Happy Sunday

Hey all, no time to talk!

Don’t you hate that shit, when you lose contact with a friend?

You mean to stay in touch and all, but life gets going and you get busy and… and…and…

There’s always a reason, but true friendships, can catch up right where they left off it seems, as if no time has passed. So with that said…

How you been?

Life has been crazy busy for me. Last time I blogged was what… almost 3 weeks ago? Well, that’s not totally true. I have blogged over at RockStar Bedroom since then. What’s RockStar Bedroom or RSB for short? It’s the blog Bryci and I blog on, uncensored

I even detailed what’s going on with me and my hernia situation. (click here for that blog)

Not to suggest this blog is censored, it is I guess to an extent. Nobody wants to come to my blog to read me ranting on someone. (I see you nodding that yes, yes you do want to see that because the shit is funny, and it is, but it doesn’t accomplish anything is the issue)

Yes, drama ‘sells’ but that’s not what I am about. 

Damn, almost got sucked into a rantathon there… heh. close one.

So what’s new?

Well, last time I checked in, Bryci and I were in Vegas partying like rockstars, with pornstars. No, seriously.

I posted how and why we went to Vegas but I haven’t really said much about the business dealings that went down.

I still can’t tell you all the details… or even some of them… other than we’re very, very excited.  

We’re also bumping up the level of how graphic we are… some of you may have noticed. Honestly, we’re having a blast, it’s been amazing filming some of these scenes. 


full size screen cap (3840 x 2160 is here)

We’re bumping up a little in our production and how Bryci and I shoot. We’ve invested in more 4K cameras, more lenses and yesterday, I bought some new high end lights that are in transit right now. We’re trying to make our content look better of course. We want members to have a great time with our videos.

I just invested in a couple new computer screens so that’s exciting. So what did I end up getting? Well, I had been using a LG UM95-P 34” widescreen. This has a screen resolution of 3440 x 1440. Issue was, most of the video I play with these days is 4K and these screens aren’t large enough for 4K.

So I invested.. and I bought two ASUS PQ321Q screens. Screen resolution is 3840 x 2160 and remember, two of them.

These screens are considered to be one of the best 4K screens available, 31.5 inch monitors so sure, they’re big.  Scratch that, they’re fakin* epic.

Tom’s Hardware did a review on these a year ago when they first came out. They were selling for $3500 each then.,3698.html

Needless to say, it’s a year later and no way, no how am I alright dropping $7000 on two screens. Not to mention taxes, shipping etc. No, I bought my screens and they’re inbound and I paid the big ol $1400 (US) range each. Tom’s loved them, this screen is one of the best they ever tested so given that now I can buy two of them cheaper than the price of one a year ago? Yes please, thank you.

Amazon is your friend if you want these at their cheapest price.

Now editing in 4K natively will be a breeze and yes, before you wonder if my graphics card can handle it.. the Mac Pro I use has two AMD Firepower D700 cards, each is a 6 gig card. I spent a bucket of change on this computer so I could play in 4K land.

The old adage is true – you’ve got to spend money to make money.

I am going in for hernia surgery soon (read rsb for more info), so that means healing. My abdominal wall is being cut so this means, no core exercises for awhile. I was told I have to take it easy for 4-6 weeks with no real core movement outside of walking. I am not supposed to start lifting again (weights) for 9-12 months.

Bryci and I are ramping up work in preparation for our next step which should take place in April (area) so that’s cool. Yes, you’ll know. We’ll be very ERMAGAWD!!! about it. Hopefully, some will smile. Not a monster change for us or anything, but it is a different step for us so we’re excited.  Think global.


We are also going to be doing a Bellathon at some point in 2015 as well if all goes to plan.

Remember last time we did one? (see above)

Katie, Bryci and Talia together in the same bath, the same bed.

Well… this time you’ll find all the Bella ladies and yes, ‘gonna be a party y’all.

Can you imagine these hotties going to town on each other in 4K?

I can. Oh yes, I can.


Muhahahahaha more on that as it develops and of course, draws nearer. 

We finally cut the cable on our cable box so that’s exciting. We kept our cable for internet of course.. but cancelled all tv. We use a Roku 3 now, along side Plex for downloadable content. Have we missed cable? Sure, every now and then but we’re saving $140/month right now. That’s a good thing. :D

The way you get ahead in life, you cut corners where you can cut them. 

Side thought…


Now yyou’re pretty much caught up.

Bryci and I had our six year anniversary on Feb 1, 2015 so that was exciting.

Hard to believe we’ve been kicking dat ass for six years but we have, and we’re only getting better.  

Hope you’re having as much fun with Bryci,.com and Bella Network as we are! If you’re not, my ‘office’ is always open, let’s talk!

em(yes I make you type that out in an email – nobody likes spam)

Hope you have a great weekend!



Christmas Pix

Hard to believe that @Bryci and I have been doing for six years!

