Sep 272015

Today is our ‘get ready’ day before we take the next step in our porn adventure.

Bryci and I have talked more than I care to admit about the direction we’re taking with our business, our careers I guess but more so, our lives.

With this, I am sad to tell you that we are quitting porn effective immediately.

We’re now off to Sears to buy some button up tight ass clothing and we’re going to canvas door to door for our lord and savior, flying spaghetti monster. Be on the look out for us, we’re bringing snacks.



No, we’re not quitting porn. Oddly enough, for both of us it’s not so much that we work in porn. It’s that we have a crazy active sex life and we film it and slap the movies and pix online for others to see if they so wish. Is this our job? No, I’m a professional golfer, I thought you knew? :/

Of course we work in adult but more so, we have fun in adult so it doesn’t feel or seem like work.

On occasion I have to deal with someone that makes me want to reach through internets and slap some sense into them, but we all deal with those people sometimes, right? Earlier today I had an email from this guy that is a member of our site. I suspect shortly he will not be a member of our site.

Here’s how it started the other day…

I have one other question, Is all of Bryci pictures sets and videos done in Canada? She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I have no intention of doing harm to her or anyone I would just like to know out of curiosity.

Right away, I knew something was up. This sort of question comes about when someone has met someone online pretending to be Bryci.

I wrote back that yes, Bryci is Canadian and we shoot in Canada 95% of the time and also that we’re a couple.

He then writes this back…

She is beautiful like a goddess on the outside but now she is so ugly inside for the past two years or more I gave her everything I could under the name I believe was truly hers Aliana Atwoods from Ghana West Africa and I was prepared to send her money to come be my wife here in the US but now it’s not going to happen. Thank you Aliana or whatever your name is what memories and I will take them to the grave, I have no more reason, goodbye Aliana.

These are the moments where I shake my head.

I read this and thought…. the fuck? Who are you talking to?

I’m not this scammer, nor is Bryci… so why am I getting the fall out? …. are you just ranting because you’re sad or what?

I feel bad for guys that get scammed, and then again, at the same time I don’t. It’s a weird place to be in. When they get snippy with us though, I usually unload on them. For some reason, these gullible lonely guys seem to forget that the woman in the photos they’re being scammed with, is also a victim because someone is stealing their images to con some poor dude in another country.

Part of the business though, it’s not getting smaller, it’s getting larger. If you’re going to send money to someone in Africa or a third world country you’ve never met, but they magically contacted you through facebook to declare their undying love for you…… then yeah, you’re kind of asking to be conned.

P.T. Barnum founded the Barnum and Bailey Circus in the mid 1800’s. He is famous for having hoaxes in his shows and profiting off people being stupid and believing them enough to pay to get in to see them. He’s have a deformed child in a tent, call the kid lobster boy and tell people the child was the product of a woman who somehow became impregnated after eating shellfish. He told the most outrageous stories and yes, there were always those that believed these stories.

He’s famous for many things, but one quote in particular – “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

Sound familiar?

Ah well, people are stupid, what can you do? I got off topic there… heh. That topic doesn’t make me mad, it makes me go… wait.. someone fell for that shit? How can anyone be that gullible?

Meh, life goes on. 😀


…….drum roll……

Bryci and I are heading south to shoot with Miss Aaliyah Love next week. Our first b/g/g scene and yeah, it’s going to be awesome! She’s an amazing lady, very talented so we’re positive it’s going to be great.

So while we’re talking..

Yesterday this hot as fuck girl comes to my door selling cookies. She’s like, mister, you want some of my cookies? umm… DUH. I knew I had forgot my wallet at the office but no way this little cocktease was getting out of my sight. I decided to go for broke. Whip it out and see what happens. My guess is she’s sucked a dick or two before yesterday because she almost had me filling her mouth in no time!

I ended up fucking her and blowing my load inside her tight little pussy. Come on man, like you wouldn’t have done it too? pffffft We both know you would have as well.


