscles. You hamper your growth, you are not helping your frame. You require time between workouts to truly advance so he suggests 4 days between. Workout Monday? Take Tues, Wed, Thurs and Friday off and work out again on Saturday.  THIS is by far the hardest part because on day two after doing this method, you’re sore. Day three, you’re getting better and you feel amazing and day three you want to hit the weights again. Stop. Don’t do it. Trust me.

You will see bigger gains by letting your body truly heal.

So I did this and inside a month, my frame drastically changed. Muscle in places I was unaware I had muscle. I wasn’t Arnie or anything, but I grew and I grew quickly. This now is the bible for me. I try and tell others about it and they don’t want to believe me. I get it, I was that way too. Once they try it though, they’re so. fucked. because this is a life changer. No joke.

So now, I am eagerly awaiting my surgery at the end of the month. Then I am down for 2-3 months as my core comes back. (James? What surgery bro? see here)

I want to porn the fuck up. I have a much better gym than before complete with free weights, squat station, pretty much everything I need to transform my body into the one I want and know I am capable of.

The only thing lacking at this point is a capable body that is free from surgery so even then, it’s just a waiting game. That will come in 2-3 months after surgery.


usBryci and I in San Diego

So.. the elephant in the room…. YOU FUCKED A PORN STAR!!??? Whaaaaat????

Yes, if you follow me on twitter you already are up to date on things. Bryci and I are ramping up our site, and the way we do things.

Members are some kind of happy!

Next week, the first video with Aaliyah Love will find itself inside and there will be some photos and candids as well.

You want a sneak peak?

Bryci and Aaliyah Love

click for full size: 4000 pixels  |   3.6 megs

full size: 4000 pixels, 3.3 megs

click for full size: 4000 pixels  |  3.3 megs

Bryci and Aaliyah Love Blowjob

click for full size: 4000 pixels  |  4.1 megs

Members of and all BellaPass sites get full access to 4000 pixel images and 4K video (as well as smaller sizes)

If I am being honest from a nitpicky photographer point of view, I wished 100 times I had other lens with me for this shoot.

I thought the photos didn’t come out as sharp as I know I can shoot, but I was wrong.

The photos came out great. Since then I have bought better lenses too so next time… holy fuck balls batman.

Before writing this blog, I wrote a quick entry in my tumblr over at (WTF James has TWO BLOGS? Yes. I am cool like that.)

This answer is about as uncensored as it gets.


Anonymous asks:  So dude every guy what’s to know, how was the threesome with two incredible hotties?

I want to tell you it was easy and no big deal, in short… lie to you. Thing is, it was one of those things you joke about happening but never expect it to go down.

I don’t know how old you were when you lost your virginity but if you remember that feeling of excitement but uncertainty juuuust before things started. You know what you’re about to do, you’re excited about it but you’re also pretty confused at the order of things. ummm… how to porn?

Do I stick my dick here first and then there or….

All in all pretty comical, the thoughts going on in my brain. I found myself wanting to leave my body, then grab me by the scruff of the shirt and pull me around the corner and kick my own ass.

Most guys would look at the situation and think.. meh, if I was in that situation, I’d do this, then this, then this… like it’s no big deal but having sex with two women at the same time is one thing, trying to maintain a hard on while filming and holding a 4k camera, keeping the scene in frame, in focus etc and THEN also enjoying what is happening… not as easy as one might think.

Somehow we shot a b/g/g pov blowjob scene and then within 40 minutes, we were shoiting a second b/g/g pov scene with blowjob, riding, fucking, cum swap etc. I shot twice in 40-50 minutes area, although for a moment my dick didn’t want to cooperate and shoot the second load.

It was having too much damn fun!


I am used to guys hating me because of being @Bryci’s husband but when you add in… and this guy fucks porn stars with his wife… yup, I’m now officially hated.

So how was it you ask? Fucking awesome.

Two girls going up and down on your pole at the same time, your eyes roll back in your head.

You’re pretty much okay with dying at this very moment because getting better than this? Unfuckinglikely.

A girl sucking on the head of your cock while another sucks your balls.

Seriously JD?  Just go fuck yourself.

That’s what I kept saying to myself.

It’s just a job, and Aaliyah was amazing to work with. We’ve known her for so long so to hang out with her and power through scene after scene… it was like working with an old friend. Everything clicked, she was amazing.

We had scheduled three scenes, two of which will find themselves inside our site ( and Aaliyah’s site ( in Oct/Nov/Dec.. not sure the release schedule. The third scene which is the b/g/g fucking scene.. will release in January on our first dvd we’re putting out. There will also be other stuff on there… but I’m not allowed to talk about that yet. 😉

So yeah, good fucking day for sure.


So there we are. We’re up to date. Sorry it’s taken me some time to blog, I have been swamped but I’m slowly getting caught up.

I have so much porn to wade through, so many stories to tell about it.

We’re getting set up for our next Pornacation in January in Vegas and yes, some fucking will be happening.

If you were in a hotel room with Bryci.. what would you do?


Hope you all have a great long weekend!

I’ll be working and I’m fine with that.

I love my job!


You may have noticed more photos in this post.  My blog doesn’t have enough photos so from now on, I am going to try and slam each entry with photos.

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