It’s been amazing, we’re having more fun than we ever imagined possible. We keep getting better or so our fans tell us, but I wanted to show a year by year Christmas break down showing some of the fun we’ve had. 2014 was cell phone and video snaps from 4K… we didn’t do a photo shoot as we were…well… fucking :)

2010 20112012 2013 2014a2014b2014c2014d2014e2014f2014g2014h2014i2014j

Every time Bryci and I sit down and talk out 2015, the plans we’re doing, the direction we’re moving etc. It’s exciting! Don’t worry, there will be more on this stuff soon… (cue evil laugh) muhahahahaha

Be sure to check out!



You Ready?

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? Have you even started? Myself, I haven’t even started. Well, not totally true.. both @Bryci and I have started, sort of.  Many of you are in a relationship and come Christmas, you sort of look at the other person and think…. well, fuck. Problem with Bryci and myself, if we want something or need something, we generally buy it or add it to our buy list and when we’re able, we get it. We’re not overly crazy materialistic though… so our ‘need’ list is crazy low.

Mind you, slapping a nice 5 carat rock on her finger might fall into my need column. Just to see her eyes light up, that’s what it’s all about. That and selling blood for years to buy a 5 carat stone. :/ (I jest)

Don’t get me wrong, we like nice things as much as the next person does, but we’d rather not build up a bunch of things we don’t really need. I’d rather work my ass off, pay down debts, get and pay down a home I love, maybe increase my garage toys.. but that’s me. I’m working at becoming a collector of fine (fast) automobiles (fast) and perhaps in the future sometime I’ll be able to add more (fast) toys to the stable (fast).

It’s weird, when I was younger… I wanted a GT-R so bad it was silly.

Now, I look at them like.. meh, sure they’re fast but you could stick someone’s Mom behind the wheel and outdrive most cars. As in, the car does so much, it removes the driver experience. It’s still a beast, make no mistake.. but if I kick your ass on a track, I don’t want you being able to say it was because I was driving a GT-R. Instead, I’d rather kick your ass when YOU’RE driving a GT-R and I’m in something considerably more villianous.

I’m funny that way. Give me balls to the wall rumble and some sticky 355’s and I’ll see you at the finish line. :)

Driver skill > Programmed skill.

At least, I’d rather press driving skill over having the car do all the work.

TIL (today I learnt) I am no longer fast, or furious.  Well, I’m still fast.. just not furious. :D

2014 has been amazing for Bella and in this year, we’ve changed a lot of things, shifted our priorities and through that, our member base has climbed. Our members are rebilling at a rate we’ve never seen before, so the outsider that is in this biz might say to themselves….

Self – what are James and Bryci doing so differently?

Answer – We don’t view this as work, we view this as having the most fun we’ve ever had, and for whatever reason we’ve found some great people that want to enjoy our brand of crazy on a weekly basis. So with that said, we’ll keep going, and we’re only going to get better.

I am not sure we could be more excited about 2015. I can’t tell you what’s happening just yet… but members will smile. Because people guess – I’ll end speculation quick – no, no new girls coming to Bella unless something changes. We’ve had the opportunity to work with past Bella ladies, we’ve had the opportunity to work with new Bella ladies but we’re going to do what made people happy through 2014. We’re going to focus on better content across the board, we’re going to just keep getting better.


This upcoming Thursday… (Dec 18, 2014) – our latest GoPro 4K 30 FPS video goes live.

Bryci thought it’d be fun to tie my ass up. I played along, but she tied the straps a lot tighter than I expected she would. My right hand were going numb… it was a weird no control feeling. I kind of liked it.. heh

Once she untied my hands though, I proceeded to fuck her.. hard. Almost came inside her as you’ll see if you check the 4K video.

Here’s a few snaps from the video… the full promo set comes next week.

Of course… I left out the best part… ha.

I came so close to blasting my load up into her pussy.  It was holding my cock like a hand inside her. So freaking tight!

This video is insane, very first person, when the fucking gets intense, your screen will shake like it’s you fucking her. THIS is what it’s like (visually anyway) to have sex with Bryci.

I think this video will quickly become our most popular we’ve done (so far)

Thursday comes soon… be sure to sign up at

We’ll keep getting better, practice makes perfect!




What’s in the box?

Today a special shipment came from me that I have been waiting on…  some new toys that will help in shooting when @Bryci and I are filming for our site,

We did a survey last week asking a bunch of questions regarding content, what you guys like and don’t like etc. What you prefer etc. We’ve always had the mindset that we do what makes us happy, so when we created the survey, of course we made sure the topics covered were all things we were fine with. 

The #1 type you guys want to see… is more point of view stuff (POV) show with GoPro etc so it’s as if you are the one in the action. As a guy…  I get it, fully. That doesn’t mean that’s all we’re doing moving forward of course, there were many things voted and we’re going to have a little more fun now because we know what you want to see.