I filmed the whole damn thing in 4K as well for you guys. I know, quick thinking. 😀

it goes live tomorrow inside and


Sep 182015

My last blog entry was about how you never know what someone *really* does.

You might be at a hockey game and the girl beside you is a porn star. How would you know?

Cue the irony train…

After my last blog post, inside a day or so, I get this tweet from a guy claiming to be the guy I sat beside at the hockey game with @Bryci on my birthday. You can follow our back/forth from my response at the bottom of the thread upwards.


So I was curious how he knew it was us etc. So here’s some of the dm chat we had.

Of course I removed anything personal etc.


Def. a lot smaller world than we like to think it is. It was nice he thought I was down to earth/chill as he said but if you’ve ever met anyone in adult, they usually are the most down to earth people. Exception perhaps.. if you’re a fan of a model and you go to visit her at the AVN’s. So you see her standing in a booth, she’s been signing posters all day, taking photos… she might not be crazy down to earth because well, she’s at work. She’s in heels all day and no doubt, lady is TIRED. So always try and consider the situation before you pass judgement on anyone you meet. That should be common sense, but just in case, that’s how it works generally.

So yes, we were ‘busted’ because he knew Bryci and was like… hey… where do I know this girl from…..

What’s funny.. most models when they go out in the world on their days ‘off’ don’t do their make up etc the same, they don’t wear revealing outfits, they downplay their looks huge so as to not attract attention for this very reason. Bryci and I filmed a video that day, complete with B roll footage etc so she had some make up on, so now we wonder… did anyone else recognize her? lol

Fans are great, they make you what you are. Sure, sometimes you get 15 year olds online trolling you or talking shit but that’s just teen angst. I remember being 16 and fucking ANGRY all the time. If there was a guy with an insanely hot wife, that motherfucker is a DOUCHE as far as I am concerned. Default setting. I get it, I’m fine with it. It’s no big deal, no feelings hurt.

Bryci just hooked me up an memory card and told me shot a video for fans.. so boom, it’s now in her site.


Get this video and all Bryci’s videos at

Every day I look at her and think… I married my best friend. wtf. how did I get so lucky. Then I remember, it wasn’t luck. Anyone, no matter who you are, male or female that has been in a relationship longer than a year or two knows, it takes effort. It takes work. We’ve got almost ten years under our belt together. Crazy shit, my memories are almost all with her. It’s so hard to imagine a life where she’s not beside me. I wish that same happiness and ‘luck’ to each of you.

Now.. switching from mushy to work mode….

Our three new servers are coming online next week! That will have our total server pool at…er… ack.. eight boxes. wtf.

There is so much to do but we’re recreating Bella from the ground up on the new boxes, new settings, new mobile compatibility and several new features. We’re hoping to have the new network live as quick as possible, but yes, it’ll be at least Nov-Dec area. We’ll keep updating the current Bella sites of course, nobody will miss a beat with new content and trust me guys, there is a LOT coming your way.

Not to mention… several new girls coming to Bella’s new amateur site I am doing right now. A lot of girls you’re going to want to see.

Okay, I have videos to edit… back to work for this guy!

Have a great weekend, Internets!


Aug 172015
d 2

Some exciting things are about to take place for @Bryci and I.

We’re officially gearing up to launch a new porn label in the industry and we’re going to be hiring professional porn stars to have some fun with. We’d mention this before, but we never really went too much into detail.

Details are still being mapped out, but the future just got a whole lot brighter, this much i can tell you.

First – I am closing our second network down, as of this week sometime. That network, RealGirlPass will cease to exist and will fold into Bellapass. Basically.. instead of having two networks running, we’ll just throw all that content into Bella for existing members as well as future members. All members of RGP will be given memberships to Bella so they get all the content they had before.. plus everything from within Bella.

A new solo girl site will launch within Bella within the next month – and yes, you will smile. All free of course for Bella members. With Bella, there is never additional fees to see our ladies. buy ONE membership, access every. single. site. No exceptions. It’s why Bella members keep coming back for more month after month!

We have seven new girls shooting content for Bella right now as well.

This content will be amateur at it’s best as they are shooting themselves. Ages? 18 x 2, 19 x 3, 20 and 21.

Two have already expressed interest in flying in to fuck the daylights out of Bryci and myself.  Yeah, so that happened… those emails made me go… er…. ummm…. wtf happened? When did we become the object of others to have fun with? Scratches head…  yeah – no fucking clue.

Then again, who cares? If we can put out some great content for members, that’s all that matters!

Then there is the Katie Banks meets Bryci event that will go live today inside their sites, or or even


Four 4K cameras were used to capture this footage. Total run time is somewhere around 15 minutes. Video will be available in 4K, 1080p, 720p and a few other options.


This clip is easily the best thing I have seen come out of these girl’s sites. They had so much fun with it, and they never missed a beat improving off one another.

Damn. Just damn.

Bravo ladies.

So guys, I hope you’re ready for the shit storm BellaPass is about to create.


If you’re not following @Bellapass on twitter – do yourself a favor. (follow us)

Hope you all had a great weekend, I spent it editing and I loved every. damn. second. Oh yeah, I also caught Mission Impossible 5: Rogue Nation with Bryci – that movie is unreal. Go see it!


ps – if you like the artistic image and want the full size –  (3005×2017 pixels)

trust me, you want the full size (hello new desktop)

Aug 092015

Last week Bryci and I are working away, and we get a call from Katie Banks. She’s going to be in the area and she wants to know if we want to grab some food. She and her photographer, TC Davidson had gone on a road trip to shoot some killer outdoor content and before they knew it, they were inside an hour from where we live.

We offered up a room to stay overnight and we plotted out some food!

In eating we started talking about how Katie and Bryci hadn’t shot in so long, but she had just finished shooting a ton of work  so it didn’t look like this trip would be the one they shot together on. Then Bryci and Katie got to talking and before TC or I knew what was up, they had some sets planned. I thought maybe, just maybe we’d get them together for one set. No, they had bigger ideas in mind.

Now those of you that know that Bryci and I shoot hardcore with each other, I know a few of you are wondering…. so James… winky face…. did ya? Nudge nudge… did you and your wife bang Ms Banks?

No. Well. Not completely true… My wife did. Damn. Did she ever. Don’t you worry, Katie returned the favor… lol. I could hear these two going at it and fuck me if it wasn’t one of the hottest things I have ever heard.

Was I involved? Yes. I set up cameras along with TC. We set up several 4K cameras and we left the room.  Why? Well, honestly.. we didn’t want to feel like goobers standing around as these two sex kittens got their groove on with one another. What were we supposed to do? Grab a beer and sit quietly in the corner watching, drinking, occasionally toasting because we were… wait… fuck. We missed an opportunity there. I see that now.  (jokes)


So TC and I shot some photos, they are live now inside and and then  there are videos… a lot of videos. As in… I have over 48 4K videos sitting in a folder waiting for me to seamlessly stitch them together.

What are you doing next week? My ass is video editing. Did I mention I love my job?

To bluntly answer… No, Bryci and I didn’t have sex with Katie. No threesome there. Katie is like my little sister. I have her back through thick and thin. I’d be there to help if she ever needed it, and she knows this. She’s la nostra famiglia (our family).

Yes, Bryci and I are going to have some fun with porn stars down the road but Katie.. will only be seen knocking dose boots with Bryci and trust me guys, you’re going to like these videos. Damn.

So that’s what I have been up to. Busy as hell, working like a mad dog.


Hope you all are having a great weekend!


ps.. my office has never been this fucking cool. (until now)

Jun 082015

When we started Bella back in 2009 with @Bryci and her site we were honestly not sure what direction this crazy ride would take us. We started as a solo model site in Feb 2009.


Today, six + years later we’ve evolved into a hardcore couple site and we’re having more fun than we knew possible.