Feedback is crazy important, wouldn’t you agree? We expected about 95% of the results.. but sure, one or two things made us go.. Ooh okay, that’s cool too. So thank you for the feedback everyone!

So yesterday I grabbed some new headphones to make work go faster. GoPro had the batteries for the new Hero 4 in stock so being that we have 2 GP’s, we grabbed another 4 batteries because the GoPro 4K EATS batteries like nothing I have ever seen. It’s nuts. 

I grabbed some Beats Studio Wireless and yes, they are amazing. Previously I was using Sennheiser headphones which you’d expect to be better but these Beats wireless Studios… daaaaaamn.

I like.

Monday should be fun for Bryci (and Bella) members… she had some fun for you guys, solo. We’re doing two 4K videos weekly, show me anyone else doing this? ;) (yup, awesome) if you’re down for some fun.

Hope you’re having a great Thanksgiving if you’re in the US!



Rocker Babes

I had no idea the waiter was about to click. :/ Thus the frowny face. haha

Last Friday night, @Bryci @KatieBanksDD and @TC_Davidson and I went out for drinks, food and of course, Motley Fucking Crue.

Alice Cooper opened for Crue, he was AMAZING. If you have a chance to see Alice, do so.

The ladies looked fine as hell as they always do. These two turn heads which of course has every meat head within a 300 foot radius eyeballing TC and myself pondering… derp derp.. I could take that guy…. derp derp.

Side note – why are some guys this retarded? If you’re in a bar or something and you see another guy with a hot girl… getting gin a fight with him won’t win you over the girl. Depending who the guy is you’re deciding to fight with, you might end up in worse shape than when you started the night. 

We’re at this one restaurant and an entire table of guys are checking B out. Katie was sort of sheltered from their view until she got up to go to the bathroom. hahahaha I was like, well, this will be interesting. I had one guy that was bigger than me looking over and making gestures to his buddy about our table. No idea what about.  I’m 200lbs, 6ft and this guy appeared to be about 20-30 lbs more..

Maybe he thought I was cute and wanted my number? (jokes)

We ate, all was fine, no issues.

We head to the concert and there’s this guy beside me that starts smoking his cig inside the concert. Yeah, thanks assclown. We were hoping to not breathe indoors because you decided to smoke beside us, within 2 feet of us. I leaned over, had a few polite words and he put it out. No joke, I was polite.. no need in being an ass right, we’re there for fun. When he started leaning over into me though as the concert was progressing, flailing his arms etc… my patience was getting tested. I had been drinking so sure, maybe I had a shorter fuse than normal. Bryci noticed me not being myself and took my mind off the guy. Kind of funny, we’re at a rock concert, bumping into people happens. he wasn’t trying to start anything, I think if being honest, I was just on guard more so. Thank you beer.

So from there after the concert we head to Back Forty on Robson for drinks and this guy keep looking over. Sigh. Duuuuuuuuude. If you recognize the ladies, come say Hi. Stop being a creeper because at some point, it gets weird. I decided fuck this, he looked over and started staring, I stared back. I wasn’t looking for a fight, but I was curious what his deal was. I’m guessing he was one of the…. derp… if I start a fight with his guy…. I’ll get the girl….

My view on fighting, it’s stupid. I took Kenpo Karate at an early age to learn how to control my temper. I achieved to my black belt in a little over 3 years, training almost daily. Since then, outside of sparring, two fights. One was a one punch fight, he swung, I moved and fired back. He was drunk, I was not. Anyone could have and would have taken him out with one punch as well. It was dumb, but reasoning with a drunk person.. not easy.

Second one wasn’t even a fight. It was a defensive thing. Walking home with a female friend (long before Bryci and no, not my gf at the time) and we were jumped in a field across the street from a bar. Two guys thinking.. easy money. I had a beer bottle smashed on my head, nice piece of glass had to be dug out from it.

I had blood rushing down my face, and training just took over. Punched them both once in the face. Gave them both hairline fractures of the skull. Both were arrested and charged with assault, and what’s funny.. they tried to sue me for assault because I had training. The judge laughed that out of court, no charges against me.

So yeah, I’m a lover, not a fighter… but typical guy, if someone starts staring at Bryci and he’s being creepy, I’m going to keep an eye on him.

I assume buddy was just drunk. I don’t do the bar thing much if ever, so no recent experience like this. B and I aren’t bar-stars. I just know she’s my world so if there is a chance someone is going to get too close, I’m there if needed. I’m really happy nothing happened all night, it would have seriously sucked down my rock concert high and then I’d have probably been in trouble to something.

Price one pays for being seen with a goddess I guess. Upside, no big deal, night was a blast. Great seeing Katie and TC again, last time seeing the Crue but that’s alright.

I tweeted to Motley Crue, they retweeted me so that was a nice touch.

So that was what happened the other night for us! I earlier posted about this on Rockstarbedroom but then Katie went and blogged some great pix so I had to steal those for m blog :D

– JD