We started other solo sites for the network along the way, some survived, others didn’t quite make it for various reasons. I’m a big believer in what is right for you today, might not be right for you tomorrow so when we start a site with a model, we’re hopeful there is a tomorrow but we don’t count on it being a forever thing.

Some models are crazy hard workers like Katie Banks or Aleah Jasmine, and then there are other models.. well…. not as hard at working I suppose. I’m not bad mouthing anyone here, it’s not exactly a secret if you’re a member of our sites who works their ass off and who doesn’t. Is telling the truth bad mouthing? See, from my seat, I’m the one that gets email after email regarding this girl or that girl and it gets to a point where you say… you know what? No. No more. I can’t continue with that person if they don’t care enough to try.

I have fired Bellas in the past for not carrying their side of things. It sucks when that happens because I truly believe with the exception of one ex Bella that ripped me off for some money and then quit before I could fire her, people mean well. I don’t think anyone sets out partnering up with someone just to fuck them over. I think people start down the same road and somewhere on that road, they give up. Maybe they’re not making what they thought they would. Maybe they’re intimidated by the industry or perhaps they are getting grief from others about their career choice.

I do think though they start out as good people, and hey… if adult isn’t right for you, that’s cool. No hard feelings. I wish you all the best as I have said to others.  Life goes on for all of us, right? I know some of you out there are fans of this model, or that model and you may wonder when a model quits or is fired… why does her the site keep running? Well, honestly, that comes down to each situation surrounding each model.

We’re not bad people but we do recognize this is a business. We ask that people we start working with to accept the same mindset. You wouldn’t open a store somewhere and have two partners working their asses off, just to have one decide okay, that was fun, I’m done now and expect the store to shut down. That’s not how life works in business. Sites cost money to develop, run, and often, the % between the site owners and the model means the site owners are making far less money than the model is from her site. It might be because the % is not equal, it might be because all fees are paid by the site owners, and not the model.

Anytime we have had a site keep running though, we do offer it to the model for a fair market value price based upon what it has cost to run, or is making, or somewhere between the two so the model does technically have the ability to ‘own’ the site if she choses to. If a girl is leaving because she has met a guy, is starting a family etc (or whatever reason may be), I totally understand her wanting her site offline. Problem here is that that being nice part doesn’t pay bills and this is a business after all. Some sites we own, we bought from their old webmasters meaning, we have 5 figures invested into the sites not counting fees for running the sites, model fees such as airfare for shoots, hotels etc.


Life adds up and if you are in the red, you don’t close up shop because someone has a change of heart.  It’s a business, if you want to buy out the owner of a site, you do so.

One recent Bella was getting out of the biz, life went in a different direction. I sold her her site back and we’re still friends to this day. As I said, ’tis a business.  Before you tell me… hey man, how does a model get that kind of money!? – Again… it. is. a. business. If a model wants to jump on a cam site for a month or two and save to buy her site and do with it what she wishes, it’s not that difficult.

If you want something bad enough, you work for it. We don’t hold anyone hostage, we make investments in people and our time. That translates into a lot of work. That is worth money, no different than everyone else.


Anyway…. moving along off this topic for now….

One of the questions we often get is.. hey James.. when you launching some new solo sites inside Bella?

Honest answer? Most likely not moving in that direction because this whole work your ass off for something and then have someone change their mind and all that time and affort goes out the window thing… gets old. Fast.

Sure, we could sit in webcam chat rooms and lie to girls like some webmasters do..


umm.. yeaaaaah. pass.

I’d rather be honest with models than lie to them. I can’t predict the future but I do know that working one on one with my wife and our product, we will get further than starting new sites with girls that will expect to make more with their website than with their webcam modeling (not happening) and then someday will let some boyfriend into their head and change their shit.

Do I sound sour? lololololol

I’m laughing right now if you could see me.

I’d rather work for Bryci and I were we have more say in our product and what happens with it.

Again, a business decision. Not really rocket science.

Bryci and I have done a lot of talking and we’ve decided to move in a different direction from what we’ve done.  Think of it as a evolution of sorts I guess.

Before I get started… side note – we’re still here helping Katie run her site, and Aleah run her site of course. They’re family to us. They can stay as long as they wish, career lifers if they want and we’d be happy to have them on board with us! I’m shooting Aleah this week actually. :)

Bryci and I are starting to really turn up the heat for her members.

We are shooting longer multi 4k camera angles for our videos. We are looking into road trips where we go and shoot with a lot of well known girls and yes, that means threesomes and more. We’re going to get our freak on basically.. because, why not? We have some amazing friends in the industry, and anyone that knows either of us know we bend over backwards to help our fellow man or woman.  We’ve just decided instead of putting tons of time into new solo model sites where the girl can flake down the road leaving us and members sad… we’ll simply keep things going SOLID with and incorporate many new faces. Some very well known porn stars will be getting fucked, some very well know names will be getting facials.

Because: Porn.

Might as well some fun right? :)

Seriously.. if you were me, would you do the same?


I had a poll here.. It’s now closed. Here are the results…  ONE person said no, they wouldn’t do it.

Yup, I believe you too. 😉


So that’s what we’re up to… if you’re not a member of – give us a try?

Click here for 33% off so membership is $19.95 per month until you cancel.

thanks for giving a shit about what we do!

We would not be here without you.


(ps.. that cam feed above flashing live will never change, it’s a gif)

Mar 112015
1 2

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he peen is a sensitive place. It is always ready to rock but when you cum, it goes from being normal to either still normal or crazy over sensitive. No idea why.. it’s like playing roulette.

Example, in the 75 or so hardcore clips we’ve filmed.. I think twice my dick has felt like it was insanely sensitive right after cumming.

These are usually very intense orgasms and those by default, are loud.

So last week we’re filming a new scene for and Bryci was having some fun with me. (she loves to torture me)

We had just finished fucking and she wanted to finish me off with her mouth. I had so much back pressure that when I blasted, it shot up into her mouth and then back down unto me like a deflection or something. She didn’t stop though, she kept stroking, sucking, and I kept cumming and cumming. 





So I guess this was the one in 50 times things get crazy sensitive.. ha. Ah well, great scene, hope you members love it!

This video will be going live next week in 4K, 1080p, 720p and of course, WebHD (540p) for members of our site,

Feb 082015

Hey all, no time to talk!

Don’t you hate that shit, when you lose contact with a friend?

You mean to stay in touch and all, but life gets going and you get busy and… and…and…

There’s always a reason, but true friendships, can catch up right where they left off it seems, as if no time has passed. So with that said…

How you been?

Life has been crazy busy for me. Last time I blogged was what… almost 3 weeks ago? Well, that’s not totally true. I have blogged over at RockStar Bedroom since then. What’s RockStar Bedroom or RSB for short? It’s the blog Bryci and I blog on, uncensored

I even detailed what’s going on with me and my hernia situation. (click here for that blog)

Not to suggest this blog is censored, it is I guess to an extent. Nobody wants to come to my blog to read me ranting on someone. (I see you nodding that yes, yes you do want to see that because the shit is funny, and it is, but it doesn’t accomplish anything is the issue)

Yes, drama ‘sells’ but that’s not what I am about. 

Damn, almost got sucked into a rantathon there… heh. close one.

So what’s new?

Well, last time I checked in, Bryci and I were in Vegas partying like rockstars, with pornstars. No, seriously.

I posted how and why we went to Vegas but I haven’t really said much about the business dealings that went down.

I still can’t tell you all the details… or even some of them… other than we’re very, very excited.  

We’re also bumping up the level of how graphic we are… some of you may have noticed. Honestly, we’re having a blast, it’s been amazing filming some of these scenes. 


full size screen cap (3840 x 2160 is here)

We’re bumping up a little in our production and how Bryci and I shoot. We’ve invested in more 4K cameras, more lenses and yesterday, I bought some new high end lights that are in transit right now. We’re trying to make our content look better of course. We want members to have a great time with our videos.

I just invested in a couple new computer screens so that’s exciting. So what did I end up getting? Well, I had been using a LG UM95-P 34” widescreen. This has a screen resolution of 3440 x 1440. Issue was, most of the video I play with these days is 4K and these screens aren’t large enough for 4K.

So I invested.. and I bought two ASUS PQ321Q screens. Screen resolution is 3840 x 2160 and remember, two of them.

These screens are considered to be one of the best 4K screens available, 31.5 inch monitors so sure, they’re big.  Scratch that, they’re fakin* epic.

Tom’s Hardware did a review on these a year ago when they first came out. They were selling for $3500 each then.,3698.html

Needless to say, it’s a year later and no way, no how am I alright dropping $7000 on two screens. Not to mention taxes, shipping etc. No, I bought my screens and they’re inbound and I paid the big ol $1400 (US) range each. Tom’s loved them, this screen is one of the best they ever tested so given that now I can buy two of them cheaper than the price of one a year ago? Yes please, thank you.

Amazon is your friend if you want these at their cheapest price.

Now editing in 4K natively will be a breeze and yes, before you wonder if my graphics card can handle it.. the Mac Pro I use has two AMD Firepower D700 cards, each is a 6 gig card. I spent a bucket of change on this computer so I could play in 4K land.

The old adage is true – you’ve got to spend money to make money.

I am going in for hernia surgery soon (read rsb for more info), so that means healing. My abdominal wall is being cut so this means, no core exercises for awhile. I was told I have to take it easy for 4-6 weeks with no real core movement outside of walking. I am not supposed to start lifting again (weights) for 9-12 months.

Bryci and I are ramping up work in preparation for our next step which should take place in April (area) so that’s cool. Yes, you’ll know. We’ll be very ERMAGAWD!!! about it. Hopefully, some will smile. Not a monster change for us or anything, but it is a different step for us so we’re excited.  Think global.


We are also going to be doing a Bellathon at some point in 2015 as well if all goes to plan.

Remember last time we did one? (see above)

Katie, Bryci and Talia together in the same bath, the same bed.

Well… this time you’ll find all the Bella ladies and yes, ‘gonna be a party y’all.

Can you imagine these hotties going to town on each other in 4K?

I can. Oh yes, I can.


Muhahahahaha more on that as it develops and of course, draws nearer. 

We finally cut the cable on our cable box so that’s exciting. We kept our cable for internet of course.. but cancelled all tv. We use a Roku 3 now, along side Plex for downloadable content. Have we missed cable? Sure, every now and then but we’re saving $140/month right now. That’s a good thing. 😀

The way you get ahead in life, you cut corners where you can cut them. 

Side thought…


Now yyou’re pretty much caught up.

Bryci and I had our six year anniversary on Feb 1, 2015 so that was exciting.

Hard to believe we’ve been kicking dat ass for six years but we have, and we’re only getting better.  

Hope you’re having as much fun with Bryci,.com and Bella Network as we are! If you’re not, my ‘office’ is always open, let’s talk!

em(yes I make you type that out in an email – nobody likes spam)

Hope you have a great weekend!

Dec 272014

Hard to believe that @Bryci and I have been doing for six years!

It’s been amazing, we’re having more fun than we ever imagined possible. We keep getting better or so our fans tell us, but I wanted to show a year by year Christmas break down showing some of the fun we’ve had. 2014 was cell phone and video snaps from 4K… we didn’t do a photo shoot as we were…well… fucking :)

2010 20112012 2013 2014a2014b2014c2014d2014e2014f2014g2014h2014i2014j

Every time Bryci and I sit down and talk out 2015, the plans we’re doing, the direction we’re moving etc. It’s exciting! Don’t worry, there will be more on this stuff soon… (cue evil laugh) muhahahahaha

Be sure to check out!